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ChapterTwo (Editted Edition)
Just Another Heart to Break

Inuyasha POV

Staring into space had never really been my thing before. Usually I would spend my time either making another girl fall in love with me or beating Miroku up, never exactly sitting still for long periods of time. Sitting still required having thoughts entertain you, and thinking isn't exactly my strong suit. And yet here I was, staring out into nothing with my cheek in hand, lost in a swirl of thoughts.

"Hey, Inuyasha?"

Miroku's voice seemed nothing more than a haze, an annoying buzzing of a mosquito by my ear.


Obviously not content with my ignorance of him, he started poking my arm, waking me from my trance as I growled softly.

"Miroku, if you don't quit poking me, I'll rip your finger off," I hissed at him, one eye focused on the withered Mikuchi-sensei, reading aloud from a dusty old textbook as we sat around lab tables with several chemicals in front of us.

"You were just scaring me is all." The pervert rocked back on the back legs of his chair, leaning the edge against the cinderblock wall. "It's not like you to get so lost in thought."

I let out a stiff sigh, mind milling over my thoughts from before. "I know."

"Oh . . ." A smirk crept onto Miroku's face as he put his hands behind his head, obviously in one of his 'superior' moods. "I think I know what you were thinking about . . ."

"And what would that be?" My eyes made absolutely sure to lose contact with his, traveling over to Sango and Kikyo, who had somehow managed to get into a group together.

The smirk widened. "About a certain Ms. Kago-"

The lech was cut off as he crashed to the floor, the chair legs swept out from under him.


"Boys!" The old bat at the front of the class stood up on her chair, adding to her small stature to give her a bit more intimidation. "What is going on over there!"

"Absolutely nothing, sensei." I went back into my innocent thinking mode, watching Sango unscrew a cap of one of the more toxic acids with a murderous glint in her eye. "But I would suggest you stop Sango-cha-" I cut myself off. "Taijia-san before she kills my girlfriend."

Her slitted eyes instantly turned on me, lowering the bottle but not yet putting the cap on.

"Sango-san!" Mikuchi-sensei leapt off her chair to run over to Sango's, waving a threatening finger at her. "No fooling around with those chemicals! You could've seriously hurt Kikyo-san!"

The girl's eyes turned into innocent little orbs as she looked down at the teacher, bottle still in hand. "Oh, I have no intention of hurting Kikyo-chan."

"Then please set the bottle down." Folding her arms, the teacher gave her a stern look, then turned around.

"Of course," Sango turned her eerie smile on me, the murderous glint returned to them. "As soon as I mar Inuyasha's face!"

Before I could get out of my chair, she had made it across the room, pulling the bottle back to splash the contents on me. I covered my face, waiting for the pain of the liquid melting flesh, but opened my eyes again after the moment had passed.

One of Kikyo's barriers had formed over me, and the acid was sliding down the slick surface, dripping casually onto my pant legs.

I laughed at her for a moment before realizing my plight, then quickly yelped as I felt it burn through. Cuss words flew from my mouth in turrents as I tried to tug the acid ladden denim off my legs to no avail. My only choice now was to-

"Taisho-san!" The teacher ran over as fast as her short little legs could take her, dumping a beaker of water on my now barrier-less frame. "Hurry! Off with your pants! Off with your pants!"

Before I could make a move, she was already messing with my belt, trying to pull them off.

I blushed, seeing that I would have no choice, then quickly leapt out of the thing, dashing out of the room to avoid the laughter. Slamming the door behind me, I let out a sigh, then listened to the wolf whistles that were still resounding in the classroom as the teacher began yelling at Sango.

Having no other alternative but to hide out until lunch so I could run home to get something to change into, I quickly abandoned the door so as to avoid going to the nurse, ears twitching for the sounds of anyone out in the halls.

"And so you should now look at the frog's brain. Observe how small it is compared to the rest of the creature."

My ears perked to their maximum, hearing the energetic Biology teacher, Tiuru-sensei, from down the hall.

"Look at the eyes as well while you cut into the head. Quite interesting, ne?"

"Sumimasen, sensei!" I heard a familiar voice call before the door slammed open and Kagome ran out, looking quite green.

Kagome POV

I could swear by the end of that class I was going to puke. Seeing the poor creatures squirm as they were killed, cutting open their stomach to see the entrails pour out, seeing that glassy pained look in their eyes . . .

I covered my mouth quickly as I leaned against a wall, feeling the contents of my stomach beg to be hurled. Out of sheer force of will, I managed to keep it down, but I definitely could not go back into that classroom.

Sliding down the wall, I set a hand on my complaining gut, breathing hard and swallowing the bile in my throat. I didn't think I'd ever recover from that . . .


I looked up at the sound of my name, turning to look at the familiar face of the dog-eared demon from earlier. "I-I-Inuyasha?"

What the heck had happened to his pants!

Seeming to suddenly remember that he was half naked, he blushed slightly, pulling his jacket down over his red boxer shorts. "Don't ask."

I looked away from him quickly, remembering the way he had stared at me during our first encounter, his actions that could be confused with protectiveness. Even I could blush at that. He was indeed rather hot.

'No Kagome. You said that you wouldn't fall for a guy again. Don't spoil it just cause a cute one's standing in the same hall as you without his pants on when you're alone . . .'

"You're such a wimp," he suddenly said, a laugh in his voice. "What? Am I too man to look at?"

I instantly turned to face him again, forgetting my blush for the instant. "That's not it!"

He strutted right on over, hands on his hips. "Then why are you blushing?"

"I am not! And I'm no coward!"

"Then why didn't you cut up the frog, huh?" His face curled into a smirk. "That was the easiest thing I've ever done in this school."

I took a sharp intake of breath, puffing my cheeks out slightly.

He seemed to lose a touch of his edge at my action, but he still kept the smirk on his face, a drip landing on the floor at his feet.

My eyes turned down, looking flat out at his soaking wet boxers. "Did you . . ." I looked seriously up at him, my blush completely gone. "Did you wet yourself?"

His face immediately darkened, his ears even going a slight shade of red. "I did not!"

I put a hand over my mouth, trying to keep myself from bursting out laughing."You did, didn't you? What are you again? A junior?" I couldn't help it as a few laughs broke through, then I completely let myself go, laughing my head off. "You- You did, didn't you! Even I wouldn't do that!"

"No I did not!" He marched over, glaring down at me as I simply continued laughing. "And if don't shut up, I'll make ya, wench."

It was hard to stop. Giggles kept popping out of my mouth as I looked up at him, standing. "Whatever you say, dog boy."

"What did you just call me!" He slapped a hand onto the wall beside my face, baring his fangs and growling as he put his nose an inch from mine.

That's when the giggling stopped.

My eyes widened at his closeness. I could easily feel his hot breath on my lips, his face so close to mine . . . Those eyes of his so alive with emotion, swirling depths of amber gold . . .

I blinked, snapping out of it. What had he just said again? "Wh-What?"

"I said 'What did you just call me?'"

My heart beat faster as I noticed just howsoft his voice had just gone. I half wanted to let my thoughts leave my mouth. "Hot . . ."

He blinked, then smirked, letting a masculine growl pass through his teeth, touching his nose lightly to mine. "Oh really?"

My eyes widened. 'Did I . . . did I just say that aloud?' I blushed so red that I rivaled his boxers.

His other hand came up onto the other side of my face, setting the rough skin onto my cheek. "So you want me then, do you?"

His voice was now husky.

Chills slipped up and down my spine. Was he . . . was he . . . going to . . .


I turned to look down the hall, seeing my double standing in front of another classroom, eyes wide with tears threatening to fall.

"K-Kikyo!"Inuyasha immediately backed away from me, waving his hands frantically. "It's not what it looks like!"

She pointed an accusing finger at him, small trails forming on her cheeks as her eyes released their damn. "Now I see why Sango hates you so much! You're nothing but a player!"

"Kikyo, please!" He ran up to her, grabbing her arms and pulling her close to him. "You're the only girl for me!" He quickly pressed himself forward, crashing his lips against hers.

I quickly blushed, looking away from them. This most certainly wasn't the place for me at the moment.

I heard a small struggle behind me, and then a forceful tear away from the kiss.

"I hate you, Inuyasha!"

I put a hand on my chest, feeling a small pull of my heartstrings. I could I forget . . .

My own eyes watered suddenly, and I quickly wiped them with the back of my hand, already running away from the couple behind me.

LATER . . .

Inuyasha POV

I lazily drummed my fingers on the steering wheel of my car, glaring up at the red light in front of me, keeping me from revving up my engine and tearing down the pavement, allowing me to forget everything that had occured.

After the scene just an hour before, Kikyo had officially dumped me. I hated it. No, I loathed it. Never once before had I been the one dumped. I had gone through dozens of girls, all of which I had dumped after I had finally gotten bored with them. Just yesterday, I had dumped Sango, even though the break-up didn't exactly go as planned. Her seeing me and Kikyo together minutes later had made sure that the split was nasty, but I had had Kikyo. Besides, I couldn't get any alone time with her anyway. Miroku had always been tagging along, trying to get in between us.

So now I was Kikyo-less, all because I had fooled around with some new girl. I had only done it because it was begging to be done, and I was never one to miss up an oppurtunity like that.

I tapped my foot impatiently on the gas pedal, wishing to floor it. Now that that girl had screwed up my fresh relationship with Kikyo, she would have no choice but to be my next victim. I would tear her heart to sheds before the week was out.

The green light finally flashed on, and my breaks squealed as I tore out, rounding the corner and heading back to the school.

That girl would never mess with me again.

Sango POV


I looked at the schedule in Kagome's hands as she leaned over, a pencil behind her ear as she nibbled a french fry.

"What is it, Kagome-chan?"

She pointed the room number out next to fourth period. "Where's this? I don't see it on the map Muri-sensei gave me."

I took my schedule from her, folding it up and shoving it into my back pocket. "That's cause I go off campus for my history class."

"You mean we don't have that class together either?" she squeaked.

I gave her a serious look, putting a chicken nugget to my lips. "You may have the junior history class, but I'm taking mine for dual credit over at the college" I took a bite, closing my eyes.

"But Sango-chan, what if Inuyasha's in that class!"

I froze half way through sinking my teeth into the other half of the nugget, pulling them out and swallowing. I had yet to tell her what had gone on between Inuyasha and me . . .

"If he is, I'm sure you'll live."

'Or not . . .'

It wasn't that hard for me to notice how he had looked at her after he first saw her. How he had been so lost in thought in Chemistry . . .

I swear, if he tried anything . . .

"Sango-san! Kagome-san!"

I tensed as I felt a familiar hand on my ass, a vein already popping on my forehead. "Miroku . . . if you don't get that hand of yours off of me in the next two seconds, I'll beat you to an inch of your life."

"Oh but Sango-san, that little stunt you pulled earlier really put you on the last string of your high school career. You almost killing me would most certainly get you expelled." The lecher set his head on my back, his other arm snaking around my waist.

"Hands off!" I flung my food off my tray as I raised it over my head, whacking the pervert off me.

A growl resounded behind us, and I looked over my other shoulder to see Inuyasha standing there, his jacket now covered in ketchup and mustard.

I covered my mouth, trying to hold back a laugh.

The growl grew louder, and Inuyasha quickly smacked Miroku over the head in my place, not being the type to hit a girl.

"Ow, what'd I do!"


I giggled behind my hand, looking over at Kagome as she blushed a deep red.

The growl reached an even louder pitch as he grabbed his best friend by his collar, dragging him away to the bathroom.

I continued to laugh, barely hearing the bell ring overhead, signaling that Kagome and I had to go our separate ways.

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