Power Rangers

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Chapter Two: Of detective, street fighters and Digimon trainer.

As the shower of blue sparks disappeared, Ling saw a familiar room. A very, familiar room.

"Yen!" someone shouted beside her, making her jumped in surprise. She turned and her eyes widen in surprise.

Standing beside her in a line are old friends. Just beside her, Yen, who went to the same high school as her, was wearing a pink blouse and jeans shorts. Next to her was Jie, an old friend from her primary school, wearing jeans and yellow sleeveless shirt. Next to him was his twin Zhi, in dark green jacket with white undershirt and jeans, with the same spiky hair as his twin. Lastly, at the end of the line was Wei, also from the same school. He was wearing red t-shirt and black shorts.


"What happened?"

"How did I get here?"

"SILENCE!" A voice declared loudly and they stopped immediately. Ling turned and noticed, for the first time, a man in neat sergeant-like uniform standing in front of the main screen. His face was serious, more so with the strong jaw and a tall nose. His eyes looked weary and kind though. With his hands behind his back and him standing ever-straightly, you might even think he forgot to take the hanger out of his clothes.

"Greetings, chosen ones." He said sincerely in perfect English. Ling's heart started to race. Chosen ones...this room...did he mean...what she think he meant?

"Welcome to the Cytan." He continued. She frowned, Cytan? What the heck is that? "My name is Zordon-" Ling almost choked, but coughed slightly instead.

"Zordon?" she inquired, raising an eyebrow. How can it be? This must be a very sick joke. It had to be.

"Yes," 'Zordon' confirmed, rather amusedly. "I understand that there's a show in your planet about the ranger system," he began, "but I'm afraid that the...creator, of the show got his idea from a rather interesting source." His lips twitched for a second, but change back to its normal seriousness almost immediately, Ling even wondered if she imagined it.

It had to be a joke, Ling thought, shaking her head unconsciously. Ranger system? Is it real then? Or maybe I'm going crazy or something. She blinked hard, trying to see if she was seeing things. But 'Zordon' didn't blink out; he's still there, nor did the room that looked terribly like the Power Chamber in the show (minus the tube) disappear.

"We have reasons to believe that a new evil had risen, and your home world, planet Earth has been targeted. All of you are chosen by the great Power to protect, not only your home world, but also those who needed it, and fight for good." He finished, surveying their expression.

Ling's mind was racing, though she didn't even flinch. Am I going insane or am I dreaming? Power Rangers? C'mon, we're 14! You have got to be kidding me, she wanted to say, but in front of a stranger who somehow teleported them here, she decided to keep her mouth shut.

"Is this some joke?" Zhi said and gave a nervous laugh. "It isn't funny to...get us here without asking first you know." He laughed nervously again. Yen and Jie exchanged glances while Wei, Ling noticed, was staring at her. She looked away quickly, turning her attention once again back to 'Zordon'.

"Then can you explain how did you get here?" he asked instead, "I understand that your planet doesn't have teleportation technology."

We really teleported here? Ling thought, slightly surprised even if she knew that, she didn't quite believe it though. She turned to look at Zhi, he was speechless.

"But why us?" Wei spoke suddenly, "I mean, we're only fourteen-"

"Your age doesn't matter and you mustn't question the Power's judgment." Zordon interjected, somewhat defensively, Ling noted. "All of you are chosen for a reason but it is not my place to tell you. It is a matter you have to discover by yourself."

"Will you do it?" he asked after a moment of silence. No one dare to answer as they exchanged glances.

Ling was a loyal fan of the show ever since she could remember. She always wanted to be a Power Ranger and hey, who don't? But she never thought it'll come true, now that she think of it...she knows full well what the consequences will be, being such a fan she is, and knowing how her life will change, she didn't feel like it anymore.

"I'll do it." Wei spoke, determined. Zordon nodded at him approvingly. Ling looked at him in surprise. She never thought Wei as the bravest among them. But exactly what did she know about him? She never really regarded anyone as a true friend but a pawn back in primary school, one of the few things she regretted deeply.

"I'll protect my home no matter what." He added. Home. It suddenly hit her. Why is she hesitating? It's her home they're talking about here! Shaking her head, she smiled.

"Me too." Taking a deep breath, she declared. Everybody turned to look at her. Wei smiled, and she smiled back, knowing that she won't be alone anymore.

* * *

Yen was torn. She'll be really glad if someone jumped forward and shout, 'April Fool!' or saying there's a camera hidden somewhere, even if it means she made a fool of herself. A Power Ranger? It's the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard in her life!

Yet the so-called Zordon had a point, she can never explained how she got here. The what? Teleportation? It's way too creepy. But if it's true...it means she'll have to fight...fight what actually? Her life will be in danger but if she doesn't, thousands other lives will be. And what if she died? She didn't want to die yet she's 14 for god's sake! She still has a life! What about her family? Her friends?

So what should she do? Wei and Ling had already agreed but if she backs out...

"Count us in then." Zhi said for both he and Jie. Jie nodded.

"We can't back out now could we?" he flashed his boyish grin. Just great, she thought, frowning at him, just what I need. Then came the thing she has been dreading; everyone looked at her expectantly. She sighed; I suppose I won't get away with this anyway...

"Fine, I'll do it." She agreed, though reluctantly. Yet surprisingly, her heart felt lighter all of a sudden, and she smiled despite herself.

"Good." Zordon exclaimed, satisfied. "Before we begin, I have something really important to say; you're not allowed to expose your identities and therefore, you won't be able to use your name. You have to use your nicknames or just call others by their color. Wei, is it?" he asked, focusing on Wei, he nodded. "What would you like to be called?"

Wei stood there, confused. "Anything I want?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, anything you want." Zordon reassured. Wei frowned, thinking hard. Yen couldn't help but wonders...

"Conan?" she almost choked. Conan? The Conan? The famous detective? She never thought Wei as a comic fan...

Zhi snorted while Jie chuckled. Yen shook her head, boys. Yet this is getting interesting, she thought amusedly as Wei's cheek grew red.

"Very well then Conan," Zordon said, somehow confused about what's so funny with the name 'Conan'. Yen shook her head, grinning, such an alien like him... she jerked her attention to Zordon at once. Alien...that's what he is isn't it? She frowned; he can't possibly come from Earth could he? But he does look human enough though...why?

"You will be the leader of the team, the red ranger." Zordon continued, pressing something on the main console. A drawer-like-thingy shot out and he took something from it. It looked like a wristband or something, except there's a small device on it. Wei...no, Conan, she corrected herself with a small grin, Conan took it in his hands, looking at it blankly. "Even though you're the leader, remember that teamwork," he paused, "is what that matters."

"Ling," Zordon suddenly turned his attention to the girl beside her. Yen turned to look at her, Ling was staring at him blankly. "What would you like to be called?"

Yen grinned; even Wei is calling himself 'Detective Conan', what name would Ling choose? Knowing her friend, she must choose something about cartoons.

"Rika?" she asked uncertainly. Yen couldn't help but grinned widely as the twin's jaw dropped to the floor. Even the normally calm We...Conan was staring at her in surprise. They never knew the 'studious' Ling is a huge fan of cartoons, Digimon to be exact. Ling has many different personalities, if that's what you called it, though she often showed her colder side. In that case, she mused, Rika did suit her.

"Rika," Zordon acknowledged, "you'll be the blue ranger and also the second- in-command." This time even Yen was surprise; I thought blue ranger is always a guy? Li...Rika nodded blankly. Zordon took a second wristband thingy from the drawer and gave it to the blue ranger.

"How about you Zhi?" Zordon asked. Zhi didn't seem to grasp what was happening but snapped out of it seconds later. He exchanged glances with Jie and both of them nodded. They seemed to be able to communicate without words. It must be a twins' thing; she shook her head.

"I'll be Ryu and he'll be Ken." He answered for both of them. Rika snickered. Yen looked at her questioningly.

"Street fighters." She simply said. That's why the names sounded so familiar! Yen chuckled while Conan snorted at the corner. She should've known.

"Ryu," Zordon took two of the wristband and held one out for 'Ryu', "you'll be the green ranger and Ken," 'Ryu' took it and Zordon held the other one out for 'Ken', "you'll be the yellow ranger." Ryu snorted and Ken glared at him. Yellow? She frowned in confusion; I thought only girls could be yellow ranger?

"Every ranger is chosen for a reason and for a value deep within himself," Zordon said seriously, "It isn't funny." Both the twins grew red and Ryu muttered a 'sorry'.

"And lastly," his kind soft eyes locked with hers and she took a deep breath. "You'll be the pink ranger, Yen. What would you like to be called?"

Her eyes widen in surprise, almost as if she hasn't been expecting this. As a matter of fact, she hadn't, it's much more fun wondering what others would choose than to figure one herself. "Err..." she stammered.

"Chun Li?" Conan suggested helpfully and Ryu poked him. Conan shot him a 'what-did-I-do' look, Ken grinned brightly while Rika was chuckling softly. Yen looked helplessly at her, she merely shrugged.

"Just choose what you feel right." She said with her arms crossed, the wristband-device held firmly in one hand. Feel right? Yen frowned, what does feel right? She wasn't a fan of any TV shows or comics or cartoons like her friends and a name from those won't feel right at all.

"Take your time," Zordon told her all of a sudden, she felt her cheeks grew hot and looked down quickly. "These names will be use as your official names in the ranger history and you will only be known as that to other planets."

She sighed. He just has to tell me the importance of these names isn't it? She fidgeted, feeling others' eyes on her.

"Do you have a Christian name of sort?" Ken suddenly asked. She nodded and smiled gratefully, knowing what he meant. Even if she isn't a Christian, she still has a Christian name, just for fun. Though she doubted it's not exactly 'Christian'.

"I think Ephere will do." She finally decided, sighing.

"Well, it's creative." The blue ranger commented helpfully. Everyone, except Zordon of course, chuckled.

As she took the wristband thingy from Zordon, she looked around her wistfully. She didn't know anything about Power Rangers, nor did she know what to do about it, but with a detective and two street fighters around, not to mention a supposedly 'cold-hearted' Digimon trainer at her side, she has a funny feeling that they'll make the best team ever.

* * *

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