Chapter 1: Mission of affection

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It was a bright day in one of the days of April. In another word, school time.

Kaoru Kamiya, a girl who just entered high school in Seirin University (Yes, the school in GTO), looked at the list of names hanging on the door of each room. "Hmm... I wonder where my name is..." she whispered.

"Kamiya I right?" a voice suddenly asked.

Kaoru gulped and turned around. "H-Hai?"

A tall, good-looking boy, just around Kaoru's age, was smiling at Kaoru. "Konnichiwa. I'm Yukishiro Enishi!" he introduced himself with a smile.

"Oh? Ah! Yukishiro Enishi-san. Konnichiwa." Kaoru said with a smile.

"Looking for your name?" Enishi asked.

"Ah...hai. Well, sort of." Kaoru whispered. She kept blinking because she didn't know the reason why THIS guy suddenly introduced himself to her.

"I saw your surname in the A section list. Follow me." Enishi said and began walking.

Kaoru managed to follow Enishi because there were many students who were looking for their names too.

"Here it is. Look." Enishi said and lifted the list to Kaoru's face.

Kaoru held the list and saw her surname. "Hora! Here it is!" she said and smiled. Her eyes moved. "Here's your name too. We're classmates!" she said.

Enishi nodded and watched Kaoru's head bend down to observe the paper thoroughly.

A name of a person suddenly caught her eyes. "Himura Kenshin..." she whispered. "Who is this person...? I feel that...I know him..." she said as she stared at the name.

"Is my name listed there?"

Kaoru turned around and saw Takani Megumi standing behind her. "Ah! Megumi- chan! It's you!" she exclaimed.

Megumi smiled.

Kaoru looked at the list and smiled. "We're classmates!" she exclaimed.

Megumi smiled wider. "Good!!" she exclaimed too and giggled with Kaoru.

"Oh! I forgot! Megumi-chan, this is Yukishiro Enishi-san. I just met him and he's our classmate." Kaoru introduced.

Megumi's eyes widened. She pointed her finger at Enishi. "You mean you're- you're a Yukishiro???!!" Megumi exclaimed.

Almost all the people in the crowd looked at Megumi because of her loud voice.

Kaoru blinked.

Enishi nodded and laughed. "Thanks for recognizing me. Well, I'll leave you two now. See you later, Kamiya-san." Enishi said and bowed. Contented, he walked away towards the University Building.

Megumi still couldn't believe her eyes. "He's a Yukishiro, Kaoru-chan??!" Megumi exclaimed.

Kaoru covered Megumi's mouth with her hand and smiled nervously at the people looking at them. "Ah... Ahahaha! Uh, right!" Kaoru exclaimed and dragged poor confused Megumi inside their destined classroom.

Megumi sat stubbornly on the vacant chair beside Kaoru inside the room that were filled by...maybe at least 30 students. 12 more students to go because there must be 42 students in the section.

"Why are you so confused and can't believe that Enishi-san is a Yukishiro?" Kaoru whispered.

"Kaoru-chan, you don't know??" Megumi whispered back.

Kaoru shook her head.

Megumi also shook her head. "A-re, a-re!" Megumi murmured with a 'tsk'. "The Yukishiro family owns this university, baka!" Megumi exclaimed softly.

Kaoru blinked then her eyes widened after a few minutes. "WHA?!"

Megumi nodded. "You hear me right!" Megumi retorted. "That's why I was so surprised when you said that the guy you just met was a Yukishiro! The Yukishiro family is known to be intelligent, rich- of course, calm, industrious, and quiet. They usually don't introduce themselves to anyone unless 'that' person is so important to him or her." Megumi explained.

Kaoru stared at Megumi. "Important...?" she whispered.

"Yes! Maybe you are important to Enishi-sama so that's why he introduced himself to you!" Megumi said.

Kaoru smiled and laughed softly.

"What's so funny??" Megumi exclaimed, annoyed.

"You think you know everything, right? Well, maybe those 'rumors' are false... I don't believe you! I'll just believe if it really came out of the mouth of one of the Yukishiros." Kaoru said while giggling.

"Mou! Well, there's a possibility! I guess I was defeated in this battle!" Megumi said and sat back at the chair.

"This is no battle, Megumi-chan." Kaoru whispered.

"Yeah, right." Megumi said. She looked around and stared at a 'certain' boy.

Kaoru saw that Megumi was staring at something or 'someone'. "Megumi-chan? Ne, Megumi-chan!" she called.

"What?" Megumi asked, still not taking her eyes off the 'certain' someone or something.

"Who are you looking at?" Kaoru asked.

No reply.

Kaoru blinked then looked at the place where Megumi was staring at. She saw a redhead boy sitting at the back row, talking with his friends- gang. "Is that the one you're staring at? I mean, the redheaded boy?" Kaoru asked.

Megumi nodded and put her hands on either side of her cheeks. "He's so kawaii and handsome, am I right?" Megumi asked.

Kaoru almost burst to laughter. "Here we go again... Megumi falling in love! Danger!" Kaoru said to herself playfully.

"Kaoru-chan... I think that redheaded boy is different from others... I feel some kind of aura..." Megumi whispered, lost in space.

"Aura of manliness?" Kaoru asked.

"Shut up!" Megumi exclaimed.

"Alright!" Kaoru exclaimed and giggled. She looked at the redheaded boy and saw him staring at her. Kaoru instantly blushed when her eyes met his.

The redheaded boy smiled when he saw Kaoru blush. He turned around to face his friends again.

Kaoru sat still, lost in space too. Megumi was right. There was an unknown aura...particularly in his- violet eyes, perhaps?

Megumi smiled widely. "Did you see that? He stared and smiled at me!!!" Megumi exclaimed happily.

Kaoru shook her head. "Mochiron! He was looking at Megumi-chan. Duh! Kaoru no baka, thinking that the redhead was looking at me!" Kaoru exclaimed to herself and leaned on her chair.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

The redheaded boy smiled. His eyes met hers. He looked at the beautiful 'maiden' again that was leaning on her chair. "Kirei na..." he whispered.

"Who is?" one of the friends of the redheaded boy asked.

"It's nothing!" the redheaded boy said and laughed.

"There's something new, Kenshin! Tell us!" Sanosuke exclaimed, his best friend.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

Kaoru's eyes widened when she heard the name 'Kenshin'. She remembered when she saw the name 'Himura Kenshin'. "So he's Himura Kenshin..." she whispered.

Megumi sighed. "If only I can get close to him, Kaoru-chan... I'll be the happiest girl in the whole world! I might even die in happiness if he courted me!" Megumi said to Kaoru.

Kaoru smiled. "You're really dreamy, Megumi-chan! I want to know more about that Himura Kenshin-"

"His name is Himura Kenshin?" Megumi asked.

Kaoru nodded. "Yup. As I was saying, because I want to know more of him, I'll be the 'bridge' for the two of you!" Kaoru declared quietly.

Megumi smiled and was excited, but the smile faded away slowly. "But it may go to another way around..." Megumi whispered.

"Don't worry, Megumi-chan! I won't like him! You're my best friend, and I won't dare to hurt your feelings and his feelings, too." Kaoru said with a smile.

Megumi smiled too. "I believe you, Kaoru-chan. Then...please be a bridge for me to Himura Kenshin." Megumi said.

"Hai!" Kaoru gladly answered.

" I have a chance on him? I mean, there are so many pretty girls out there..." Megumi whispered, losing hope again.

Kaoru held Megumi by the shoulders and smiled. "Just trust me!" she said and they both giggled.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

It was already sunset.

Kaoru landed on her bed, flat. She was tired of listening to teachers who said nothing but rules in the classroom, proper decorum, etc, etc!

Kaoru took out her book that she used to read when she wants to go to sleep or take forty winks. She scanned the pages of the book and found her little bookmark.

The story was about an American girl falling in love with a Japanese man. (1) The American girl happened to be lost in Japan since she was kidnapped by one of the gangs in Japan while she was in the airport. Good thing, the girl escaped from the gang, but she was lost in the streets of Tokyo. She sat on one of the bench around the beautiful fountain and cried her heart out. People ignored her cries, until a certain Japanese man offered his white handkerchief and smiled at the American girl.

Kaoru sighed. It was a lovely story, and she wanted to know the ending. She read some paragraphs, until she encountered a part of the poem written like this:

---- "The rain falling... ...pouring at the lost hearts... Wandering minds... Wandering souls..." ----

The image of Himura Kenshin's eyes meeting with hers flashed at her mind while she read aloud the poem.

---- "I am alone... Please find me soon..." ----

Kaoru's eyes widened and she stared at the white ceiling. "Why am I...thinking about him now? He probably was looking at Megumi-chan. It's impossible for him to be looking like 'that' to me..." she whispered, feeling beads of sweat form on her forehead.


" wasn't such a good idea to be a bridge for them after all..."


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