"Mike…Mike, wake up."

Somewhere, someone was calling to him. As time passed, the voice grew clearer and he recognized the speaker. Nina. With some difficulty, he forced himself to open his eyes. It took a moment before his blurry gaze cleared up and focused on the woman kneeling beside him. Nina looked down at him, tears in her eyes, grasping his hand. When she saw his eyes open, a small smile touched her lips and she leaned down, putting her arms around him. He winced as she did so, but didn't say a word. Every time he moved, something hurt. He felt like he'd been put through the ringer.

"I'm so glad you're alright." She whispered to him. "You wouldn't wake up, no matter how much I shook you." She sat back up and helped him sit up as well. Mike's head spun and he nearly fell backwards again. She held tightly to him, laying his head against her chest. "It takes a few moments to stop." She told him, stroking his hair. Mike shut his eyes again, willing the dizziness and the aches to go away. The dizziness did eventually, but the aches didn't. He got to his feet unsteadily, leaning against the wall.

"Last thing I remember, I was in the house and it looked like a storm went through it…I was calling your name…" He rubbed his head. "Danny was…wait, where is Danny?"

"Right here, Mike." The young man was standing with Hannah, who was watching him like she expected him to fall over at any moment. But Danny seemed mobile enough, wandering over to them with the girl in tow. He stumbled slightly and Hannah slid an arm around his waist.

"Careful. You've lost some blood." Mike glanced down, seeing the red cloth wrapped around Danny's hand. The memory came back to him, unable to do anything but watch as the henchman slammed the knife home through Danny's hand. After that one image, it was as if the flood gates opened, and Mike was slammed with memories. What had happened after he'd passed out in the living room, being kidnapped, and the rescue mission. But that wasn't all. Images of a dark dreadlocked man were interwoven with the others, a man who very closely resembled Mike. He glanced over at Nina, taking a deep breath.

"It was our past lives." She looked at him strangely. "We…I don't know, we were someone else, but then again, we were ourselves…" He could see by her facial expression that he was confusing her. "I was Captain Jack Sparrow." He said finally, as if it explained everything. "Our ancestors came back for this one final battle." Nina squeezed his shoulder.

"Mike, you're very tired and not making a lot of sense." She told him in concern. He turned, taking her by the shoulders.

"No, think about it." He stared into her eyes. "Remember Anamaria…"

"Mike, that's my middle name." She told him quietly. She looked straight back at him. "I don't remember what you're…" She trailed off when her thoughts wandered back to the dining room when Mike and Danny had been brought in. The strange look in Mike's eyes, his odd accent, and the feelings that had risen up in her. Then just as it did in Mike, the memories came upon her. Being dragged away from him, shouting his name. But it hadn't been Mike that she'd shouted. It had been Jack. The fight in the caves, and then flashing back to the days of piracy. She remembered it all.

"Jack…" She tapped a finger on Mike's chest. "Mike, your middle name is Jack." She said quietly. "This was no accident. This was meant to happen." She glanced over at Danny, as did Mike.

"And of course, Daniel William Turner." Nina looked back to Mike. "We were here to help our ancestors find their peace." Mike stared at the wall, finally understanding.

"Yeah, we were." He told her. He broke his gaze and looked down at her. After a few moments of comfortable silence, he broke away. "A trip to the hospital might be in order. I think Jack might have broken a few of my ribs."

"Hold on." Danny went over to the cutlass lying against the rock he'd dropped it against. With his foot, he flipped it up into his hand. "I want to take this home with…" He stopped as he saw their looks. "What?"

"When the hell did you learn to do that?" Mike said.

Danny shrugged, sliding the cutlass in his belt. But he hadn't taken on all of Will's grace with a blade. The sharp edge cut through the thin leather belt and the cutlass clattered to the cave floor. Mike covered up his mouth, trying not to smile at the younger man's misfortune. Danny snatched up the blade in his good hand again, pointing it at Mike. "Don't you even start."

Mike put up his hands. "I won't, I won't." He said, losing the battle and finally grinning. "Let's just get out of here."

A low rumble echoed across the dark horizon as white tendrils of lightning burst through the clouds, racing towards the earth. Waves lapped against the beach, and the wind had died off. The dark clouds threatened to burst with rain. A storm of good size was coming to the island.

Danny had been determined to take Chico out for a run before he had to shut the horse up in his stall while the storm struck. He felt back for having neglected the horse for the past couple of weeks, but he though he had a good excuse. Another bolt of lightning streaked in the sky, dancing off the golden wedding ring around his finger. A month after the adventure, he had proposed to Hannah, and she had happily accepted. Three months later they'd had their simple little wedding. And just last night, the happy couple had been gifted with a healthy baby girl. Nina was ecstatic that there would be another child around while Mike had been completely lost with the thought that he was going to be a grandfather at his age. He and Hannah had yet to name the little girl though. They hadn't found a name that they felt suited her.

He gave the horse another nudge in the ribs, and Chico sped up, stretching his long legs as he sped across the wet sand. Nina had insisted he go home and take a nap before coming back to the hospital. Somehow Danny had managed to go three days without sleep, and still he couldn't. So he'd taken Chico out for a ride across the beach before going back to the hospital.

Suddenly the horse stopped, planting his feet in the sand and dropping his head. Danny, in his own little world of thought, snapped out of it to late and was sent flying over the horse's head and crashing into the sand. He groaned and rolled over, staring up at the horse.

"What the hell did you do that for?" He said as he climbed to his feet, brushing off his jeans. The horse didn't react, staring beyond Danny. He reached down and grabbed the horse's reins, ready to remount when he heard something. Listening harder in the silence before the storm, he heard laughter. The laughter of a small child. Chico let out a nearly silent snort, still not moving. Danny turned around, and his breath caught in his chest.

A young, dark headed girl, maybe around four or five, ran down the beach towards the water. Her simple blue dress dragged through the sand as she ran, laughing.

"Emma!" Danny's head whipped towards the voice, a voice very similar to his own. He watched as the dark haired young man came jogging down onto the beach, padding bare footed after his daughter. The little girl turned, smiling at him.

"Daddy, look! Uncle Jack is coming!" She pointed out to the horizon, where a rather imposing ship with black sails could be seen on the horizon. Danny knew the name of the ship. It was the infamous Black Pearl. He stood as still as Chico, watching the scene. Soon after, a fair haired young woman joined the man. Emma ran back to them and was scooped up by the man. I know who that is! Danny had seen his memories for months after the defeat of Jonas Smythe. It had to be William Turner and his love Elizabeth. It was the ghosts of the past, or if he remember correctly, something that had never come to pass, but should have.

"Uncle Jack!" The little girl in Will's arms shouted, stretching out her arms. The pirate had appeared in the scene, taking the girl from Will's arms. The female pirate behind him smiled, greeting the happy couple. Emma giggled happily, putting her arms around the neck of the man who could only be Captain Jack Sparrow and kissing him on the cheek. Elizabeth covered up her mouth while Anamaria laughed out loud.

In the middle of the tableau, Will turned towards Danny. A grateful smile crossed his face as he looked at the man who would be his descendant. "Thank you." He said. Two simple words expressed his gratitude more than any long winded speech ever could have. Danny smiled in return and nodded.

Then they were gone, as the rain started to fall. Danny stared at the empty spot for a moment before mounting back up on Chico and giving him a nudge with his heels. The horse leapt forward, heading for home.

Hannah opened her eyes groggily as she heard the squeak of wet sneaker souls against the waxed floor outside. The door of the room opened, and her husband came in, soaking wet. She frowned as she looked him over.

"Were you out playing in the rain?" She asked with an amused sparkle in her eyes. In the next bed over, Mike raised his head, looking over his shoulder. Nina lay curled up in his arms, sleeping away.

"Oh, it's just you." He muttered fuzzily and put his head back down. Danny went over to Hannah's bedside, pulling up a chair. She reached out and brushed a wet curl from his eyes.

"You look excited about something."

"Emma Marie Turner." He blurted out. Hannah rolled the name around in her mouth, saying it over and over.

"Emma Marie…Danny, its perfect." She said quietly, putting a hand on his. "Emma Marie…"

"I had a little bit of help with the name." He told her, but didn't say where the help had come from. Hannah still hadn't quite accepted that Danny had been Will for a little while the night they had come to rescue her. She reached over and buzzed the nurse, asking to see her daughter.

A moment later, a nurse entered the room, carrying a small pink bundle. Hannah held out her hands for the child, as Danny was soaking wet. She took the child in her arms, and Danny stood up beside her. The baby lay still, sleeping. Already Hannah could tell that she was going to resemble her father. "She does look like an Emma Marie…" She said quietly.

He nodded. "That she does." It was the perfect moment. Mike and Nina curled up on the hospital bed in each other's arms, and there he stood, with his beautiful wife and daughter. He sat down in the chair, leaning back with a content smile on his face. Mike and Nina had each other, and Danny had gotten the family that Will had never had the chance to have. The past had woven itself into their futures.

Life had gone on.