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Must Be Dreaming Chapter 1. Trouble sleeping

Rogue slowly opened her door. It was 2 in the morning, and she did not want to wake everyone in the institute at this hour.

She had been lying in bed trying to get to sleep, but every time she came close to the unconscious state, the smiling, confident, almost cocky face of a certain Cajun would pull her back out. It was not a bad feeling, the image of the Cajun made her feel something, something she could not describe, but even if it was not bad, it still kept her from rest.

Rogue had not been eating properly since she had come back from her adventure with Gambit. This did not go unnoticed by her many of her teammates. Kitty had raised the subject of Rogue's lack of eating at dinner that night, but Rogue was so deep in the thought of a certain Cajun, and a up and coming math test , that she just shrugged her comments off, not really caring for her teammates concern.

But now in the dead of the night, the combination of her lack of sleep, and the growing hole in her stomach from several days of not eating, had driven her from her room. Rogue had not taken much notice in the fact that her want to consume food had dwindled, but she certainly felt the need for food now.

Peaking out from her bedroom door to make sure the coast was clear, she silently stepped from her room, making sure to close the door as quietly as possible, so as not to wake her slumbering roommate Kitty, she headed in the direction of the kitchen.

Oblivious to rogues knowledge a pair of red eyes had been following her. Remy Labeau had been watching rogue for the past couple of days upon returning from New Orleans. He had chosen to watch her before confronting her, because he did technically 'kidnap' her the last time they meet, Gambit was not entirely sure how she would react if she saw him again.

He had given her his 'lucky card', but he was not sure how she had reacted to the gift, for he could not see her face at that time. Gambit (like the rest of the x-men) had noticed the fact that Rogue was not eating, and many other changes that her teammates failed to notice. He was not sure if he was responsible for the changes, until 10 minutes ago, when he observed Rogue from his hiding place in a nearby tree. In frustration over not being able to sleep, she rolled over onto her back, got up, went to her dresser and pulled a small object from one of the drawers. He could not tell what it was at first, but when she held it up, the moon light caught on it, and Remy's face broke into a devilish grin, when he realised it was a playing card. The queen of harts to be precise, the very one he gave to her. From his hiding place Remy watched her run her fingers across it, before slipping it in to her pyjama pocket, and head out the door.

After witnessing this he finally decided what to do, even if it was two in the morning, he could no longer stand to just observe her, he had to be close to her once more, look into her eyes once more, hear her soft Mississippi accent once more, there was no denying it, he had to be with her. So he descended from his hiding place, with the full intention of confronting her once more.