Catching Insanity

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Cute Boy God/Joan (the blasphemy!) With small hints of Joan/Adam, and Adam/Iris

Summary: God asks Joan to lie to Adam for his own good. Will she? And if she does can she live with the confusion that follows?

Authors Note: This fic is going to be about Joan's evolving feelings for God and the ensuing insanity this causes our poor heroine. If this squicks anyone read no further. Thank you kindly.

Authors Note 2: I don't know who came up with 'Cousin It' as a nickname for Iris, but I hope they don't mind me borrowing it. Thanks who ever you are. This is my first JoA fic so be gentle with me. I am an Adam/Joan shipper at heart, but I just love the vibes between Joan and CBG. Without further ado….

A Bad Day Gets Worse

"I just had to take AP Chem didn't I?" Joan Girardi mumbled under her breath, alternating her glaring between the ceiling and a piece of paper she held in her hand.

"What did that paper ever do to you, Girardi?" Grace Polk asked from behind her, causing Joan to drop the paper in fright. It floated face up onto the floor emblazoned with a big red 'F' on the top. "Don't worry about it. Tests are just the government's way of keeping our individuality stifled by standardizing our education and intellectuality."

"That's really… nice, Grace. But somehow I doubt my mother will agree with you."

"Buck up, Girardi. Cousin It and Rove are headed our way." Grace gestured down the hall interrupting Joan's pity-party.

"Oh joy." Joan commented dryly, staring at the arm Adam had wrapped around Iris' waist. "I just don't know what he sees in her."

"Maybe if he had other options he wouldn't settle for her."

"He looks happy, Grace." Joan told her friend reluctantly.

"Hey Jane, Grace." Adam walked up to the huddled girls with Iris still on his arm. "What's going on, yo? You ran out of class before we could see what was wrong."

"Just failed another Chem test, Adam. Nothing unexpected." Joan answered with a forced smile, trying not to glare at Iris.

"Well, why don't we all get together for a study session for Chem to help you raise your grade a bit?" Adam suggested casually.

"That sounds great." Joan's face lit up as she smiled at Adam. "I can't get much worse."

"Good idea 'A.'" Iris enthused. "Why don't you come to my house and I can study with you? It'll be fun."

"Sure Iris. That's a great idea." Adam agreed giving his girlfriend a quick peck on the lips before looking pleadingly at Grace and Joan. "Doesn't it guys? This will give you a chance to get to know each other better, yo."

"I don't think-" Grace began sarcastically only to be cut off by an elbow in her side from Joan.

"Great. How about we meet on Saturday night? What time should we be there?"

After the plans were made for two nights from then at seven o'clock, Grace and Joan cut a quick retreat, walking to their next class.

"What are you thinking? Wasn't it you who just said you didn't know what he sees in her?"

"Yeah but did you see his face?" She asked softly, smiling gently as she remembered the cute look on his face.

"Oh you've got it bad, Girardi." Grace commented after waving her hand in front of Joan's face in order to regain her attention. "If you want to do this fine. But don't say I didn't warn you."

"Yeah, yeah. It will be fine Grace. You'll see."

"Famous last words."

"See you in PE Grace." Joan glared in exasperation, giving a small wave over her shoulder reminiscent of God. "And stop pouting."

"But you want us to be friends with Cousin It!" Grace called down the hall loudly, which Joan ignored.

The rest of the school day passed quietly, with Grace bitching incessantly and Adam giving her puppy dog looks, which she unknowingly returned. Since Luke had to stay after for an extra credit project in Chemistry, Joan found herself walking alone, down the quiet streets of her neighborhood. When she saw 'Cute Boy' God, as she had taken to calling him in her head, sitting on her porch she had to force herself to not run in the opposite direction. He looked very serious for once, and she just knew that she wasn't going to like her next assignment.

"Hello Joan."

"Hey." She answered quietly, no snippy comment following the greeting for once. She watched him carefully before sitting down next to the handsome man.

"Adam is going to stop by tonight and ask you something." God began softly, keeping his emotions from both his face and voice. "I want you to say no."

Without another word he stood up and took a step away, only to be caught by Joan's hand as she grabbed him by the arm. She quickly let go nervously, in case he decided to smite her down for insolence, but he just stood staring at her.

"That's it? Just say no, but no other information? What am I saying no to?" Joan asked worriedly. "What it whatever he asks me, the answer is yes? You want me to lie?"

"You know I can't explain why I have you do the things you do, but trust me when I say it is for the best all around. If you care about Adam you must tell him no."

Joan stood in her front yard for a few minutes in silence, before slowly walking into her house closing the door firmly behind her.

"Well that was a bit melodramatic." She mumbled under her breath as she began getting out ingredients for making soup.

She was just in the middle of chopping a few carrots and throwing them in the boiling water when she heard a knock at the door. Joan couldn't help the pessimistic feeling that came over her at that moment as she hesitantly opened the door. There standing in the rain was Adam Rove. They stood staring at each other, neither wanting to speak or move, thereby breaking the tableau. Eventually it was Adam who spoke in a soft whisper, gazing straight into Joan's eyes.

"Do you love me, Jane?"

"What?" Joan asked in shock, staring at the sky as the storm echoed around them.

"Do you love me?"