Mercedes sat on the couch and rested her head on Mo's shoulder. He put his hand around her shoulder and held her as they watched an episode of Charmed. Mo whistled seeing Alyssa Milano.

"I'd do her."

"No comment." She poked him in the side. It had been 2 days since the subway accident, and it was their last day off. Carlos walked in, from his lunch break and looked at them, smiling. Mikey ran after his father and jumped on his leg.

"Daddy!" Carlos picked up Mikey and resting him in his hip as he walked over to his wife and brother-in-law. Mercedes looked up at Carlos and smiled softly.

"Your dinners in the microwave. I just put it in there not 5 minutes ago."

"Great, did Mikey eat?" Carlos took off his coat after placing Mikey in the sofa next to Mo. Making his way into the kitchen, he grabbed the plate and a fork.

"He wanted to wait for you. He said he wanted to eat like a man. Wonder where he got that from." She rolled her eyes at the thought of DK and Walsh telling him that.

"Eat like a man? How is eating with me gunna be eating like a man?"

"You are one, aren't you? At least you were last night in bed." She smirked, looking over her brother's shoulder.

"Awe damn it, Merc! Stop sharing that shit with me!" Mo gently moved her off his shoulder and walked into the kitchen to get a plate.

"Carlos, where's your partner?" She walked to the door and looked out.

"She's in the Bus."

"You left Levine in the bus?"

"Yeah, she's medatating. She said she would come up, but our house has bad Fend Shui. Whatever that is."

"God she's a fruit!" Mo walked to the table and placed the plate on the table, walking to get a soda.

"She's nice, leave her alone, Mo" Mercedes sat with them, putting a plate in front of Mikey and giving him a fork.

"She's a weirdo. When the new guy comes, I am asking to be put with him. I can't take her tai chi or yoga or her karma or her aura's anymore."

"You know you're stuck with her. Kim has to train the new guy. We had to sit with Doc, and now the new guys have to sit with Kim."

"Yeah, Doc. He hasn't been the same since Alex died." Carlos kept eating as Mercedes looked down. Mercedes knew it should have been her that day, but the smoke was too bad and they didn't want her near it. So she stood watching the scene, and witnessed her best friend and the only father figure in her life die. She knew whom to blame too. But she kept that quiet.

"Mercedes!" Mo said loudly. Mercedes jumped out of her daze.

"What!" She looked at him.

"Pass the salt?" He pointed next to her arm. She slid the salt to him and got up, hearing the phone ring. Picking up she answered.

"Hello? This is Mercedes Boscorelli." Her eyes looked around the apartment as she talked softly.

"I'll be there first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you."

"What is it Love?" Carlos looked up at her, finishing his dinner and moved to the kitchen, putting the dish in the sink.

"That was Central. I am replacing Jimmy."

"What do you mean? You're going to the 32nd now?"

"No." She shook her head, trying to find the words to say what she had to say.

"I am the new Lieu of 55." She blinked, looking at them both as Mikey sipped his milk.

(Ok, I am ending it here. I have some stories that will involve Taylor's death, and her becoming the new Lieutenant. Please be patient, they will be out soon.)