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Chapter 1: Inspection

It was a dark, misty night. There wasn't much light from the moon that night. A women was walking purposely towards 4 Privet Drive, Little Winging. She has short brown hair and is wearing plaid pants and a brightly striped shirt. It had been about 5 days since they had last heard from Harry Potter.

As Tonks got closer she was more cautious so as not to be noticed by any muggles. Her wand was close at hand just incase. She started walking up the steps to the house. There were a few lights still on in the house.

As she got to the door she peered in the window. She could see a large man on the couch. She rang the doorbell. After a few minutes the door opened and there stood the man she had seen on the couch.

"Good evening, sir!" said Tonks.

"Good evening, ma'am." Said Vernon suspiciously.

" I am taking a census survey about how many adults and children live in this area. Would you please answer a few short questions?" Tonks said smiling sweetly.

Vernon thought about it a few minutes. He surveyed her, trying to determine if she was a freak like his nephew or a normal person like himself.

" Okay. Just for a minute." He said at last.

"May I come in? It is a little chilly out here." Inquired Tonks, shivering to try and show him it was cold.

Vernon stepped aside to allow her to pass. As she walked through the door she looked around trying to spot Harry. He wasn't anywhere in sight. The house still reminded her of a museum with everything on display.

"Is there anyone else at home, sir?" Tonks asked.

"My wife and son are. Hold on and I'll go get them." said Vernon.

While he was out, Tonks took the time to do some nosing around. She used a little magic to see if Harry was there. She sensed him upstairs. Just then Vernon walked in followed by a tall, skinny, horse faced women who Tonks remember as Petunia and a large boy about Harry's age who she assumed must be his cousin, Dudley.

"This is my wife, Petunia and my son, Dudley. My name is Vernon and we are the Dursley's." said Vernon, puffing out his chest to look important.

"How do you do, ma'am?" said Petunia haughtily.

"Fine, thank you. My name is Susan Smith. I'm doing a survey for the county." Said Tonks, sweetly smiling. Just then there was a loud noise from upstairs like a big bang. Everyone's eyes went up to the ceiling as one.

"What was that?" asked Tonks.

"My cousin." Said Dudley before thinking. Both his parents shot daggers at him and he quickly tried to hide.

"Well, call him down then. I must have everyone in the house." said Tonks.

Vernon got purple in the face but nodded to Dudley to go get Harry. Tonks sat down on the couch and took out a pad and a pen and waited patiently for Dudley and Harry to return.

Harry sat up quickly as the desk started to fall of it's own accord. How had that happened? Though Harry. He waited to hear to hear his Uncle yelling up at him but he never did. Slowly, He got up and went over to the desk. After a few minutes it started to push itself back up and everything on it was right were it belonged. All of a sudden there was a quiet knock on the door.

"Harry? Are you in there? Are you okay?" asked Dudley quietly.

"Yeah." Said Harry. Then he heard the dead bolt give way and the door opened.

"Daddy and Mummy want you downstairs. We have a visitor doing a survey and she wants everyone there for it." said Dudley. Harry just shrugged and walked towards the door.

When they got downstairs Harry was very surprised at the sight. His Aunt and Uncle were sitting in the chairs opposite the couch. On the couch was a woman that looked vaguely familiar. She smiled and winked at him and he knew who it was. Harry sat down on the couch next to Tonks and Dudley stood behind his parents.

Tonks looked at Harry and then started asking the questions. Instead of writing the answers they gave her, she was taking notes on Harry's appearance. When she was finished she bid them all goodbye, gave Harry another smile and wink, and went out the door.

Tonks hurried down the street until she was out of sight. Then with a pop she was gone.

Harry was sent back to his room with a few warnings about being quiet. He laid down on his bed staring at the ceiling, wondering what was going on. Why would Tonks come and pretend to be a muggle? As he sat there thinking he remembered that he forgot to send his letter with Hedwig a few day's ago. He got up and went to his desk. Sure enough, his letter was still sitting there waiting to be sent. Well, no sense in sending it now. It wouldn't matter now. Maybe it was for the best. Maybe now he would get out of this house. He went and put his pajama's on and went to lay down. He tried to clear his mind before going to sleep.


This is my first fanfic. Pleaze be kind. I know this is short. The first few chapters will be short. They will get longer. I promise. I need to set up some sort of a plot. I hope. Hope you all enjoyed.