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Chapter Seven

(Epilogue – the next day)

Blair sat on a picnic table in a city park, watching children play on the jungle gym and swing-set. The sun was bright, the sky was a cloudless blue, and all was right with the world. Sort of, Blair conceded.

Blair did not say much to Jim after the fight. Jim's sensitive ears were ringing and Blair was too tired to deal with any questions he may have. They agreed to meet the next day to talk.

He was concerned that Jim would want to end their friendship and partnership because he, Blair, had committed murder. Although he did not feel the same, he could understand how a non-Immortal would perceive his actions that way.

He arrived early to just sit and relax and enjoy the warm late spring day. Blair was so lost in his thoughts that he did not hear Jim come up behind him, causing him to jump when Jim cleared his throat suddenly.

"I thought you people had an early warning system or something," Jim said and sat down on the picnic table next to Blair, joining him in watching the children play.

Blair smiled. "Only works with those that are part of the club," he said. "How are you with everything?"

Jim sighed. "I don't know. That was a pretty amazing display. Is it always like that?"

"Yep, it looks like that, every time, though the intensity depends on how old and powerful the Immortal is."

"How's your arm?"

"I heal real quick," Blair said showing where the wound had been. He no longer had to take a combination of herbs to slow the healing process down, hiding his Immortal status.

"What if you fought your friend Adam?"

"He tell you?" Blair asked before continuing. Jim nodded. "Adam is the oldest immortal around and my former teacher. I figure that I would loose to him. He's damn good. But if he were to die, the lightning and power would level several square blocks, maybe miles. I hope it never comes to that though," he finished quietly.

Jim nodded.

"How are we?" Blair asked. "Is our friendship and stuff intact or do you want to find a new partner?"

Jim sighed. "If I did I'd have to break in a new guy and you took long enough."

"So that mean we're still friends?"

"Sure, why not," Jim said, gently punching his friend and partner in the arm.

"Oww!" Blair said, rubbing his arm. "Good, then that means you can help me move in."

"You got it Chief," Jim said, cementing their renewed friendship with a handshake. They both held each other's secrets now.

The End ... for now ...

Author's notes:

Historical information came from my memory, old class notes, and:

Winks, Robin, Brinton, Crane, Christopher, John B., and Wolff, Robert Lee. A History of Civilization, Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1988.

Any mistakes are mine and mine alone. It's not the greatest story in the world, but it made me happy writing it and that is all that truly matters to me. Thank you for reading it and any helpful comments that you have made along the way (there were a couple of other individuals who left reviews, but I managed to delete them in my infinite wisdom as I was struggling to figure out how to post a story - stupid computers!).