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Duke and Tristan sat on the floor of Duke's room, chowing down on the contents of Duke's hidden candy-bar stash. When their attempt to infiltrate the kitchen for food had been interrupted by Marik's explosive cooking, they decided to settle on what junk food and candy they could scrounge up from Duke's stockpile.

His mouth full of the last bite of a Snickers bar, Tristan wiped his chocolate-covered hands on his shirt and then reached for the video camera. "You ready to try again, buddy?"

Duke nodded, shoving down the final chunk of his Crunch bar. "Who do we get next?"

Thinking for a moment, Tristan counted off on his hand. "Well, so far we got Odion singing in his boxer shorts, Kaiba blubbering over a soap opera, and Marik's failed attempt at making dinner." He began powering up the camera. "Who else his here at the house today?"

"Hey, Bakura's always in his room." Duke suggested. Bakura did tend to keep to himself a lot, alone in his room more often than not.

Tristan perked up. "Hey, yeah! We'll go see what he does, hiding in his room all day long."

The two boys set off down the hallway, promptly arriving at the bedroom in question. Tristan gave Duke a signal, and then put the camera up to the crack in the doorway when Duke propped it open silently.

Bakura was perched placidly on his bed, knees brought up halfway to his chest, a book resting on the incline. He leaned back against the pillows near the headboard, calmly reading.

Another figure, paler and slightly transparent, was also in the room. He bore a similar resemblance to Bakura, except for the fact that he was slightly taller, had thicker, longer hair, and eyes with a darker glint behind them. He was pacing the room agitatedly, muttering.

"I still don't see why I can't have my own room."

From his position on the bed, Bakura did not even glance up from his book. He simple made a distracted humming noise of agreement. "Mmm-hmm."

Seemingly unaware of the fact that the human boy wasn't listening, the ancient spirit continued his rant. "I mean, I'm just as much a person as any one of you. Just because I'm evil and happen to be dead, they think I don't need my own space. They think that since I don't have a human body, I shouldn't need a room?"

Now Bakura had raised his eyes and was watching the spirit, his eyes moving back and forth as he traced the pacing movement. "Yami..."

"They don't know what it's like! I'd like to see them try living inside a little gold necklace for centuries, and see how comfortable it is!"


"What?!?" The spirit snapped.

Bakura shook his head. "We've been through this before."

"I know, but it's not fair!" Yami Bakura sat down on the bed with a huff.

Bakura put the book down and moved off the bed, heading for a video cabinet on the far wall. "If we play your favorite tape, will that cheer you up?"

The spirit perked up. "The one with the evil, crazy, wild-haired man who forces all those innocent people to go through the painful rituals?"

"Of course," Bakura grinned and pulled out the videotape in question. "But only if you promise to stop complaining."

Eager at the thought of watching his favorite, evil movie, Bakura's Yami jumped to his feet. "Yes, yes! No more complaining...at least until tomorrow."

"Here you are, then," Bakura put the tape into his VCR and settled back on the bed, picking up his book.

"This man is amazing," the spirit was watching his favorite, evil man intently as the video began to play. "So much energy, all focused on his evil plot to exploit the innocent masses of people and force on them his rituals! All the pain they must go through, the ceaseless toil! And he grins and laughs through it all!" Looking back over his shoulder at Bakura, the spirit gestured to the movie and asked, "Bakura, do you think I can be as evil as this Richard Simmons someday?"

Bakura couldn't hide a smile as the exercise video started some energetic music. "Absolutely."

Outside the room, Tristan glanced at Duke. "I don't know whether I'm amused by that, or scared by it."

"Me either, man," Duke let the door close again. "Ah, let's go find someone else."

"Right behind you."

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