Shout outs:

A.L. Nowicki: Your dad is a wise man, Theo will probebly be Included in LEAGUERS III. And I'm glad you liked the way it turned out.

LEAGUERS III will be arriving in mid june, I have finalls you know, its goig to be about Evrybodys favourite Invisible crook, Rodney Skinner.

Here comes the Epilogue.......

Mina Murray and Dorian Francis Gray....

"Will you stop with the middle names!" shouted the Immortal.

Miss Mina Murray and Dorian Gray were at Dorians Maner by the East London Docks, having a miniture conference.

"So you say there is no turning back from that Abstinence before the wedding night Jazz?" asked Dorian.

"Yes, no Noki till then." answerd Mina assertivly.

"Now about the kids..."

"Don't worry, we won't start producing them till the 1950s, but you should switch to boxers from now on."

"Good, butI was actually wondering about the ammount..."

"TEN! thats the end of it mister."

"Of what I hear, Labour hurts like hell, and it might take a long time, and that will do havoc to your very wondeful figure...."

"Don't try to smooth your way out of this, I am an Immortal and I can Indure heaps of pain!"

"Can't we just have a smaller ammount, like.....two or three?"

"Two or three? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA." shouted mina before letting out a laugh, "Its going to be Ten, First a girl, then a boy, then another boy, and Triplets of girls after that, a boy, then a girl, then twins of which one would be a girl and the other will be a boy, the order is nogotiabel."

"I don't think you can just control it."

"Heh, just watch me, pretty boy. OH! and threw out there lives, you shall assist me in raising them and be around all the time, and if one turns out to be gay, we shal love him no less. Got it?"

"Yes, anything else?"

"No, but don't be too releaved, I'll think of something to annoy you even more. MUAHAHAHA, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH." laughed Mina manicly in Dr. Evil fashion as the Immortal shrinked with fear.

"My god! I have propsed to a moster!!!!"