"I became the Proclaimer. Feared by all creatures. I was in the Order of Taraka, we were bounty hunters and proud of it. I hunted anything, mortal and immortals. I was the vampire who could never be killed, many tried, many failed. My kin's folk, the fays, said it was a blessing that they gave me complete immortality, I believe it to be a curse. I was able to do things other vampires cannot. Crosses, holy water, sunlight have no affect on me. I am also able to see myself in a mirror." She smiled as she and Willow headed back to the house. "How about the scars, you don't have them now." Kat stopped and looked at Willow. "Glamour spell hides them. They are still there just you cannot see them. I am unable to see out of my left eye, but would you rather look at a yellowish looking eye or a bright blue one?" She muttered something that sounding like Latin and in an instant her scars and body modifications appeared. She could see Willow be taken back by them. "Angelus knew what he was doing." She muttered another spell and the glamour spell worked its magic and cleared her face and body of any scar tissue. "So Kat why aren't you killing now. You seem well, mellow." Willow asked. "I just got bored with killing. Like the old saying 'too much of a good thing is bad.' I grew tired of it, did not spark my interest anymore, not as it used to. "I decided to get out of the Order of Taraka and found myself being accepted into the Council of Watchers as a mage, a magick user to train Watchers. That is where I met Rupert or rather his worse half, Ripper. He was captured by Council operatives and brought to me for retraining. He was a tortured soul with a demon in him. Found out he died and went to Hell for a bit. During his stay, a demon decided to coincide with him in his body. Well I was able to bring the demon down to a retainable level and Rupert became a modeled student and the man you know today. "After that he and I became the best of friends, even though we are a hundred years apart. We found out we had a lot in common, demonology, mythology, folklore." She opened the door and held it for Willow before going into the house. "I taught Rupert how to maintain his impulse to do magick for everything, and now he is going to do the same for you." She led Willow into the double doors and opened them revealing a large library. Near the window stood a large oak desk where a middle-aged man stood up and went to them. "Sorry it took so long." She kissed his cheek as he looked at her, his green eyes looking at her quizzing. "What did you talk about?" His culture English accent coming through the words he spoke. "Oh nothing," She looked at Willow and they both smiled at each other. "Just girl talk. I will leave you two alone then. See you at dinner." She closed the doors behind her.

To pass the time, she headed to the greenhouse, picked out a just blooming red rose, and then preceded to her family's cemetery. She went through the iron wrought gates and followed the stone path to one grave. She placed the rose on top of it and said a prayer tears begging to come out, of her eyes. She knew he was not there, her was buried somewhere in London after his mother and himself left fearing the ghosts of the past. Something caught her eye. A figure kneeling next her grave silently sobbing, the shaking of his shoulders giving his emotion away. She saw him stand up and begin to leave. "Wait!" She cried out. The figure turned around and walked to her, head down. "What are you doing here? You are trespassing." He did not look up at her, his bleached hair shining in the moonlight. "I came to pay my respect." His voice was low with a Cockney British accent. In his hand three new roses. Two white for her sons a sign of purity. One red for her, passion and love. He looked up, his high cheekbones and ice-blue eyes accented by the moon stared at her in remembrance as Kat took a step back. "Billy?"