This is what the seating arrangement looks like:


0 - Miroku
1 - Inuyasha
2 - Kikyo
3 - Sango
4 - giggling girls
8 - random person
9 - empty seats

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Chapter One (Edited Version)
The New Girl

Sango POV

I swear I will never forgive him.

I glare down at my notes in front of me, feeling the heat of my stare on the papers.

It wasn't as if I actually cared or anything. It was something I had gone through before, right?

Against my will, my eyes travelled up to stare at the back of a silver head on the other side of the room, narrowed into slits. Fluffy white dog ears twitched nervously, and I knew he could feel my glare.

Perfect. He deserved to be nervous.

I set down my notebook on the long table, turning to watch the few slackers of the class snoozing as they waited for the teacher to come. I set my cheek in my hand, staring blankly forward, avoiding turning my eyes down to look at the rest of the class below me and instead looking at the posters at the top of the high wall that one couldn't help but wonder how got up there.

"Math is great!"

"Who in their left mind would want to be a math or science teacher?"

"People thought Einstein was crazy."

I rolled my eyes, looking out the tall windows instead.

'When the hell is Muri-sensei going to get in here? The bell rang five minutes ago.'

A soft giggling broke me out of my trance, and I did just what I had told myself not to do. I looked down.

It wasn't as if I didn't know what was happening. The usual group of girls that sat a couple rows down from me were all busy cooing over the most fangirled over boy in the school. The boy that happened to be sitting on the other side of the stairs from them . . . the boy that just so happened to have dumped me the day before . . .

I let out an annoyed growl before turning to look out the window again. If I thought about him anymore, I would explode and just run down there and kill him.

"So tell me, ladies," Miroku smiled over at the girls in his usual way, knowing that he himself got attention because of his status as 'best friend of the most popular boy in school.' "Would any of you mind coming over to my place later to learn how to spoon?"

Many of the girls blushed, and one even playfully slapped him, saying something along the lines of how cute and perverted he was.

I cleared my throat, trying to block out their giggles. It was bad enough that I had to get one boy out of my mind, but now-

"Sango-san, would you be kind enough to bear my children?"

I did a quick double take, letting out a small screech as I almost fell back in my chair. Catching my balance, I quickly dug my fingernails into the underside of the desk as I death glared his smile. "Miroku . . . get the hell away from me now before I make it so no one can bare your children."

"Miroku, get the hell away from her."

I looked down at who had spoken, knowing the voice already. It was Inuyasha of course, trying not to blow his 'I don't know that girl' routine that he had started just yesterday.

"Oh come on, Inuyasha, be a sport." He took my hands in his gently as he looked down at his best friend. "It's not like you're going out with her anymore or anyth-"

He was cut off by his head being bashed in with my textbook as I breathed hard out of anger. "Get away from me, hentai, or I swear I'll ruin that pretty face of yours."

Miroku held the growing lump on his head as he looked up at me with puppy eyes. "You mean you're attracted to me?"

"NO!" With that, I promptly hit him across the face, sending him rolling down the stairs just as Muri-sensei walked in.

Miroku's POV

"Houshi-san!" The old man put his hands on his hips, glaring down at me.

"Why Muri-sensei, how'd you get on the ceiling?" I blinked at him innocently, arms splayed out to the side. I felt a piece of paper slip into the hand on the side where Inuyasha's fangirls were, and I smiled slightly as I sat up, fist clenched around it. "Oh I see!"

"Very funny, Houshi-san. Now get back in your seat before I count you tardy." The teacher smiled, not one to stay angry very long.

I sat down again, waiting until Muri-sensei had turned to look at the piece of paper in my hand.


I winked over at the girl who had done it, and she giggled instantly. I lost my smile the instant I felt the paper leave my hands.

"Will you just give up on her already, Miroku." Inuyasha pulled out his cell phone, typing the number from the paper in under the table. "Just as I thought." He held up the phone for me to see the name listed above the number, Tomoko.

I grabbed the piece of paper back, staring at it in disbelief. "So this isn't my beloved Sango-san's phone number?"

"Don't trust those girls, Miroku." Inuyasha comfortably put his arm around Kikyo beside him. "They just wanna get into your pants so they can get into mine." He tossed me his cell phone.

I stared at the new number on the screen, my eyes going back into their puppy state. "It's Sango's!"

"Holy shit, Miroku." I felt my best friend go stiff beside me. "Look."

Transfixed by the number I was memorizing, I ignored him. This only earned me an elbow in the side.

"Ow, what?"

Following his finger, I looked up at the front of the room, where a girl was standing next to the door, very nervous as she stared at Muri-sensei.

Carefully, I slipped Inuyasha's cell phone into my pocket before rocketing up to the front of the room, taking the girl's delicate hands. Her brown eyes went wide as she looked up at me, apparently not having expected this. I made sure to press myself incredibly close to her as I oh so slowly released one of my hands, still holding both of hers. "Why, my dear . . . you look quite new." I edged myself just a bit closer to her, feeling my hip touch hers. "Would you perhaps consider . . ." My hand got closer to its target as I brought my face closer to hers.

I heard a soft growl behind me, making me swallow softly.

"Letting me show you around the school?"

Kagome POV

Was this guy really hitting on me?

I felt myself stiffen greatly as he looked at me with his ensorceling blue eyes. "I g-guess so . . ."

"That would be wonderful." He smiled, and that's when I felt it.

A hand.

On my . . .

I tugged myself away instantly, hands over my new, green sailor skirt, blushing quite crimson. "M-Muri-sensei?"

The old teacher finally looked up from the paperwork he was going through, a rather large packet in hand. "Ah. I see you met Houshi-san." He walked over, a smile on his face as he put his free hand on the hentai's shoulder. "No need to be alarmed, my dear. I promise you that he's really quite harmless."

"Harmless my ass." A demon boy leapt off the table on the row he was sitting on, landing next to the human one.

My eyes widened instantly.

Standing before me was the perfect image of handsomeness. Beautiful golden eyes . . . perfect grey silver hair . . . the cutest puppy ears imaginable . . . an apparently very nice build . . . I blushed slightly as I looked away from him, remembering my past.

"So girl . . ." He approached me, and I took a rather defensive step back. "What's your name anyway?"

"Higurashi," I piped, taking another step back for good measure. "Kagome Higurashi."

"Hey Inuyasha . . ."A small whine of a voice echoed down from the stadium desks, and I looked up to see myself staring back down at me. Or . . . not quite myself . . .

She had the same hair as me, only longer and up in an old-fashioned style. Her eyes reflected mine almost perfectly, except hers held a definite undertone of either sadness or hatred, it was hard to tell. The school uniform didn't help either, and if it wasn't for the fact that I was probably about two years younger than her, we could have been easily mistaken for twins.

She spoke again, leaning on the desk with her eyes trained on the dog ear boy. "Why all the interest in that girl? You have me after all."

"Of course." He leapt back up to his table, giving her a smirk.

'Figures,' I thought, just a little disappointed. 'All the cute ones are always taken.' It was then I remembered the human boy, and I looked around just in time to see him sit down next to Inuyasha, slumping over slightly because of who knows what.

The sensei walked up beside me, looking up at the class. "Well now that the usual greeting by these two is finally over with, I would like to introduce our new student, fresh from Kyoto, Higurashi Kagome."

I gave Muri-sensei a nervous smile, then bowed to the class. "Nice to meet you all."

"And now for the matter of a seat." The teacher looked around, judging each of the three open spots. One was beside a girl at the top of the stairs who was staring out the tall windows. Another was beside a group of preppy girls that were all passing notes and giggling over something or other. And the final one was next to the hentai, who was currently saying something to one of the giggling girls, showing her a slip of paper with something written on it. "Hmm . . . Sango, Miroku, Tomoko?"

Three faces immediately snapped back on the sensei.

"Which of you would like to show Higurashi-san around the school for awhile?"

The human boy, apparently Miroku, instantly raised his hand, waving it slightly. "Let me, sensei! I promise you that she'd be in good hands!"

"Good hands, my ass. I know what those hands of yours like to do, Miroku." The girl from the top of the stairs was currently walking towards the front, glaring at Miroku and also, surprisingly, Inuyasha.

"Oh my dear Sango-san," the pervert sighed, reaching a hand out to rub her butt gently. "If you wanted me to, all you had to do was ask."

The girl tensed, then immediately raised the empty chair from the other side of the aisle. "MIROKU!" She brought it crashing down on his head, the plastic giving and creating arather largedent in the center, cracks obvious.

"Taijia-san!" Muri-sensei shouted, bringing order to the instant chaos.

"Self defense." The girl shrugged, walking down the remaining stairs and offering me a hand. "I'm Sango Taijia. Nice to meet you. For the next couple of days, I'll be the one to take care of you."

I nervously took her hand, already scared of her. "Nice to meet you, Sango-sama." I added the ending without even thinking, and I instantly flushed.

"Sango-chan, if you don't mind." She released my hand, smiled, then turned a death glare back on Miroku, holding his head. "And it will remain Sango-san with you."

Her eyes did another quick shift to look at something I didn't catch before she turned back to me again.


"Sure." I nodded, blinking at her semi-stupidly. "Sango-chan."

So how's that for a revamp? As I have or have not mentioned, my writing style has changed so much that writing this became nearly impossible for me. That's the joy of editting. Personally, I am WAY happy with this, and I hope you all are too. Enjoy yourselves!