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Bernadette Gerard, AKA C-cup has joined the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, she first came in contact with the League after she met Dr. Henry Jekyll in a Paris nigh Club. Due to her talent of Empathy, otherwise known as the ability to read emotions, she joined the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Now that you are familiar with Bernadette; we can go on with the story...

Dr. Henry Jekyll, The Invisible Man and Elain Quatermain were in An Apartment which Rodney Rented along with Elain and Henry, Skinner was having his arm surrounded by a protective cast, he had broken his arm Earlier that day. Needles to say Skinner wasn't thrilled, he was rather blue, so to speak. "Alright Mate, Keep your arm in this thing for two weeks and you'll be fine." said the Doctor, "Two weeks? What if peril emerges by then?" replied the thug, "Well, were all going to be knee deep in S..." said the Huntress, she couldn't complete her sentence as Dorian Gray entered, in a bellhop outfit.

"Mate, your dressed like a bellhop!" said Rodney, that may have been his first change in clothing since they met him, the Immortal was also Unhappy and replied Sardonicly by saying "Really? Damn, I am dressed like a bugging bellhop!"

Henry asked cautiously, "But why?" Dorian replied, "Lets just say, since my engagement with Mina, she's been acting all house wife, and decided that instead of sending al my clothes to the cleaners, she should wash them herself, using bleach!"

"Ow!" said the other three, Dorian continued, "So here I am with 77 suits that used to be gray, and I have nothing decent to wear but this bellhop suit."

Henry asked, "And why do you have a bellhop outfit?" Rodney and Elain looked at Dorian with curiosity; the Immortal blushed and answered "No reason!" He then said, "Anyway, I found out why did Bernadette break Skinners arm!"

"I should leave." said skinner before being pulled back by Jekyll, Dorian said, "It seams that our Invisible friend has felt up our newest member!"

"He DID WHAT?" asked Henry with anger.

"I-I-It was mean as a joke." replied the Londoner with embarrassment.

"A Joke would be mixing laxative with Pigs blood and serving it to Mina, what you did is breaking the Fifth Commandment, THOU SHALL NOT STEP ON YOUR MATES TURF!!" Yelled Jekyll.

"I'm sorry." said Rodney.

"Huh, since my Girl Friend already Handed you your own arse, I think I'll forgive you, if you apologize!" said Jekyll.

"Sorry." said Skinner.

"Not to me, to her!" said Jekyll.

"Oh." Said Skinner.

The four walked out of the room and into the Hall, where Bernadette was on a coach pouting, like any other self respecting French Red Head, she was listening to Nemona who was talking about Pacifism and turning the other cheek, while Mina Murray, the Vampire and Subject of my Obsession, was pacing in excitement as she read a book title: "House Keeping for Vampires."

"So I shouldn't mix colored Items with whites, got it!" she said.

Jekyll took Skinner from the wrist and presented him Beradette, he announced, "Cheri, Rodney has something to tell you."

Bernadette looked up at the Invisible Figure attached to the Cast and waited, after a few seconds of hesitation, Skinner said, "Bernadette, Luv, I'm sorry for Grouping your behind, I promise I'll never do it again, well, I might do it if you and Henry broke up, and with your connect of course."

Jekyll seamed annoyed, Bernadette pouted a bit more before getting up and patting Skinner on his bald head, she said, "Well, I forgive you, but you must learn to never think of women merely as sex objects, we have feelings you know." she talked with a slight French accent, Skinner chuckled, then followed his chuckle by saying, "Hehehe, thats like asking me not to be transparent! Fine, I'll get around that sometime...."


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