Lights Out

Rayne: I know! I know! I still need to update a lot of my stories but I couldn't resist writing this! I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL!!!

Vicky: Tell me about it

Rayne: Okay, it started when I was five and I wet the-


Rayne: Oh, Heheh. Just forget I said that. But I was trying to write the next chapter for Death's Guardian when I had an urge to write a Squall/ Yuffie. Yes, it's amazing. I'm writing a story where my characters aren't the main point. But I like the coupling and it's not the first time I wrote a non-oc story.

Vicky: It's not really a non-oc story because there's Jiasu.

Rayne: Ah, yes! The Yuffie-Obsessed-eighteen-year-old! Yeah, I just liked the idea in The New Girl so now he's in every story Yuffie is in. But that's not he point

Vicky: Just so you all know, Ivy and Squall are just friends in this and as much as we hate it, Cloud and Aerith are "supposedly" together. But they're only going to be in the story some.

Rayne: Now, this is my first Squall/Yuffie so you can't blame me if it sucks!

Vicky: Yes they can.

Rayne: Whatever! Just start the story, Vic

Vicky: IT'S VICKY!!

Rayne: Wow, you sound like Squall

Disclaimer: We do not own anything in Kingdom Hearts. We own Ivy, Kaitlyn, and Jiasu, plus any other oc's that might be in this.

Note: Takes place in Traverse Town

Chapter 1: Jiasu The Annoying Bastard

Humming loudly, the Greatest Female Ninja Ever glared up at the ceiling. Ever since Sora sealed Kingdom Hearts the Heartless population decreased. That meant that the only thing to do was train and walk around. Yuffie turned over on her side, facing the window. Leon was in the waterway training with Cloud so she didn't have anyone to annoy. Ivy and Kaitlyn were both at Halloween Town and wouldn't be back for another day. And then there was Jiasu, who was in the Blue Room. She would rather hang herself than go there.

She let out a groan and decided to check on Aerith in the kitchen. As soon as she opened the swinging door, a pot of boiling water dropped on the floor. "Darn it," Aerith muttered, grabbing a rag as she started to clean up the mess. Yuffie helped her, burning her hand on the hot pot, and got the mop. After all of it was off the floor, Aerith wiped her hands on her pink dress and smiled at Yuffie, "Thanks. Did you need something?" She shook her head and sat at the table. "Nothing, nothing. Nothing at all…" leaning back in her chair she muttered.

Aerith raising an eyebrow and smiled at the younger girl. "Alright, I'm bored out of my mind!" Yuffie yelled while throwing her hands in the air. The flower girl shook her head and sat down. "Yuf, why don't you go hang out with Jiasu?" Yuffie's head snapped up and she glared. "Are you crazy?" she hissed, her eyes narrowed. Aerith laughed, "He's not that bad-"

"He's a freak of nature! Jiasu's totally obsessed with me!" Yuffie cut her off. As if on cue, the eighteen year old appeared in the doorway. He had on a pair of baggy jeans, a white workout shirt (Though he never worked out), and his short brown hair was tipped with blond. To any girl, he would be drop dead gorgeous. To her, he was like an annoying fly that wouldn't leave her the hell alone. "You rang," he said smugly, eyeing her up and down. Yuffie growled in frustration and stormed out of the kitchen, Jiasu hot on her tail.

"Oh, come on Kisaragi! Just one date!" He yelled after her. She turned around and took out three shurikens. Yuffie was fighting the incredibly tempting urge to throw them all into his groin. But she controlled herself and shoved them away, going inside her and Leon's room and locking the door. She could hear him talking on the other side and rolled her eyes. The guy needed to get a life. Well, besides the life where he followed her around like a little puppy dog. She took a deep breath and made sure the door was securely locked. "He's annoying you again?"

Yuffie jumped. Leon was sitting in the chair beside the table. He had a bandage and was trying to repair his arm with one hand only he was failing miserably. She put a hand to her chest and took a seat on the bed, "What else." He stood up and headed for the door, unlocking it. She started to protest but he glared at her. His look clearly said, "Don't even say a word about this later." So she sat back down. Leon opened the door, Jiasu still in the hall. "You start yelling outside this door again or even make a sound then you'll find yourself hanging by a pole in the Third District," he said coldly.

Jiasu didn't seem fazed, but continued to stare at Leon. "You can't tell me what to do," he said back. Then the Gunblade appeared in the swordsman's hand, the blade gleaming. He frozen and then scurried into his room. The guy had no fighting skills, whatsoever, so he was little competition against the SeeD, Squall Leonhart. Locking the door again, Leon went back to his seat and put the Gunblade on the floor. "Don't say a word," he mumbled before picking up the afternoon paper.

She rolled her eyes and laid back on the bed, "Geez, someone's grouchy. Did you lose to Cloud again or just get a stick shoved up your ass?" He glared at her and went back to reading. This made her laugh. "Cloud did beat you!! Ha ha. Guess you are getting slow, huh Squall?" Yuffie laughed, a wide grin on her face. "That's Leon," he replied from behind the paper. The ninja shook her head and went back to staring at the ceiling. That was when she noticed that the lights were starting to dim. Then they totally went out.

"Hey! What the hell?!" Yuffie yelled. A thump was heard, followed by a few muttered curses coming from Leon. "What was that?" she asked as she looked around in the dark. A louder thump was heard then a crash. "Dammit, who put the chair there?!" Leon shouted. She would have laughed if it were a different situation, but instead she tried to find the light switch. Her hands were kept to the wall until she found it, only to find that it was still on.

"Uh, Squall?" she said while scratching her head. "It's Leon and what?" he said from somewhere close.

"I think the powers out."

"No shit."

Yuffie pouted and tried to open the door. Then she remembered that it was locked. "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!" she yelled, practically yanking the door off. "What now?" she heard Leon ask over her banging. "The door's locked!" A few moments later a loud bang sounded out through the room and Yuffie could feel the door shake. "Open dammit!" Leon yelled. "What are you doing?!" she asked when the door shook again. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he said, then remembered that she couldn't see, "Trying to break down the damn door!"

Finally irritated, Yuffie crawled around in the dark until she found the drawer. Aerith had put a few candles, matches, and a survival kit (For some very odd reason) just incase. She hadn't known what the incase was but now was as good a time as ever to use it. She grabbed the matches first and lit one, grabbing a candle quickly. But before she could light it the match got to close to her finger and she dropped it. "Oops," Yuffie mumbled. The match hit the box and soon the whole thing was lit. She quickly put the candle tips to it and set them on the table then tried to put out the fire.

She was pushed aside and Leon took out the matches and set them on the floor. Then he stomped on them to get the fire out. "We don't need to be burned alive in here," he said before he grabbed one of the candles. Yuffie glared at him and took the other candle, setting it on the table beside the bed. "How about the balcony door? Did you lock that one too, Squall?" she asked, sitting cross-legged on the bed. He shook his head and sat down in a chair. "If it were open I would be out of here by now and it's Leon," he growled.

He was pissed off, Yuffie could tell, but she didn't know why. "Sorry for askin," she muttered. Leon glared at her in the dim light they had accumulated and closed his eyes. "Just go to sleep, the power will be back later."

"It's only six!"

"Then find something to do."

Letting out a bored groan, she fell back onto the bed hummed. "Anything but that," he said from the table. This only made her hum loudly and she smiled when he started to pinch the bridge above his nose. She thought she heard him say, "Why didn't that Heartless kill me?" but brushed the thought aside. She was going to have a lot of fun now, and Yuffie knew exactly how to get to him.

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