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I was 12 years old when I met my first alien. He was in my class at skool. His name was Zim.

For years, he and played a twisted game—he would come up with a plan to take over the earth, and I would spoil it. He played the villain, I played the hero. These were our roles, and we played them with the utmost precision. We were the masters of our roles.

The year I turned 20, our roles became reversed.

For whatever reason, Zim's leaders decided that they wanted Earth, after all. They decided that their "mission" for Zim was no longer a joke to keep him out of their hair…err…antenna, and the stakes were upped on the game. We were no longer playing for Lucky Charms marshmallows—we were playing for big money. We were playing for our lives.

And I lost. I had bet the thing that I held most dear, and I lost.

There wasn't even enough of Gaz left for me to bury.

The Irkens, led by the Tallest, and Zim, took over the Earth. They enslaved the humans and depleted our resources. They began to destroy our home. Zim was now the hero. Zim had won. And I began planning how to take over my own planet.

I avoided being captured for two years after the take over by hiding out in the sewers. Years of watching Ninja Turtles as a kid had taught me that you could go anywhere in the city by walking the sewer system. I used this to my advantage and began freeing the human slaves with my literal underground railroad. After another year, I had freed enough people to make a small army of rebel forces. There were 200 of us. And we were pissed.

The day that Gaz would have turned 21, we made our move.

Little did I know, I had already doomed us all.

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