All the choices he had made in his life lead up to this moment. He was here... with her. After everything that had happened to them these past eight years, eight years, had he really known her that long? Harm reached for Sarah's hand, he held it gently, trying to give her all the energy he possessed inside of him. She smiled weakly up into his brown eyes, letting him know she was going to pull through. A nurse rushed past them on her way to save a patients life. Harm recognized her as the same RN who had administered to Sarah when she was in critical.

When it had happened Harm had seen his life with Mac fly before his eyes, all the good times they had had together. All the fights that had threatened to end their special bond. None of that mattered any longer. As long as they were together, everything would turn out for the best. This was their fate and nothing could get in the way, not the past, the people in the past, or their jobs. Harm didn't care if he had to leave his work at JAG, didn't care what would happen to all his cases, who would be stuck with the overtime.

Harm couldn't believe how long he had searched for his one true love when all along she had been right in front of his eyes. This was his destiny, to love her eternally, with never dying love. In sickness and in health, where not even death could separate them.

He knew he would never be able to leave Sarah again. Not like he had before... They were going to have a normal life together, the three of them. Harm, Mattie, and Sarah were going to be a family. Harm would find a regular job, one that would not take him so far from home. They would have a dog and a three bedroom house, with a pool in the backyard.

Harm would tell his family how much he loved them everyday. Never give up on the bond they shared. Mattie's grandparents would visit, and so would her Uncle Sergei. Mattie would one day grow up and start a family of her own, she would follow her dreams, wherever they took her. Sarah and Harm would grow old together, and one day die together as soul mates should.

At once Harm truly understood the meaning of "Destiny speaks through the choices we make."

He chose to be with her.