Title: Not in This Lifetime Part 11

Author: Kawoosh


Status: complete

Category: Action adventure

Pairings: none

Spoilers: none

Season: Season 7

Sequel/Series Info: sequel to "Not in This Lifetime" Part 10.

Rating: G

Content Warnings: none

Summary: A different brand of crossover...

Disclaimer: Stargate SG1 is the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret productions; The Amazing Race belongs to CBS. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognised characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Archive: FITR-site,

Comments: Thanks to Wessy for the beta.


Bra'tac watched Jack and Daniel leave with their clue as he and Ry'ac chose a site to dig in. They found an urn almost immediately, and were only a short distance behind Jack and Daniel…

The two Jaffa quickly found the main entrance with the map and directory, and after careful observation, took the elevator to the temple display on the fifth floor.

The elevator arrived at the third floor where Sam, Teal'c, Jonas and Lianna were waiting. The doors opened to reveal Bastet and Kali inside, and the two human teams stepped aside to allow them to exit the elevator, then got in themselves.

Sam pressed the button for the ground floor.

"What are you doing, Sam?" Jonas asked.

"If they see us go up, they'll know we haven't found the next clue yet," she explained. "We'll go down first, then back up to the fifth floor. Hopefully they'll spend hours looking on the third floor!" and she grinned.

Sam, Teal'c, Jonas and Lianna breathed a collective sigh of relief as they exited the elevator on the fifth floor to see the section of temple wall that covered the huge expanse of the gallery. Running 100 meters from one end to the other, the wall was thick with carvings and inscriptions. Just inside the door was a museum staff member, ready to confirm their translation of the Stargate address, and give them their next clue.

"Jonas, how about you and Lianna start this end, Teal'c and I will start at the other end, and first to find it shares?" Sam suggested quickly.

"Sounds good to me," Jonas smiled, and as the teams headed to opposite ends of the room, the elevators arrived with Bra'tac and Rya'c. After a short, murmured conversation, they split up, one walking towards Sam and Teal'c, the other towards Jonas and Lianna, their eyes rapidly searching the carvings on the wall. Walking at a steady pace, they each reached the end of the room, turned around and walked back again, still studying the wall. After only a few minutes, they met up in the centre of the room, conferred quietly with the staff member, who gave them their clue, and then left.

Sam and Teal'c looked around as they noticed Bra'tac and Rya'c leave, exchanged bewildered glances, then looked along the room to where Jonas and Lianna were also looking a little stunned.

"Teal'c, did we miss something, or are you just out of 'Jaffa' practice?" Sam asked jokingly.

"I am not sure, Major Carter." Teal'c sounded slightly puzzled. "I will do as they did, and see what I may discover."

"I'll keep looking here," Sam said, and Teal'c began walking the length of the room.

Jack and Daniel pulled up outside the small museum.

"Jack, I can't see any other buggies; either this will be very easy to find, or we've gone the wrong way," Daniel observed.

As they ran up the steps to the front entrance, a big sign on the front door declared that this museum was "Closed for Renovations" and both men swore silently to themselves as they turned and raced back to their buggy.

"Just don't say anything!" Jack warned Daniel as they turned their buggy around. Daniel snickered to himself as Jack gave him new directions.

Back at the dig site, Sevann and Noor had finally found their urn and, clue in hand, headed for their next task, leaving the remaining Qantasian team digging frantically in an effort to find their urn and stay in the race.

Teal'c suddenly stopped in front of a section of wall about halfway between the centre of the room and where Jonas and Lianna were looking, and stared intently at the wall for a moment.

"I believe I have found what we seek," he announced, and the other three hurried to join him. On the wall in front of him was a large carving of a pyramid surrounded by what looked to be an oasis, with several constellations inscribed in one half of the sky above it. "It is the only thing I have seen that may translate as a Stargate address."
Sam looked at the constellations in the carving, and smiled as she recognised the address. "It's the Land of Light!" she said, and the two teams made their way over to the museum staff member, who gave them their next clue. They took the elevator back down to the lobby, where they passed Jacob and Malek, and Rak'nor and Nev'ak, heading up to the fifth floor.

"Are we there yet?" Jack asked as Daniel parked next to one of the other buggies in the parking area.

"I think so," Daniel replied as he gazed up at the museum. "This certainly seems more like it. Come on, let's get on with this."

They hurried up the steps and soon found the lobby and the directory. Daniel studied it carefully, trying to ignore Jack's impatient shuffling behind him.

"Oh, come on, Daniel, how long does it take you to find the right floor? Look there, third floor, ancient doohickeys and what-nots, that sounds about right."

Daniel sighed. "Actually, Jack, there are three floors that could have what we want, but this one on the fifth floor sounds most promising to me. See, 'The Wall of Shag'ran'? Shag'ran was the Goa'uld who defeated Ra and took over on Pangar until…"

"OK, I don't need a history lesson, lets just go find our next clue, all right?" Jack cut Daniel off before he could get too enthusiastic, and they headed for the elevator.They hopped in, and Daniel pushed the button for the fifth floor; as they got, they passed Jacob, Malek, Rak'nor and Nev'ak, who were headed back down to the buggies with their new clue.

"Wow, this is huge!" Jack exclaimed as he took in the sight of the wall on display. "How long is this gonna take?" he asked as Daniel headed in for a closer look.

"I have no idea, Jack," Daniel replied as looked at the wall in fascination. "Jack, this is amazing, it has…"

"Ah! Ah!" Jack interrupted. "The gate address, Daniel, remember what we're here for! Come on, we may as well start at one end and work our way down, and we'll do it together, so you don't get distracted, and I don't miss it."

Jack grabbed Daniel's arm and dragged him down towards the end of the room, one eye on the wall as he did so.