Rogue is constantly dwelling on the day she put Cody Robbins, the first boy she ever kissed, in a coma. Hoping that the Charles Xavier can help her to find herself, she leaves the Brotherhood Boarding House and joins the X-men. She can't seem to figure out why heartthrob Remy LeBeau has been so familiar – until he brings back a key element of her past. When secrets are spilled Rogue doesn't know who she can trust; but she'll have to try, because Gambit may be the only one who can help her to prove she's not guilty when a new mutant named De Schaduw rolls into town – accusing the X-woman of murder. Can she learn to trust the Cajun? Or will his womanizing reputation be too much for the Southern belle to handle?


This story is rated M for language and adult content in later chapters.




Not Your Average Teen Love Story

CHAPTER 1: Gimpse of the Past

It's funny when you think about how fast the years go by; one minute you're hopping through puddles on the sidewalk, wishing you could be old enough to cross the street without holding your mom's hand. Then the next, you'd give anything just to go back to that. They say your teenage years are some of the best you'll ever have throughout your life. Since I'm only seventeen, I'm not certain about that or not. But I can tell you that I wouldn't regard the past few years of my young adult life as "the best". They've never really been anything other than average, at best. Of course, my idea of average is more than less likely to be far distant from your definition. In fact, it seems that, ever since I became old enough to start enjoying myself, things have suddenly changed.

The clock is telling me that it's 11:46pm. I've wasted the past three and a half years of my life in this dump. Things were so much easier before.


The young girl tucked her hands in her pockets as she trailed behind her foster mother and brother. It was just one of those spring days, soft rain accented with freshly awakening flowers. She walked along, splashing her foot in the occasional puddles. As the bells rang high above the church, the young girl breathed a sigh. There were plenty of more amusing ways to spent one's Saturday night. Her foster mother hurriedly paced along with her brother's hand in her own.

The town in particular was strongly associated with the Catholic faith. It was uncommon to see anybody not attending the Saturday evening or Sunday morning masses. Rogue was not fond of the Church social scene though, mostly because it was overwhelmed with her image of "fake". As they trotted up the steps and through the massive doors, the young Southerner let down her dampened hood with another sigh. Fake. People she regularly observed that didn't like each other, pretend to have no trouble with one another. Snotty soccer moms whom normally gossiped like high school girls, now complemented one another on their Sunday (In this case Saturday night?) clothes.

"Rogue why don't you bring this," Irene rummaged through her purse, "over to the donation—now where is it?"

"Here mom," Kurt took the purse from the blind woman, easily locating the envelope of cash she had stowed away.

Rogue obediently brought her foster mom's gift over to the table. Her stomach only twisted a little as she realized who smirked back at her from behind the table. Not that it's very cliché or anything, but yeah it is: Jamie Torrence, regarded as the most popular girl in ninth grade huffed as Rogue dropped the envelope in the box.

"Thanks Roguey," She snickered. Our southerner merely shot her a look and sauntered back into the chapel part of the church. It was going to be a long mass, but so long as she didn't have to talk to the most ultimate fake of them all—she'd survive.

Burying her head beneath the black fabricated pillow, Rogue suddenly felt something tickle the sole of her foot. She pulled the pillow off her face and sat up in irritation.

"Kurt!" He jumped back as she glared at him. Her brother waved tauntingly as she hissed and threw a pillow at him. *Bamf* It was a predictable miss.

"Come on Rogue… Irene says zat it's time for you to get ready for school!" Kurt who was a mutant since birth held obvious characteristics. Beyond obvious, if you want to be technical: Bright blue furry skin, yellow eyes, a pointy demon-like tail, and crazy looking ears! The demon tail that he recently used to tickle his sister's foot began to move slowly from side to side. How did he go out into public? Easy! Irene's best friend Raven knew a man who could make what they called an "image inducer". It created the illusion that Kurt looked just like any other "normal" person.

Rogue herself wondered if she was a mutant at times. She didn't have powers, and she was positive that without a doubt she'd always felt normal. But her mother constantly made her wear long sleeve shirts, gloves, and leggings. It was almost as if she didn't want her to show any skin. Of course it was awkward for the young fourteen year old, and she'd started to take the gloves off when her mother's car disappeared from the high school's sight.

"What tahme is i—"Rogue didn't finish her sentence when she realized he had bamfed out of the room. "Of course," she rolled her eyes and walked over to the large mirror. She brushed her hair out as she stretched - making a small glance at her phone. The red light on her answering machine blinked. 'How did I miss that?' She thought, musing over how her phone didn't wake her up; very unusual.

"Rogue, it's Amber. Listen, Ah know you're not going to be too happy about dis, but Ah can't make it t' the concert with ya." Rogue's mouth nearly hit the floor, "Ah'm sorry, but my mom found out about Ryan sneakin' in… and well long story short Ah'm just grounded. Call me back please…" Rogue growled in frustration.

"Now what am Ah gonna do tonight!" She buried her face in her hands. Irene would never let her go alone. And everybody else was busy since Cody Robbins was throwing a huge party.

"Rogue," her foster mom called from downstairs, "you're going to be late!"

"Ah'm comin Irene…"

She set the phone on speaker as she walked around in her room. "Ah juss can't believe ya got grounded Amber. Ah mean—"

"Ah said Ah was sorry Rogue… jeez what do ya want from me…?" Rogue walked around folding some laundry. Setting it back into her closet, Amber spoke back to her friend, "well ya'll could go ta the party at Cody's tonight."

"Yea raht.. me at a party.."

"Aww come on girl it might be more fun than ya thinkin." Rogue snorted as she walked to the mirror tucking some hair behind her ear. "Don't laugh at me… Ah can hear."

"Ok give meh one reason wah Ah should even consider goin ta a social event lahke Cody's party."

"Cody." A silence fell between the two as Rogue sighed. "Come on Rogue.. Ah know ya have a thing for him. Just go and see if he talks ta ya."

"Ah don't think Ah should."

"Go. Come on... have a good tahme… tell me all 'bout it." Rogue bit her lip a second as she walked to the machine.

"Ok... Ah'll go..." A squeal was heard from Amber. "BUT... don't ask meh ta go ta any other stupid parties if Ah hate this."

"Cross mah heart. *Click*