Ok, down to business or in the words of Jim Carrey 'Aaaaaaaaaalrighty then'

This fic is my alternative ending bit from the movie 'The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.' Most of it stays the same as the movie but I made the in between bits we never see very interesting. I've also made sawyer age 17-19 for my own fun. ^__-

I've now redone parts of the story so it may be better, I don't know I just wrote it. :P

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Characters in chapter

Allen Quatermain: Hunter

Rodney Skinner: Invisible man

Tom Sawyer: special agent from the American Secret Services

M / Moniarty/ Phantom: the evil guy who wants the war and makes the weapons ECT.

Sanderson Reed: the evil other invisible man.




Sawyer ran around the fiery store room looking for Skinner. He had been caught on fire while trying to help Sawyer moments before. Sawyer ran around dodging falling objects and fire spots.

"Skinner, SKINNER" he yelled trying to find the unlikely hero. His ambition to find his friend was rewarded with an agonizing groan of pain.

"Skinner!" he exclaimed as he ran over to his friend. Skinner had invisible skin but because he was badly burnt large patches of him could be seen.

"Skinner" sawyer said with concern over his fallen comrade

 "L...last time I pr…play with matches" Skinner said with a bit of effort. Sawyer smirked at his friend, a joker none the less, as he reached towards the burnt man. Suddenly Skinner tensed up and reached out for the secret agent but it was too late. A blade was whipped out and held against the young Americans throat. Sawyer froze for he could not see a hand holding the small dagger, staying as still as he could be to stop the knife from digging into him any deeper.

 "Good lad" Reed hissed. Reed was one of the high Hench men of 'M'. He had taken some of the invisibility potion so he was, of course, invisible. "Just do as I say and no one will get hurt" he hissed in a low voice. "Now get up" he growled roughly pulling sawyer to his feet.

Sawyer made a noise cross between a whimper and a grunt as the knife cut into his skin a bit more.

"gee…get off him…"skinner growled trying to get to his feet but with his burns all he could do was sit painfully on his knees. A beam fell just then, covering them with dust. Both invisible men could almost be fully seen. (An: good thing not fully seen, remember their naked) Reed smirked at the painful expression on skinners face.

"Why, afraid of what I might do to our pretty boy here?" Reed asked innocently stroking Sawyers hair. Sawyer made another weird noise. Skinners face turned from concern to anger as he saw who the invisible enemy was.

"You!" He hissed. Reed was friends of skinner, years before he became invisible, but the friendship turned sour when Reed tried to kill skinner over a peal necklace. Reed blew skinner a kiss.

"Miss me?" he asked before wrapping his arm around sawyer's waist. "Now" he crooned in the young Americans ear "if you're a good boy, I'll take you to see your friend Quatermain, but if not I'll give you to a nice, quick death unlike skinner here" he smirked at skinner before kicking him backwoods. Skinner screamed in pain. Sawyer tried to say some thing but was cut off by the knife digging into his skin just enough to make it start bleeding.

"Start walking" Reed growled. Sawyer gave skinner one last desperate look before being marched away. He only hoped that someone would come to help him before the past repeated itself.




Quatermain ran along the hallway, his mind to busy on trying to catching 'M' to be bothered on the whereabouts of his little American friend.

 'I'm getting to old for this' he thought to himself. He had 'M' in his sights before but because of blasted skinner running into them he lost him. That skinner always found a way to get on his nerves. He only hoped that the American youth had given him a good kick up the backside. The old hunter stopped all of a sudden. He remembers a stairwell about 15 minuets back the way he came. 'M' must of run up there, that's why he couldn't find him.

"Blasted buffoon" he yelled at himself as he turned around and ran back the way he came. Why didn't he think of that place before?

"I'm really getting to old for this" he panted, trying to catch his breath. 'Where was that American kid when you need him?'




'M' or James as he told his friends was waiting for Reed to return. He had done a good job getting Quatermain off his tracks, and now he had caught the American agent. As he waited patiently his door slammed open and there they stood.

"Here you go James, easy catch. Just like everyone else, looking out for a mate" Reed chuckled. James smirked and walked over to the youth, Hands tied behind his back and the dagger still pressed against his throat.

"So this is the amazing 'Tom Sawyer' I've heard so much about" he stopped in front of the boy. He was taller the Sawyer but only by a foot. He brought his face right down to sawyers

"You've caused a lot of trouble for me, you know that kid? You ruined my first meeting with the league. You stopped the destruction of Venice. And now I hear you've just killed my best flamer." He stood up to his proper height to look at sawyer fully.

'If looks could kill' he thought to himself as sawyer gave 'M' a full on death glare. Sawyer tried to jerk himself away from Reed but all that did was slash the knife into his shoulder a bit.

"Ouch. Bet that hurt" laughed Reed. Sawyer winced slightly but kept on glaring at 'M". James stroked sawyer's hair

"Yes, you've been a lot of trouble kid. But your good at leased." Sawyer jerk away again, this time away from the blade and 'M's hand

"A lot better then you'll ever be" he said coolly. All that did was get a slap across the face from 'M'. He muffled a cry as he turned back to 'M' with a glare. To his surprise 'M' was softly chuckling to himself

"I know all about you kid, so don't test me" he said to the youth as he went back to stroking his hair.

 "You made your teachers proud. A 17 year old graduating into the American Secret Service with full marks. A smart boy but he had a shadowed past." He leaned in towards sawyer even more

"I know your past" he hissed in his ear. Sawyer froze. How could he know about his past? James smiled as the body in front of him tensed up.

"I had the pleasure of meeting your father" he continued softly in the boy's ear. "He told me of the many a things that he did to you and how you reacted to each and every one." His smile widened when he felt the youth shudder slightly. He swiftly wrapped his arms around the smaller male before he could react.

"And I plan to do the same" he hissed softly. Sawyer struggled under the grip of the older male

"Let me go" he cried out.

"Now, now" James said stroking sawyer's hair "what would daddy say if he saw you like this?... Oh I remember what he told me he did" this made sawyer struggle even more

"I said let me go! Let me go now or I'll kill you" he yelled starting to panic slightly. Surprisingly 'M' let go. Sawyer took a few steps back, not taking his eyes off of the man before him. James leaned against one of the columns in the room and crossed his arms, looking playfully at sawyer

"I think I'll play with you later. I just remembered I have a date with Quatermain." With that he turned and walked towards the door "oh, and Reed?" ha called over his shoulder "Do bring our little friend along too. I know he wouldn't want to miss his friends' death."

"No problems" a voice behind sawyer replied, and before he could react the blade had found its usual spot against the Americans' throat.




Quatermain crept up the stairs. He was beginning to feel like the prey instead of the hunter as he walked thou a doorway. He found he was in an attic of some sort. Snow was falling though a window making the room pretty cool. As he crept around the various junk heaps he saw something move out of the corner of his eye. Turning the corner he saw 'M' in a doorway.

"End of the line Moniarty" he stated. As 'M' turned around Quatermain shot at him. The glass shattered, proving it was only a mirror. The real Moniarty jumped Quatermain from behind. The old hero turned and the right time and blocked his weapon with his gun. It swing smashed the gun to pieces. As 'M' kicked Quatermain his own gun clattered away somewhere. He quickly picked up a knife, turning back to Quatermain. The Englishman straightened up and removed his coat.

"To the death then" 'M' declared "but you'll need Hyde to make it mine."

"He'll be making his own fun" Quatermain replied with a smile pulling his own blade. They could hear Hyde's' bellows from somewhere below them. They gave each other a few strikes with the knives but they didn't do much. James ditched his knife for a pair of shackles, swinging them wildly at Quatermain. The elder man dodged them skillfully until one of the blows knocked his blade out of his hand. He quickly ran at Moniarty whipping the shackles around his throat, cutting off his circulation.

"I hope I've got your fire when I'm your age" 'M' croaked. Quatermain pulled them tighter.

"You won't live beyond today" he hissed "that I promise you" Moniarty shoved backwards, successfully getting Quatermain off of him. As Quatermain scrambled to his feet 'M' ran across the room and grabbed a chair, as he went to swing it he got a good smack in the face. As he stumbled backwoods Quatermain hit him again and again until he was knocked off his feet. As he started to get up, Quatermain picked up an iron axe and started towards 'M'. Moniarty backed fearfully away.

"You think your gonna come in here and wreak all this? I just rebuild it" he yelled fearfully at the advancing man. "They'll be others like me Quatermain" he yelled franticly, noticing that his words made no difference to the elder man. "You can't kill the future" Quatermain raised an eyebrow, at the same time raising the axe. 'Where's Reed when you need him' Moniarty thought wildly. Just as Quatermain started to bring it down, the bombs in the furnaces went off, making the whole building shake terribly.




Reed was just walking up the stairs with sawyer as the bombs went off. Luckily they where on a platform to they weren't throw down the stairs to their death, unluckily for Tom, Reed fell on top of him, stabbing him right through his shoulder. Sawyer couldn't hold off the yelp of pain that followed. Reed slapped his hand over the youths' mouth.

"You" he hissed "are so damm lucky for two reasons. One is that no one heard that yell of yours and two, if James didn't want you after woods I would of killed you already. Anymore misbehavior like that and I will slit your throat whether James needs your or not, do I make myself clear?" sawyer glared up at him, this caused Reed to twist the blade that was still in sawyers' shoulder around.

"I said do I make myself clear" sawyer held back the tears of pain, as he nodded as best as he could. Reed smiled

"Good." He cooed playing with the teen's hair. "I can see why James wants you, very much I may add. Maybe he might let me have a bit of fun as well" he leaned forward and placed a kiss on sawyer's forehead. Tom shivered, this cant be happening again.

"Now let's get going. Wouldn't want to miss anything now would we" he said as he jerked sawyer to his feet. With that they both continued up the stairs




Moniarty quickly looked around. He saw that the wall had split opened, that was a good thing because now he had an escape route. But He couldn't see Quatermain any where. That was a bad thing. He quickly got to his feet, picking up his sample case. As he ran to the door he stopped to pick up his mask, but as he stood up he heard the tell-tale click of a guns' latch going off. He turned around to face Quatermain, trying to think of how to get out of this situation. Movement behind Quatermain got his attention, he smirked as he saw Reed arrive with the young agent. He quickly saw that the American was bleeding badly from a wound in his shoulder, oh well, he'll deal with that later. He drew his attention back to Quatermain.

"You ever get tired of being wrong?" he sneered at the hunter. "The league? Me? Skinner? Wrong!" he took a step closer "wrong about your little American friend as well" he commented smugly. Quatermain's expression softened a bit.

'Oooh, looks like I hit a nerve' 'M' thought to himself.

"You really think he's ready for action?" he nodded in the direction of the two other figures. "I think you trained him about as well as you trained your son" he remarked as he held up his mask. As Quatermain stared into it he saw the reflection of the two people behind him. His eyes widened as he spun around, but before he could do anything he felt a dagger dig into his back. As he slumped to the floor he heard sawyer scream out.




"No" sawyer yelled as he saw Quatermain fall to the floor, as he too, was stabbed again.

"What did I tell you boy" Reed yelled as he grabbed the boy to keep him upwards as sawyer went limp. Sawyer gasped for air as he hung limply in the invisible man's arms, he looked up weakly as he heard footsteps come towards him. He closed his eyes as he felt 'M' pull the blade from his back.

"What the hell are you thinking?" he yelled as he pulled sawyer away. Sawyer struggled weakly against the older mans hold on him but it did no good.

"I warned him if he tried anything again I was going to it" Reed yelled back. Sawyer was held arms length away from 'M's body as the older man looked him in the eyes.

"Been a naughty boy then" he said in a soft voice. Sawyer turned his face away, he couldn't help but shudder at that statement. Something in 'M's voice was creeping him out.

"Well then first thing first" Moniarty said, slapping sawyer hard, Sawyer gasped as he was dropped heavily to the floor quickly edging away from 'M'.

"And now" Moniarty continued, as he grabbed his pistol and aimed at Reed. Sawyer found some glass to cut his binds as he watched 'M' shoot his henchman. Reed clutched his stomach as he collapsed to the floor.

"Traitor" he spat at 'M' as he aimed the gun again, this time at Reed head. Sawyer watched it all fearfully, as the invisible man dropped down to the floor dead.

"Saved me an extra bullet then" 'M' said cheerfully as he walked over to sawyer. Sawyer grabbed the blade off the floor and held it in front of him as he stood up. Moniarty paused for a moment, looking at the blade.

"And what do you plan to do with that?" asked the armed man before slowly walking to wards sawyer. Sawyer trembled slightly but held his ground.

"What do you think?" he snarled at Moniarty. 'M' laughs out loud.

"Nothing" he replied as he shot the blade out of the teens hand. Sawyer gasped and backed into the wall. Moniarty smiled at the frightened youth.

"Now, apart from the two dead people in the room, it's just us." He stated as he stood about a foot away from sawyer. They stood like that in silence for a few seconds before Moniarty jumped at sawyer. Startled sawyer didn't move out of the way in time and was tackled to the floor. 'M' pinned his hands above head as he tried to straddle the youth's hips. As sawyer struggled to get the older man off him, he noticed the blade 'M' shot out of his hands was right next to him. Wrenching a hand free he grabbed the knife and stabbed it deep into 'M's leg. As the older male screamed in pain and rage sawyer pushed him away from him and jumped to his feet. He ran over to where Moniarty had dropped his gun and picked it up. He quickly reloaded it, the spun around to aim it at 'M'. Moniarty pulled himself to his feet and pulled the knife out. He looked over sawyer with a grin.

"Pretty feisty" he remarked with a grin. "But one problem lad, that gun broke just now" sawyer looked at the gun in disbelief, and then aimed at M at shot at him. As he had dreaded the gun didn't go off. He dropped it and backed away from Moniarty, who was slowly advancing on him, totally unaware at what was behind him. Sawyer almost gasped out loud at the sigh. Creeping up toward Moniarty, aim the gun at him was Quatermain. Sawyer quickly brought his gaze back to 'M' who was getting closer.

"It all ends here" he calmly told the crazed man. Moniarty stopped about two meters away from sawyer, frowning at the younger male.

"What ends?" he asked, confused. Sawyer stepped away to the side.

"Your hatred, your crimes and your machines" he said calmly "but more importantly…you end." He stated as a shot yelled out and dark crimson stained through "m's top. Moniarty touched the blood in disbelief as he stun around and stared at Quatermain, then back at sawyer.

"You" he hissed evilly at sawyer as he walked over to him "will pay" he spat. Quatermain, angry that he didn't kill him with one shot, fired again at Moniarty. 'M' fell to his knees but glared at sawyer again.

"I'll be back for you later" he hissed "dead or alive" before another bullet brought him down. As he collapsed to the floor. Sawyer swayed on his feet before falling to his knees. Quatermain ran over to the young one

"You ok lad?" sawyer smiled at the concerned man above him. Quatermain thankfully still knew nothing on his past and never will, now that 'M' was gone.

 "I'm fine now" he replied before collapsing in the older mans arms. Quatermain lifted the youth over his shoulder and started the long walk back to the meeting spot.




With the evil of James Moniarty, the world returned to normal. The league became a reality, helping to save people in need. Skinners wounds heal and became invisible again (very unfortunate for mina as he wont leave her or her ass alone)And sawyers wounds, both physical and mental, healed as well, allowing him to become a well valued member of the league, but a nagging voice in the back of his head keep bringing up 'M's last word.

"You will pay…I'll be back for you later…dead or alive…" sawyer often found himself deep in thought on these words. But he ignored it, trying to go about life normally (or at least normally for the league.) but what he didn't know was that he was being watched…





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