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Chapter 14: Newport

She breathed in heavily, it was her first time flying in nearly five years. The sight below her amazed her, it wasn't the first time her soft eyes laid upon them. She'd seen them long in the past. When everything in her family were going great, when her father was alive. She smiled to herself and put a hand over her heart. It wasn't hers, but she was very grateful to the donor who'd given it to her. "Summer" Her mother's words broke through her thoughts. She turned her head to see her mother smiling. "We're going to land in ten minutes"

Summer said nothing, but nodded. She smiled to herself, once more. She thought back to the letter she had sent Seth; she had sent it to Marissa, secretly and Marissa had placed it in front of the Cohen home. It had been two weeks since she'd sent it. A day after writing it, she had decided to pay him a surprise visit. The letter, it was short but straight to the point. She wondered how he reacted upon reading it. She giggled, she didn't care if those around her thought she was crazy. Heather smiled from her seat. Her daughter was going to live to see her future birthdays. She closed her eyes and rested for the next ten minutes.

When Summer opened her eyes, the plane had already landed. She got up, uneasily, from her seat. Plane rides always made her dizzy. She followed her mom down the little path way of the airplane and out into the terminal. A nice looking lady smiled at them and greeted them. The Roberts smiled back and headed toward the baggage claim area. It took the mother-daughter duo five minutes to find their belongings. And when they did, they hurried out of the area and hopped into a taxi. Traffic in California, sucked.

3 hours in traffic took it's toll on Summer. Just when she thought she couldn't get enough, they reached their destination. It was a motel along the ocean of Newport Beach. Summer squinted her eyes and read aloud the motel name. "The Mermaid". She nodded, she liked the sound to it. Although, motels weren't really her thing.

"Don't worry sweetie, we'll only be staying her for the night," Heather assured swinging her hand over her daughter's shoulder. She brought her close and gave her a gentle squeeze. The taxi driver was nice enough to carry their belongings up to their assigned room. Heather had reserved one on the way. Heather, with Summer following closely behind her, walked to their second level room.

Summer opened it and was surprised, it was neat looking. There was one very large bed, she would have to share with her mother. She smiled at the thought, it had been a while she slept with her mother. She remembered when she was very little, she would sneak out of her own bedroom and go into her parents room. She snuggle in between her father and mother.

Quickly as she opened the door, boredom struck her. There wasn't much to do without any friends. She walked over to the window and took a look outside, the beach looked beautiful. She'd go hangout there. "Mom, I'm going for a walk out on the beach". Heather nodded and watched her daughter disappear out the door. She looked at her bags, she would unpack some stuff.


Summer squealed as her toes made contact with the ocean water as it splashed up against the sand. There wasn't any ocean where she lived, but she loved them. A lot. The cool breeze relaxed her. She sniffed in the ocean sent and took a few steps back. While doing that, she managed to bump into someone. That someone fell back and a lunch plate of food fell all over the person. Summer turned around quickly and sighed. "I'm really sorry.. I didn't know someone was behind me"

"Don't worry about it" The female said smiling, yet looking at herself. Food, it was everywhere. Summer felt guilty and decided to help her get the food off of her. Surprised at Summers action, the female shook her head. "No, it's okay. I can do this myself. You don't have to help me". Summer nodded and got up from the sand. She still felt bad. The girl got up from the sand. "I didn't like this shirt anyway"

Summer chuckled as the stranger laughed pretty hard. Summer looked the stranger and was puzzled by how they had similar heights and how they had the same hair color. It was a little freaky. The girl smiled at her. "You don't look like your from around here"

"I'm not," Summer replied blushing. Her shirt with the state of New York on it, pretty much gave it away. Summer tucked a strand of her raven hear behind her ears as the stranger turned to leave. Guilt. Summer had a lot of it. "Um, miss". The girl turned around and looked at her expectantly. "I'm really sorry. I know you said it was okay, but I feel really bad and I was wondering if you'd like to come with me to go grab a bite to eat". Summer paused waiting for some reaction. She got a soft smile. "I usually don't do this, but it's the least I can do for bumping into you. Plus, it's on me"

"Count me in," the girl laughed. Summer smiled sweetly at her. The two girls walked down along the beach and eventually ended up at a place called, "The Crab Shack". The stranger insisted on eating there, Summer was a little hesitant, but she gave in. They sat down in a booth not to far from the door. Both girls sat in silence waiting for a server. A fairly young women came.

"What will you be having?"

"A burger, with fries," The stranger said smiling up at the waitress. The waitress smiled back and turned her attention to a silent Summer. She had never been there before, thus had never tasted the food.

"I'll have the same thing," She said.


"Coke," Summer and the stranger said at the same time. The waitress, named Tonya, smiled and walked away. Both girls looked at each other and burst into fits of laughter. Summer's inside felt warm. Never has she ever met a stranger and quickly became friends with them. Well they weren't friends, but they were well on their way there. After ten minutes, Tonya came back with their orders. The girls dug into their foods.

An hour later, a full Summer sighed. The burger was very good. The girl across of her stretched her arms out. "So, thanks for the meal". Summer waved her had as if telling her it was nothing. The girl smiled. She hit herself upside the head. "I forgot to introduce myself". She leaned in closer to the table and reached out her hand toward Summer. "I'm Roberta Summers"

Summer smiled, her last name was almost like her first name. She reached her hand out and shook Roberta's hand firmly. Roberta smiled as Summer shifted in her seat. "I'm Summer Roberts". Roberta smiled, their names were so close to be the same. Then it hit her, the name. The girl across of her was Summer Roberts as in Seth Cohen's girlfriend from New York, Summer Roberts. She smiled evily. She was thankful for the meal, really, but she wanted to play some games more.

"So Summer, a pretty girl like you must have a boyfrined," Summer blushed and ignored her statement. She stared blankly at the almost empty place in front of her. Roberta rolled her eyes. Summer wasn't exactly sure if she had a boyfriend. It had been two months since Seth had left her. Somewhere along the lines, he must have gotten lonely. Summer stomach fell. She hoped Seth had waited for her. She still needed to tell him how she felt.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Roberta?" Summer asked sweetly tucking more strand of her silky hair behind her right ear. Roberta was laughing hysterically on the inside as she rested her arms on teh table. She nodded. Summer smiled. "That's cool"

"Yeah, he is so sweet. Very dorky, but very sweet," Roberta said describing Seth Cohen. Summer smiled, again. She wondered if she ever would stop smiling. The smiled stayed on her face. That is until a certain name was brought up. "His name is Seth. Seth Cohen. Like, I don't mean to brag or bore you to death, but during the first month of the school year, we had a welcome back dance at Harbor High. Well he took me and like gave me a dozen red roses. We were late to the damn event, can you believe it?" She asked. Summer remained quiet. "So instead of going to the dance, he took me to the beach. He turned up the radio in his car and we danced. It was so romantic". She finished expressing the look of love. She stole a quick glance at the girl across of her. She was totally buy it. Roberta congradulated herself.

"That's nice," Summer said softly moving in her seat. She looked down at her watch. And pretened to be shock at the hour. She got up from her place and apologized to Roberta. "My mom was expecting me back fourty minutes ago. It was nice meeting you". Roberta smiled as Summer waved her off. Once Summer was out the door, Roberta squealed quietly.

Summer bit her bottom lip as she walked back to the motel. She walked really slow. By the time she got there the sun was almost setting. Seth had a girlfriend. He moved on, he couldn't wait for Summer to wake up. He wasn't hers anymore, he was someone elses. It took a lot in Summer to fight back the tears, but she was too weak. They flowed from her eyes uncontrollably. When she reached the room, she wipped them away furiously. The door swung open and much to Summer's surprise, Kirsten popped out with their bags. Summer looked at her weirdly. "You guys are stay over at my house". She smiled then realized Summer had been crying. "Sweetie are you okay?"

Summer nodded. "Thanks for asking. How'd you know we were here?". Kirsten broke into a small smile. Before she could open her mouth to answer her question, Heather popped out from the room carrying their bags. "Mom, where you going?"

"Kirsten insisted we go stay at their home, she wouldn't stop bugging me about it until I agreed," Heather said smiling at her friend. Kirsten returned the smile. Kirsten turned on her heel and began to walk to the Range Rover. Heather followed, but not before motioning Summer to get the two remaining bags in the room. Summer nodded and headed into the room. Once inside, she sighed. What was she going to do when she saw Seth?


"You guys go on ahead, I'll stay out here for a bit," Summer said sitting on the front steps of the Cohen household. She rested her hands in her lap and stared blankly at the driveway. She was so into her thoughts that she hadn't notice that someone had sat down next to her. It took a soft touch on the shoulder for her to snapped out of her daze. She turned to her left and smiled, it was Ryan.

Ryan engulfed her into a tight and warm hug; something Summer never would've expected him to do. She hugged him back and released him. "I'm so happy you're awake". He just stared at her in awe. A few seconds later, Marissa walked around the house and smiled at her alive and well cousin. She rushed over to her open side. She didn't bother to hug Summer. Ryan shook his head. "You know about her waking up and about this surprise visit, didn't you Marissa?"

Marissa bit down on her lower lip and nodded her head. She gave him and apologetic look and he gave her a forgiven look. They smiled lovingly at one another. Summer sunk back and felt very uncomfortable. It was like back in New York all over again. Marissa and Ryan could never seem to get enough of one another. She got up abruptly and began to walk down the driveway. Both heads turned. Marissa got up. "Sum, where are you going? Seth will be home in a few minutes"

"That's why I'm leaving," Summer mumbled to herself taking one a step forward. She turned her head. "I'm going for a walk," She continued down the driveway. When she was at the very bottom of it, she turned her whole body around. "Guys, please don't tell Seth I'm here," Ryan and Marissa exchanged confused look. "Please tell my mom, Kirsten, and Sandy to pretend I'm not here"

"Why?" Ryan asked taking a step forward from his spot. Summer looked down at her shoes than back up at the couple. She made eye contact with Ryan. "Why don't you want Seth to know you're hear?"

"Just don't tell him ok?" Summer asked.

"Why?" Marissa asked putting her hands on her hips. She didn't understand what Summer was doing. In her letter, she had been overly excited about seeing Seth and now all the excitement seemed to have disappeared. Marissa looked expectantly at Summer, titled her head to the side. She gave one of her most saddest look, the one Summer could never turn away from. Summer cursed Marissa for using the technique. She sighed, she might as well tell them.

"It's going to hurt seeing him. I'm two months too late, he's moved on." With that Summer ran off hoping she made sense. Ryan and Marissa looked at each other weirdly, not knowing exactly what Summer was talking about.

"Ryan, don't tell Seth." Was all Marissa could say as she took a step toward her boyfriend. Ryan was a little reluctantly, but once Marissa pouted; Ryan was done. He nodded and wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her close.

About seven minutes later, Seth came skateboarding to the bottom of the driveway. He smiled at t he couple before picking his skateboard up. He joyfully ran up the drive way and threw his board done, once he reached Marissa and Ryan. He sat down on his board as Ryan and Marissa sat on the steps. An uncomfortable silence filled the air around them. Seth opened his mouth to ask a question, but the door opened. Heather came out. Ryan and Marissa's eyes bulged out. Marissa quickly stood up and hurried over to her aunt. She whispered something into her ears; Heather looked confused but nodded. She turned her attention to Seth, "Well hello Seth"

"M...Mrs. Roberts?" Seth gulped down hard. Was she really there in the flesh. Heather nodded her head and smiled at the baffled boy. "What are you doing here? Is um... Summer, is she here?" Heather's stomach dropped, she would have to lie to the poor boy. Heather shook his head and Seth felt a little disappointed. "It's great to have you here"

"Thank you," Heather said. "Well I best be going back to help your mom set the kitchen up; don't worry I cooked" A sigh of relief escaped the teenager's lips. Heather chuckled before quickly making her way into the kitchen, where she'd plead Sandy and Kirsten to play along.

At the bottom of the driveway, where no one could see, Summer stood watching Seth. She sighed heavily, before turning to walk away from the house, once again. She took five steps before she stopped. She heard Roberta's voice. She whipped around quickly, she met Roberta's eyes. "Summer, what are you doing here?"

Summer cursed herself. She gulped down really hard. "Um, I just was walking around this beautiful neighborhood. Don't you think it's a beautiful neighborhood?". Roberta nodded her head knowing Summer was making things up. "Anyway, I'm headed down to the beach. I'll catch you later". Roberta nodded and watched Summer walked toward the direction she came from.

Roberta rolled her eyes and hurried up the driveway. She stood next to Seth, extremely close. Normally, Seth would have moved away from Roberta, but he wasn't feeling it. He wanted to see Summer so badly. Why couldn't Heather have brought her daughter. He sat back down on this skateboard and rested his head in his hands, shaking his head. Roberta looked down at him, "Seth, what's wrong?"

"Summer.. she isn't coming. Her mom's here, but she isn't," Seth said softly. Roberta pretended to look sorry, but deep down inside she knew what was probably going on. Summer was too hurt to face Seth, so she had everyone pretend she wasn't in town. This was all her doing. She placed a supporting hand on his shoulder. He sighed. "When I saw Heather walk out of the front door, my heart sped up thinking Summer was inside. But then Heather said Summer wasn't here"

Roberta nodded her head as he talked. Ryan and Marissa were feeling really guilty for not speaking up. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't. So they bit their tongue and watched a sad Seth sit on his skateboard. Roberta observed him closely. An idea popped into her head. She smiled evilly. "Hey, why don't we go down to the beach. Take your mind off of Summer and Ryan and Marissa can like suck faces or something. What do you guys say?"

Marissa jokingly glared at Roberta as she crossed her hands in front of her chest. Ryan gave Roberta a dull grin, before swinging his hand around Marissa's shoulder. They nodded at the same time. Good, Roberta thought casting her glare at Seth. He was fixated on the pavement. "Seth?"

"Um, sure whatever." Seth said getting up. He picked his skateboard and threw it on his lawn. He reached into his pocket for his copy of the keys to the Range Rover. He walked passed the group and hopped into the car. He tapped his finger on the steering wheel, waiting for his friends to get the hit to go into the car. When finally they did, Seth rolled his eyes.


"Finally," Marissa said stretching her arms out. She looked around the beach, wondering if Summer had decided to hangout there. No sight of her raven haired cousin, she sighed with relief. Ryan got out of the SUV and glared at Roberta. It took them 10 minutes to get to the beach. They would have gotten there earlier, hadn't it been for the girl. She had asked Seth to stop by her house.

"Shit," Seth said as he dropped the keys to the Range Rover. Marissa rolled her eyes, Seth was pretty moody. "So we're at the beach, what do we do now?". She looked at Ryan, he shrugged. The her eyes fell on Seth, he looked away. Roberta cleared her throat.

"Why don't we go for a walk down the beach," She suggested. Ryan nodded his head giving the idea an 'okay'. They followed Roberta's lead. Ryan and Marissa walked ahead of Seth and Roberta, talking amongst themselves about Summer. Roberta stood next to Seth, closely. "Seth, cheer up". Seth said nothing. Roberta frowned. Then the sight of someone familiar caught her eye. It was Summer. She was sitting down on the sand off to her right. She glanced up at Ryan and Marissa, they didn't see her. She smiled. "Seth, it's a beautiful day". With that she leaned her head in close to his hear and wrapped his arm around him.

Seth moved away, and looked at Roberta. Shit, Roberta thought. She laughed out loud. That was the only thing that came to mind. She would make it seem like Seth had just said a extremely funny joke. Summer's stomach dropped. The interaction between Roberta and Seth, was to much to take in. She got up, forgetting she had a things in her lap. They fell onto the sand and some stranger who happened to be walking by, tripped over them. "Ow". Ryan, Marissa, Roberta, and Seth all turned their heads.

Summer tried to hide her face, but was too late. Seth had seen her. They started at each other from a distance, both not wanting to move. Roberta, shifted on her feet uncomfortably. This wasn't supposed to happen. She was in big trouble. Marissa gasped at the sight of Summer. Ryan groaned, they were in trouble too.

"Summer," Seth said softly as his moved a step closer to her direction. Panicking, Summer gathered her things and ran down the beach. It was a really stupid thing to do, but she didn't it anyway. Seth was still in the state of shock as his head turned toward Ryrissa. They had guilt written all over their faces. "You guys knew she was here didn't you?". They said nothing, they looked down at their foots. "I can't believe you too"

With that, he ran after Summer. He ran as if running for his life. He caught a glimpse of her retreating figure. For someone so tiny, Summer ran pretty quickly. Seth hurried. "Summer". Tried again, choking on his words. The realization that she was there in Newport got to him. He was extremely overwhelmed.

Summer ignored his words and continued to run. She ran and ran. Seth followed, no matter where she ran to, Seth would follow. Seth wished something would happen so Summer would stop running.

As if God was listening to his wish, it began to pour. Seth turned back, Ryan, Roberta and Marissa were no longer in sight. Seth turned around. Summer had stopped. She sat under the pier, trying to keep warm. Seth thanked God.

"Summer," He said running over to her. She ignored him, kept her eyes locked onto the cold sand. By that time, the sun had fallen behind the horizon. He hovered over her. "Summer, I can't believe you're here and awake." He sat down next to her, she scooted over. Seth was confused at the way she was acting. Did something happen in the two months he had not seen her? Did she wake up a month after he left and hooked up with someone? Seth wondered.

"I gotta go," Summer said getting up. She didn't care if it was raining, she needed to be away from Seth; She couldn't stand to be next to him, not just yet. She looked at him, before running off into the rain. Seth was about to get up, when Summer stopped and turned around. "Don't follow me, please"

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