( Miroku thinks of his life and what he comes to, meeting Sango... Dedicated to a close friend of mine. /poem/)

The road is endless,

I walk along different paths but find myself before you

Traveling endlessly at a low pace

Finding my footprints being followed

There is a time when I turn

For the help of others like you

your face shines with innocence

Though I cannot reach you,

touch you

Without a painful mark

Let me be your guide

Lay under the stars in the night

hold you close in the dark

Keep you warm,

To wake up each morning,

In a warm embrace,

How I would love to see your gorgeous face...

I do not deny when I ask you for a child,

I love you with my heart and a bond I shall keep it,

From the beginning I didn't know,

There was anyone like you

Let me be their for you in the hardest of times,

Cry on my shoulder,

Be with me at my side,


Take me in,

Your sweet embrace,

And tell me those words,

That I love you

( Sad is it? Reviews please and this was dedicated to a friend of mine who is a loving person who is with me when I am not in a good mood sometimes, Thank you reviewers!)