Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, situations, ideas, etc., of Labyrinth, and I am making no financial gain off this fic.
Notes: This piece is written for the 30 Kisses challenge at livejournal and is in response to theme #28: (calcium) pills.

blue fish

A kiss to the throat, like from a dream: Sarah opens her eyes. Somewhere deep in her chest she can feel her heart pounding in odd arrhythmic pulse. She takes a breath - the faint acrid sweet scent of peach. Another.




A branch outside her window scraps soft over glass and then is still.

Sarah slings her legs off the bed and shuffles into the hall, down the dark way to the bathroom. Shakes one pill into her palm, pops it on her tongue, swallows it with water and never looks to the eyes of her reflection. Breathes.