An Assorted Collection of One-Shots

BY: Midnight*Starfire

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Genre: Romance, but not very intense romance. Some may find this humorous, however please keep in mind that humor is not my strong suit.

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Note: A short simplistic Zelink fic! This fic is also about when Zelda and Link were young! I'm considering doing a story about the adventures of Young Link and Young Zelda. I think it would be interesting....yay or nay?


One-Shot#6: Young, Part Two

(For lack of a better title, aren't I creative!)

The gentle gilded sun was rising, and its cascading light washed over the lush green country of Hyrule, bathing it in its warmth. The glowing brightness lit up the suntanned cheeks of a solitary figure that lingered along the edge of the great Lake Hylia. Today was the beginning of a brand new day. A new day meant many things for the lone individual that would normally be asleep at this time. For today was a fresh start and today he would attempt to apologize for a wrong from a couple days ago.

It was a simple accident, it could have happened to anyone, but the unfortunate circumstances had choose Link. Anyone could have not heeded the Princess's warning and accidently kissed her. It was a simple mistake, anyone could have been so clumsy and done this. She had indicated that she would not mind if he did and when he did, he received quite a shock. The Princess's left hook connected with his jaw leaving quite an interesting welt. Especially since she was wearing a ring with a Z engraved on it and for the rest of the day a Z was present near Link's chin. The Princess's belligerence was not necessary, especially since it was an "accident". His lips accidently touched hers when he tackled her to the ground during a game they were playing. Dealing with young Zelda however, was quite the task. She was stubborn, headstrong, and known to be impatient at times. Link laughed as he recalled and argu ment they once had about Zelda being spoiled, which had escalated into quite the fiasco. Zelda made a fuss because the breakfast she was brought was cold. When the second round of breakfast was brought to her and was "accidently" spilled on her by the servant, the whole castle was awakened with an ear shattering scream.

And the scream was from the servant, as Zelda poured her scalding hot cider on her.

Temperamental as she was, Zelda was still a sweet girl, a little devious yet kind none the less. Very much a tomboy she had been known to play pranks on Impa whenever she was made to wear the color pink. Link laughed as he recalled one incident involving a herd of angry honey bees that Zelda "accidently" let into Impa's room after Impa made her wear a frilly lace covered bright pink dress.

Apologizing to Zelda would be quite the task. It wasn't entering the castle he was afraid of, it was Zelda herself. Zelda and Link had made a map of all the secret entrance and passages in and out of the castle, which had come in handy every time Zelda was "grounded". Which was nearly every day due to some sort of prank that the two would pull. It really depended on the day how conniving the two were, sometimes the pranks weren't as large. One of Link's favorite pranks was the time Zelda and he found her father's liquor stash and they proceeded to fill the punch bowl at a ball Zelda's father was hosting. That had turned out to be quite entertaining, especially when Zelda's father fell down a flight of stairs.

Link looked along the banks of the Lake Hylia for a dark blue and ivory aster, the only flower Zelda really liked. Picking five of these, Link looked them over. Who was he kidding? Give Zelda -I -can- run- faster- and- shoot -a- bow -better- than- any- boy- Harkinian flowers? She would have him hung for this, but for her forgiveness it was worth a try. In the last few days Link had been terribly bored, and everywhere he went he was somehow reminded of Zelda. He went to Lon Lon Ranch to visit Malon and was reminded of the time Zelda screamed bloody murder when an angry bull chased her. Link had warned Zelda not to wear red to the Ranch, but stubborn Zelda had simply stated, "It won't happen to me, Link." Walking along Lake Hylia he was reminded of the time they went fishing and he did his best to terrorize Zelda after he caught an old boot and she caught a fish. He had even went as far as to visit Goron City when he was reminded of the time he brought Zelda there. Zelda had never seen a Goron before and had insisted they did not exist, but she received quite a shock when the boulder she was sitting on moved and began talking to her. Link laughed insanely as all the color drained from her face and she looked terrified.

Okay so maybe she wasn't as courageous as Link was, that was after all, why he had the Triforce of Courage and she did not. She was rather wise for her age, if ever there was a stupid decision to be made it was always all Link's fault. Take the time Link had this crazy idea that if he jumped off a ledge holding a cuckoo he could fly indefinitely. After jumping off the highest roof he could find, he hovered for a second, but then the cuckoo began to squawk and kick its legs in a frenzy. Link lost his hold and fell to the ground breaking two ribs. Zelda dragged him to Impa, so she could take care of his wounds. But not before she taunted him mercilessly.

There was another time that Link had decided to do something unintelligent as well. The time that Link had decided he was going to catch a Poe without using Epona or a bow and arrow. He sent up an elaborate trap, which consisted of a simplistic cage that would be triggered when the Poe reached a certain spot, and began luring the Poe towards the trap. However in the end Link found himself sprinting after the Poe, who flew the other direction and Link tripped and fell over a brick wall. He landed face first and broke his nose. Zelda hurried to help him, trying to stifle her giggles. Link had insisted that he did not need her help and he got up, dusted himself off and walked away. However, he wasn't thinking about where he was going because he walked right into his own trap. Zelda left him in the cage for a couple hours then decided to let him out because Link claimed he was very dehydrated and pretended to faint.

So Link wasn't always the brightest one, but between his bravery and Zelda's intelligence the two could pull of quite a prank. Part of the reason why Link desperately needed to make up with Zelda, he was bored without her. He lived for ruckus and trouble and without it his life was much too mundane. And maybe, just maybe, he missed her. He supposed when they got older maybe they could get married, if Zelda grew out of having cooties. Whatever cooties were Link wasn't quite sure, but he was sure he caught it after Zelda gave him a quick peck at the lake. Link felt sick for days, it felt like butterflies were in his stomach and his face kept burning and turning red. Every since then he had a strange feeling whenever in Zelda's presence, perhaps it was the deadly cooties acting up again.

As Link ambled towards the castle he couldn't help but wonder why she was so irate with him in the first place. After all she had kissed him once, why was it so different when he kissed her? Wasn't it pretty much the same thing? Why had it happened anyways, for it had not happened with Malon or Saria. They were both girls and they were both his age, so what was it about Zelda that made him feel positively....strange. The cooties acted up again and Link felt his stomach dancing around and his heart beat skipped. Link made a mental note to self to ask the witch in Kakariko Village if there were any known cures for such an aliment. Perhaps she could brew him a potion or something that would cure him. He hoped that cooties wasn't fatal.

At last he stood in front of Zelda's door, but he was afraid to knock. How would she react to his gift? Taking a deep breath he rapped on the door and waited. Silence came to him and he could hear no audible sounds from the other side of the large wooden door. Finally he heard footsteps approaching.

"Father, I said I did not want to go horseback riding today and I told you to cancel my piano lessons, I - " Zelda pulled the door open believing she would find the King standing there.

Moments flew by and the two stared at each other, Link giving Zelda a nervous smile and her scowling at him as if any moment she would punch him.

"What do you want?" she demanded.

"To give these to you," Link said meekly bringing his hands around from behind his back.

Zelda looked downwards and her eyes lit up at the sight of the asters. Being a tomboy ordinary presents could not bribe her, but these she truly liked. Snatching them out of Link's hands she took a deep breath inhaling the sweet scent of them and closing her eyes. Link smiled at her delight in the flowers and felt his cheeks begin to burn again.

"These are beautiful. Thank you," she mumbled.

"Yeah," said Link, whose face now paralleled a cherry.

Zelda looked up at him, reaching her hand out to feel his forehead for a fever, "Are you feeling okay? Your cheeks are all flushed," she said.

Link gulped and nodded.

"Well I suppose you have come to ask me to forgive you, right?" she asked.

Link said nothing but stared, then slowly nodded his head. Suddenly words were lost to him. When had Zelda become so....pretty? For once she had that odd looking towel off her head and her sunny blonde tresses hung loosely around her shoulders. She was wearing a vivid pink dress, which actually flattered her soft pink cheeks.

"Your wearing pink," Link stated incredulously.

"Nice observation," retorted Zelda.

"You l-look n-nice in pink," stuttered Link.

"You think so?" asked Zelda, whose turn it was to blush.

Link once again nodded, and realization suddenly hit him. If Zelda was wearing pink that meant...

"So am I to guess you pulled some sort of prank on Impa, without me?" asked Link.

Zelda's eyes widened in horror, "Oh I forgot! Link you have to help me!"

"What did you do now?" he asked.

"Okay so sneak into Impa's room, it's the third door on your right. What you're looking for should be on her night stand next to her bed," said Zelda.

"One question before I go, Zel," Link said.

"What's that?" asked Zelda.

"WHY ME?" demanded Link.

"Because you're the only one stupid, I mean brave enough to do so. You're a very courageous boy and only you could do such a task," replied Zelda. She knew if she fed his ego enough, Link would definitely comply and not back down. Link loved hearing how great he was and even at such a young age was building up quite a playful arrogance.

"Yeah, I am brave, aren't I," bragged Link basking in her compliment.

"Yes, now go!" Zelda insisted pushing Link forcefully forward.

Link stumbled forward and almost lost his balance. For a girl, Zelda sure was tough. Link stealthily kept forward and snuck down the hall. He moved from statue to statue hiding behind each and looking around for an guards, maids, or even Impa lurking around. Zelda couldn't help but laugh as Link did a somersault forwards and knocked into a suit of armor, which almost tipped over. "He's so clumsy," she mumbled.

Link then found Impa's door and pushed it open slowly and carefully. Peaking in he found that she was present in her room and sleeping in her bed. Zelda had mentioned that Impa had been ill lately and perhaps she had not yet awoke. Link's mission was to retrieve Impa's tray of food on her night stand, which Zelda had so kindly added a spicy sauce to her breakfast and placed a spider in her drink. The only two things Impa detested, spiders and spicy food. After Link's compliment, Zelda's conscience kicked in and she decided not to prank Impa. If Link liked her in pink then maybe it wasn't so bad. Besides, poor Impa was rather ill and when she recovered she would come after Zelda with a vengeance.

All was going well, Link had managed to tiptoe into Impa's room and over to her night stand where her uneaten breakfast was. On the way over there he had stepped wrong on a floorboard that creaked and Impa had turned over. Link was sure he had awoke her, but to his extreme luck, she had only rolled over and was now snoring. Impa was snoring very nosily, and she sounded like a lion roaring. Link bit his lip to keep from laughing. Carefully, Link lifted the tray of food as he watched Impa. She was stirring in her sleep quite a bit ever since he stepped on the creaking floorboard. After a few seconds of watching Impa he noticed that his hand for some strange reason was tickling really badly. Turning to look back at the tray he noticed that the spider from her drink was descending his arm. Link swallowed hard, he wasn't afraid of spiders and he knew Zelda would not put a poisonous one in Impa's goblet. But this spider was hairy and rather ominous looking and it's beady little eyes watched Link as if he was prey. Not to mention the legs of the spider tickled him something awful.

The spider stood still for a second, as if just watching Link. Link wondered how Zelda became such a stoic girl, she did not normally like spiders. How could she have picked it up and put it in Impa's goblet? Surely Impa would have seen it anyways, because the goblet was a crystal glass, and she would have seen straight through it. Suddenly, the spider darted up his arm and crawled up his shoulder to his neck. His neck was where Link was ultimately ticklish and he held his breath to keep from laughing.

But alas he could no longer take the tickling sensation and he let out a roar of laughter as he swatted the fuzzy spider off his neck. While laughing he dropped the tray of food and it spilled everywhere on the floor. The spider landed on the ground and hastily crawled under the bed. But it was too late, the second his laughter began, Impa sat up in bed. She withdrew and unsheathed a knife that she kept under her pillow (yes I know it's strange but so is Impa) and pointed it at Link.

"Link! What are you doing in my room?" she shrieked.

"I....ummm....uhhh," Link could not even formulate a sentence.

It was then that Zelda came rushing into the room, to save Link.

"I asked Link to bring you breakfast, but of course the klutz dropped it," said Zelda quickly.

Impa glared at her, seeing through her facade.

"I'll send in a maid to clean up the mess at once," said Zelda grabbing Link's wrist. The two of them then sprinted out of Impa's room and down the hall all the while ignoring Impa screaming, "Zelda get back here now! ZELDA!"

The duo continued sprinting through the castle, practically knocking down every guard in their paths. It wasn't until they reached the courtyard that they stopped to catch their breaths.

"Thanks," Link huffed, "for saving me."

"Don't," Zelda paused to catch her breath, "mention it."

Link sat upon the grass and rested his back against the stone wall while Zelda collapsed on the grass near a large pile of mud.

"You have no idea how hard it is running in this long dress. I nearly lost my balance several times," she whined.

"Of course I don't know how hard it is running in a dress. Boys don't wear dresses," snorted Link.

"Could have fooled me with that thing your wearing," laughed Zelda.

"It's called a tunic!" corrected Link.

"It looks like a skirt and tights!" giggled Zelda.

"It is a tunic and pants," said Link.

"Awfully tight pants, don't you think?" questioned Zelda, practically convulsing from laughter.

"Shut it, Zelda. You know I look good," said Link arrogantly.

Zelda rolled her eyes and playfully threw a clump of mud at him. It landed smack in his lap and left an imprint on his tunic. "You're such a braggart," she said. Although to herself she had to admit Link was....what was the word....cute. Very cute, especially lately for some odd reason.

"What did you do that for?" interrogated Link.

"I owe you for the other day," she told him.

"Yeah, whatever. You're lucky I put up with you," he sneered.

Zelda giggled and picked up more mud and threw it at Link.

"So you want a mud fight do you?" he asked running over to the mud to join her.

Zelda only laughed harder in response.

"They can dress you up like a princess, but you will never act like one," said Link as he put mud in her hair.

So into their mud war game were they that they did not notice a coughing and sickly white haired woman entering the courtyard.

"Zelda! I demand you explain this!" she choked holding up the spider she had caught, which was once again in her goblet.

"Link?" said Zelda.

"Yeah?" he queried.

"RUN!" screamed Zelda.

And with that the two ran off once again, only to be chased this time by a very livid Sheikah woman.

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