Leah sat on the giant rock in silence as she watched the twinkling of the millions of stars in the heavens above as the moonlight beam bleached the snowy, white ground of the dark, peaceful winter's night. "It's really beautiful, Ethan."

"Yes. But it can never match your measure of beauty." He stood gazing down at her, his face lit on one side by the silvery moon. Her body began to tingle with every nerve in anticipation and excitement. "You are the only girl I have ever kissed."

Although there was a winter's chill in the atmosphere, her body was warmed by Ethan's soft, gentle voice. "It's hard to believe you weren't kissed before," she said in response.

"It is the truth." He didn't offer any further explanation but Leah knew that he was being honest.

"But," he said, "I want very much to kiss you now."

All other thoughts fled her mind as she slowly slid off the rock into the safe arms of Ethan. She raised her arms to encircle his neck as he slowly pulled her body close, pressing his hands against the small of her back. He lowered his mouth to hers as her nerves quickly reached to an unbearable level of eagerness. Soon, she felt the touch velvet softness against her lips and suddenly, there was a voice.

"Good morning Indianapolis! You're listening to KISS 98.5 and it is seven o'clock in the morning! We'll start off this hour with some easy listening! Here's..." Leah suddenly woke up in and realized she was in her small apartment bedroom. She quickly ran to her mirror by her dresser in confusion. As she peered into her mirror, she saw her own reflection with tears running down her soft, smooth cheek. It was a dream...again, thought Leah, as she slowly sat back on her twin-sized bed.

Her mother had recently gotten married, once again, but this time around, Leah had faith in their marriage. Her mom and new stepdad were vacationing throughout Europe for the next six months and she was happy for them. Leah is now a college student at the University of Indiana, planning to become a nurse. Before continuing with her studies, she decided to take a break and work at the hospital in Indianapolis.

It has been four years since she last saw Ethan. Four years since she was held by his strong, gentle arms and was called "My Leah" by his voice that had always made her melt each time. It had taken her many months to close that sad yet wonderful chapter of her life. Yet, it was only ten days ago, when her dreams and memories of the wonderful times she had with Ethan came rushing back into her mind when she helped an unexpected patient...

"Hi Leah. Dr. Barlow told me that he has a patient in
room 367 and he wants you to look over him and make all the
necessary preparations before he examines him. Okay?" asked
Belinda, one of the nurses Leah worked with.

"Yeah. Sure. That's no problem. I'll go up to the third
floor right after I wash m hands."

Minutes later, she had reached the third floor and slowly
walked to room 367. As she picked up Dr. Barlow's patient's
chart, she walked into the examination room. "Hi, I'm Leah and
I'll be the student-nurse that will be assisting Dr. Barlow with
your examination. So... Mr..." As she slowly flipped through the
charts to find the patient's name, she was struck with shock as
she read the last name she though she would never voice again in
her lifetime. "Mr. Longacre. I didn't know it was you," said
Leah as she quickly panicking and did not know how to respond.

"Good morning Leah. It's nice to see you again. You seem
well." Mr. Longacre smiled politely. "And Leah, do not look so
scared. Ethan is not with me. None of my family members are
here with me on this visit."

Leah smiled as she was dumbstruck. She slowly mumbled in
response. "I... err... well... even if Ethan was here, it... wouldn't
make... a... difference." She smiled awkwardly as she slowly
grasped of the thought of talking to the man she once thought
might have become her father-in-law.

"Leah, you don't have to try to act in front of me. I
know you and Ethan had a special connection."

"Ethan is in my past. There's no point in visiting the
past. The connection we might have had has long passed.
Anyways... what are we going to be doing today?" She quickly
busied herself by skimming through the charts trying to avoid
Mr. Longacre's eye contact.

"I've been having some pains awhile back and I came to see
Dr. Barlow two months ago. I've been on medication ever since
and I'm here on a check-up to see if there have been any

"Oh alright then. That answers my question. Why didn't
any of your family members come with you?" She thought this was
very odd considering that Mr. Longacre was longer considered
"young" and he has spent many years of hard labour and wasn't
surprised that he was getting pains and his health would be a
very important concern to his family.

"No one knows I am here. I told everyone I was visiting
my cousin in another town. I did not want to make my family
think I was old or weak. It would bring my family shame to know
I may be getting too old to support my own family. You wouldn't
understand. The ways of the Amish." The famous line, thought
Leah as she slowly read Mr. Longacre's facial expressions. It
was that same line that she could only think of why she and
Ethan could never be. Mr. Longacre had drastically aged over
the last few years and it has become very obvious that his
health was going to soon catch up with him.

Leah looked back on that day as if it was yesterday. She was hit with a nuclear missile that didn't spread radiation but memories of her beloved days with Ethan. Her Ethan. Ever since that day she met with Mr. Longacre, her nights have been endless reminders of her past and she dreamt each night of the life she had... could have had... but will never have now. As she thought about her past, tears of sadness rolled down her smooth, soft cheeks as another morning slowly escaped her.