how could this have happened?

were they really gonna make her chose?

how could she?

All this time she had wondered if either one loved her, now that she knows what would she do?


"Kyou how are you this morning?" Tohru smiled sweetly, realizing that kyou looked strangely calm.

"ah,...I'm OK...... but tohru are you ok?" he said in a serious tone, slightly worried.

"oh it's so beautiful out to today why wouldn't i be alright?" she asked still smiling.

"well it's just that.... you seem.... well.. distracted lately and i was wondering...... if there was something bothering you..... he said slightly blushing.

"Oh kyou i'm sorry, I didn't realize.... I mean, well I guess there has been something on my mind but I.....well I'm not ...... it...." looking down she said quietly, "I'd rather not say why I'm distracted.....if that's ok." she said still looking down teary eyed.

"AAAHHH! WHY ARE YOU?..... COME ON WHAT'D I SAY?! he shouted worried that he said something that hurt her as usual.

"No, it's ok kyou, it's just you've never sounded so concerned, and it makes me happy to think that you care enough to worry." she said smiling even more, than before with a tear making its way down her face.

"How is it that everytime I see her she seems more beautiful and wise than she did when we first met" he thought to himself. "well of course i care I'm not heartless ya know." he said wiping the tear away from her face with a light blush to his cheeks.

"what are you?... get away from her you stupid cat!" yuki said coming down the stairs, seeing tohru's tears.

"YA WANT SOME OF THIS PRETTYBOY!" He shouted with hatred, "why did that damn rat always have to interrupt me and Tohru!" he thought to himself.

"oh please don't fight you two!" Tohru cried trying to keep the peace.

"AAWW! FORGET IT! I'M GOIN TO SCHOOL!" Kyou shouted storming out of the house.

"kyou" tohru murmured to herself as she turned to face yuki.

"Good morning Miss Honda." the elegant boy said admiring Tohru's beautiful eyes.

"Good morning Yuki, would you like some breakfast?" She said once again smiling.

"That would be nice, thank you." he said smiling back.

"I wonder If I should ask." yuki thought to himself as they ate in silence.

"Miss Honda?" yuki started.

"yes yuki" she smiled once more.

"This is a very nice breakfast, especially, since that stupid cat isn't here to ruin it. Anyway graduation is coming up soon and I was wondering what you plan to do after?" he said hoping he wouldn't have to ask her.

"Well I'm not sure I think I'd like to cook for a living..... but I really haven't given it much thought." she said slightly nervous, the thought of leaving home was almost unbearable. "Oh look at the time, we'd better get to school." she said hoping to change the subject.


Thoughts in the classroom


I've loved her since that day....."you can erase my memory just promise you'll still be my friend" she had said completely accepting him and her fate. Everyday they had spent together since that day had been like magic to him, but why is it that he couldn't bring himself to ask her out? It was that stupid cat's fault, he was always getting in the way and interrupting their moments together! Graduation would be here in 5 months and he knew he had to take charge and tell her how he felt before it was to late. he had been trying to ask her out for quite some time now but something always seemed to go wrong. how did she feel about him? what if she actually did love that fool kyou? but no... she couldn't love that stupid cat... how could anyone love kyou? then again tohru was one to see good in everyone, but still he was almost sure that Kyou didn't love her and she didn't love kyou. which ment she must love me.


My time with her is ending, I can feel it slipping away. oh god what if I really do lose her! THAT DAMN RAT! IT'S HIS FAULT THAT I HAVEN'T GOTTEN ANY CLOSER TO TORU!! WHY COULDN'T THAT DAMN RAT BACK OFF? HE KNOWS that........ I love her! she is the only one that really ever accepted me! How could I have let so much time slip by?! Oh god how he loved her with a reckless passion! He had to tell her how much he cared, but how? I can't even complement her without blushing, how will I tell her?! what if there is some one else...? Damn rat, what if she really did love yuki? I don't think I could handle it! She was so beautiful and so sweet, she was the only one that set his soul one fire and at the same time calmed his nerves. I can see the whole world threw her eyes! just thinking about her makes me blush! oh Shit! I am blushing! Damn it the whole class is staring! I gotta get outta here!


Which one? I love them both so much! There is Kyou with his fiery red eyes that set her soul on fire. And then there was Yuki with his loving purple eyes that make her so happy. Yuki is so sweet and polite and so beautiful, femine and yet manly at the same time. He always smiles so easily around me. I love him for being there for me and he always makes me smile just by being his charming self. Yuki is so loving and always by my side. and Kyou is so passionate about everything its so hard to not get caught up in the moment with him. he is so masculine and yet deep down really sweet and just as gorgeous as Yuki except Kyou's feature's are much more masculine. he always blushes around me which I find adorable. I love him because he makes me feel alive! They were both so different and yet there was no way to choose between them! She had always thought that if she loved some one that it would be easy to chose but she was wrong, dead wrong! Maybe they don't love me, Maybe I won't even have to chose.


Later that night!

"Tohru! How was your day?" shigure asked tohru as she came home from a hard days work.

"It was fine, how was yours? have you eaten?" she asked secretly hoping she didn't have to cook, she didn't mind it was just that she was so tired.

"Yes, I thought I'd give you a break. Anyway Yuki and Kyou both wanted to see you when your free tonight. Umm but not together." he said giving her his pervy wink.

"Oh ok well, thanks shigure." she said smiling nervously. "what do they want? what if they want to tell me how they feel! what will I say!" she thought to herself as she started cleaning the dishes.

"Miss Honda" Yuki's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Oh! Yuki, shigure said you wanted to see me is something wrong?" she said nervously drying the last plate.

"Well, Miss Honda I know its late but, I had to talk to you." He said looking deep into her eyes.

"Oh that's ok, what is it?" She said sweetly as she led him to the empty living room.

"Well I wanted to let you know that, I love you.... yes I love you very much Miss Honda and I was wondering if you felt the same? It's ok if you don't, all I want is for you to be happy, but if you do I was thinking we could go on a real date?" Yuki asked lovingly.

Kyou has just walked in the kitchen and is now listening closely to hear what she says. "Oh god please! Please say no!" thinking to himself.

"Yuki," she said blushing hotly, "I love you too........" this was all kyou needed to run up to the roof with tears streaming down his face. "but I don't want to it to go any further than that." she said blushing even more with tears running down her face.

" Why Miss Honda? If we both love each other in the same way then why not give it a chance? You are in love me, right?" he said disappointed.

"I'm so sorry Yuki, I am in love with you, but I'm also in love with some one else too........ and it wouldn't be fair to you or to me...... I'm so sorry, I'm so confused. I don't know what to do......... I'm really sorry, .... please forgive me?" she said with her eyes bloodshot with tears.

"No it's all right, Miss Honda, we can stay friends until you decide. Don't worry Miss Honda, just follow your heart." he said trying to comfort her. "Who was it? It couldn't be that stupid cat could it? No, but then who? whoever it was would pay." he thought to himself.

"I'm so sorry Yuki, but I promise when I decide who I truly love you'll be the first to know." she said bowing.

Quietly yuki only got up smiled at her once more letting her know it was ok, and went to his secret base.

"Why? why did that damn rat get everything? I finally found some one... who I truly love... and he had to take her away! why me? Why couldn't she have said no, I love some one else.... even if it wasn't me, why did it have to be that damn rat?!" he thought, as tears fiercely made their way down his face.

"Kyou?" Tohru asked climbing up the ladder, "Are you up here? oh Kyou, there you are, Shigure said that you wanted to speak with...... me?" she asked cautiously sitting down beside him.

"Forget it... it's not important." he managed to choke out through the tears.

"Oh..... Kyou, are you ok? Are you sure there's nothing you wanted to say." she asked realizing that he was upset.

Turning his back not ready to face her, the broken-hearted boy asked, "Do you...............really...... love Yuki?"

"You heard us, Kyou?" she asked worried at what she should say.

"It's no big deal... I'm just curious, that's ALL!" he said still not able to face her.

"Well yes but, as I'm sure you heard I love.. .... I love some one else as well but, I don't know what I'll do.... I don't think he really loves me back so I should probably just go out with yuki, but I can't very well change my feelings for y......I mean this other guy." she said blushing once again.

"Tohru, I'm sure whoever this other guy is loves you,.......I mean ....I .. I don't see how he couldn't....... I know whoever you wind up with is very lucky." he said turning around to face her equally blushing face to his. "Tohru, I ... I want you know... that...... well.... DAMN IT I'M NOT GOOD AT THIS! ..........he jumped up about to run away like always, but something in his heart stopped him. Sitting gently he looked at Toru's blushing face and met her eyes and said "Listen..... Tohru, ... your... your my life..... and well.... I..... I love you....... I KNOW YOU DON'T FEEL THE SAME AND I ACCEPT THAT,..... I just want you to know that I'll....... always be here for you." he said blushing hotly, finally relieved to have told her how he felt.

"Kyou!" she couldn't help but smile, she never thought she'd here those words from him. "Kyou, I love you too! You are the other guy I was talking about." she said looking up at him.

"Really?" he said looking deep in her eyes. "Tohru, you really love me?" asking in disbelief.

"I've always loved the cat, when I met you, I knew you'd be hard to get to know, and then you suprised me.... your so passionate about everything how couldn't I love you?" she said smiling.

"Tohru" he whispered as he touched her tinted pink face, "I love you" he said once more before kissing her cheek, turning bright red.

(backing away:( ) "Kyou, I'm sorry......... please ........ don't make me choose.... I'm so confused.... I love you both...... I promise ........... I'll figure it out.... just please don't .... do this." she said crying so hard that her head was starting to hurt.

"I understand" he said making his way down the ladder, "damn rat" he mumbled.