Title: Butterfly Pins

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, Fox does.

Summary/Note: Seth and Ryan get in trouble and are forced to spend a whole summer in New York. This story is completely AU. Summer and Marissa are related and the Cohens have adopted Ryan into their family. SS & RM (minor, maybe) pairing.

Chapter 1: EW

Seth flashed his flash light toward the pool house waiting for any type of signal that his brother Ryan had seen the light. In seconds time, the pool house door opened slowly and Ryan, who was dressed to impress, snuck out. He looked up toward Seth's room and motioned for him to come down. Seth turned the flash light off and hurried downstairs. Before opening the back door, Seth straightened out his clothing. He took a giant leap out of the door. He saw Ryan walking toward him. "Time to hit the clubs"

"I don't think so," Kirsten's voice boomed through the entrance of the kitchen. Seth and Ryan's body froze as both turned their heads. Kirsten stood before them, hands on her hips, shaking her head disappointedly. Sandy switched the kitchen light no before joining Kirsten. Seth and Ryan smiled nervously at their parents. "Livingroom, now"

"Ai-Ai Captain," Seth joked saluting his mother jokingly. The smirk on his face was soon smack right off of him as the palm of his fathers made contact with the back of his head. He groaned in pain, glaring at Sandy. Ryan rolled his eyes and pushed Seth toward the living room. Kirsten was pacing back and fourth. Seth thought up a joke to easy up the moment, but pushed it aside when he saw his mother's face. She was in no mood for jokes. She was pissed.

Sandy sat across from the boys and folded his hands, his eyes not leaving the boys one second. Kirsten threw her hands up in the air in frustration, before she sat beside Sandy. Ryan looked away, he couldn't handle the glares his parents were giving him. Seth on the other hand looked dead into his father eyes, pleading for him to help them out. Sandy shook his head. "I don't know what to do with the two of you"

"Ground us mom, that's what you always do," Ryan said softly still not making any kind of eye contact with the parents what so ever. He eventually made eye contact with them when he heard Sandy chuckling. What the fuck, Ryan thought raising his eyebrows. "I'm serious, ground us"

"Grounding you my ass," Kirsten said angrily shaking her head. Ryan frowned and nudged Seth to come up with other punishments. "I grounded the two of you last night and here you two are trying to sneak out again"

"Kirsten, I think we should just board up their rooms," Sandy joked laughing out hysterically. Unfortunately, he was the only one who found the joke to be funny. His laughter died down when Kirsten glared at him. "Fine. You think up a punishment"

"I will," with that Kirsten walked over to the phone and punched in a few numbers. She held the phone up to her ears and had a full conversation with someone. The conversation lasted a good 10 minutes. At this time, Ryan and Seth were getting restless. Kirsten came back a smile playing on her lips. Ryan didn't like the look of it, he knew there were in for it. "Before I tell you what your punishment is, I would like to say that I'm very disappointed in your actions as of late"

"Mom just get on with the program," Seth said irritatingly. Kirsten nodded her head in agreement. She sat between Seth and Ryan. She swung her hands over their shoulders in and hugged them tightly. "Mom?"

"Boys, go pack your things," Kirsten said letting them go. Seth and Ryan both turn their heads toward their mother. "I realized summer was coming up and instead of you two coming with your father and me to Paris, I'm sending you two to live with Heather"

"Heather as in Marissa Cooper's aunt Heather?" Ryan asked blinking twice as fast as a normal human being would. Kirsten nodded her head. Ryan's smiled to himself. While Ryan enjoyed this news, Seth's jaw dropped. "Seth, buddy, close your mouth. You might catch flies"

"No, you can't be serious," Seth wined. Kirsten shook her head and got up from the couch only to have Seth pull her back down. "Mom, anyone but Heather Roberts"

"What's wrong with Heather Roberts, son?" Sandy asked curiously. Seth looked at his father as if he was seriously asking that question. Ryan, out of the blue, bursts into fits of laughter. "What?"

"Shut up," Seth said reaching over to punch Ryan in the arm. Ryan groaned in pain, but continued to laugh at Seth. Sandy and Kirsten awaited for Seth's answer. "Hello! Remember her daughter Summer, EW"

"What's wrong with Summer," Kirsten asked arching her brows. "She's a pretty young girl"

Ryan fell onto the floor clutching his stomach in pain from all the laughing that was being done. Seth, himself, couldn't hold back the laughter. "Mom, pretty? Are we talking about the same Summer Roberts? Cause the Summer I remember was not pretty. She was like the biggest dork in the whole town. I mean she was fat and had a mouth full of metal. Oh did I mention she was a dork?"

"You did mention that, but you didn't mention the fact that she had the biggest crush on you," Ryan put his two cents in. Seth sent him a death glare which Ryan ignored. Ryan got up from the floor and sat back down next to Kirsten. He hugged her tightly before running back to the pool house.

"Mom, why does it seem like you're punishing me more than you're punishing Ryan," Seth asked. Kirsten shrugged her shoulders before getting up from the couch. Sand did the same and was immediately at his wife's side. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her cheek. "Gross. Anyway, Mom you can't send me to live with Summer Roberts for the whole summer"

"You're right," Kirsten said nodding her head. "A whole summer wouldn't make sense"


"A whole summer and a whole school year would make much more sense," with that Kirsten and Sandy walked out of the living room hand in hand. Seth groaned at the sound of his mother giggling. Sandy and Kirsten stopped at the foot of the stairs. "Oh and son. If I were you, I'd start packing now. You're leaving tomorrow at nine. If you don't mind, will you please tell your brother that"

"No problem," Seth said annoyingly. He got up from the couch and walked out to the pool house. He knocked once before slipping into the pool house. Seth's eyes widened at the sight of three open luggage on Ryan's bed. "Dude, what the fuck?"

"I over heard you and mom," Ryan said grinning from ear to ear. Seth rolled his eyes and sat at the end of Ryan's bed watching him move his clothing from his closet and into his luggage. "I'm so excited about this trip. Do you think Marissa has a boyfriend?"

"Probably. I mean she's a beautiful girl. What guy wouldn't go out with her," Seth asked almost mentally kicking himself in the ass. He wouldn't date Marissa, even if she was the last girl on the face of the earth. True, she was pretty. But there was just something about her that he didn't like. Oh yeah, she was related to Summer Roberts. "I don't understand how someone as pretty as Marissa could be related to someone so ugly like Summer Roberts"

"Easy up on Summer, will you," Ryan said shaking his head. "She may not be the most attractive girl, but she sure is nice. Hey, who knows, maybe she looks different"


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