Kill The Cheese

It was all quiet in the junkyard. Well not quiet but sane! Bwah! yeah right! What are we
thinking? Sane in the junkyard hahahahahahaha!! er um *coughs* well the kittens were playing and
pouncign around. Just then Jennyanydots called for them. It was time for lunch.
"Lunch lunch lunch!!"shouted Cherishbel prancing around.
"Hey settledown ms dancing queen."said Demeter. Cherishbel made a face and raced to the oven
where Jenny was. Cherish looked at the mice that they all had. She licked her lips. She pranced
up to Jenny and she held out her paws.
"Oh I'm sorry Cherish, we dotn have any mice left."she said.
"What??? NOOOOOOO."howled Cherish.
"But we have a peice of cheese."replyed Jenny handing Cherishbel a peice of moldy cheese.
"Yucky! Im nto eating this!! Its moldy! Im going home."she pouted and padded out of the
junkyard. As she padded down the sidewalk she heard soemthgn behind her. She looked behind her
to see that moldy peice of cheese. She maked a gaging noise and walked home.

As Cherishbel slepted in her basket she heard a tapping on teh window. She opened her eyes to
see....the moldy peice of cheese!
"Am I cursed with this bloody peice of cheese??? Why me oh deary why me?"she said in a cheesey
southern accent. The cheese began to move. She jumped.
"AHHHH KILLER CHEESE!! RUN AWAY!! RUN AWAY!!"she shouted and began to ran but ran straight into
a wall. She shook her head and ran to the junkyard. The kittens where talking and Cherishbel ran
up to them panting.
'Whats with you?"asked Stargazer.
"Killer Cheese!!"she shouted.
"Killer cheese?"asked Leylyn. Cherishbel nodded. The two kittens bursted up laughing. Cherishbel
looked behind her and screamed. The moldy cheese was behind her. She hid behind Stargazer. She
poitned to the cheese.
"It's trying to kill me!!"she shouted. Stargazer made a face.
"Yeah...and my nickname is Starbaby."said Stargazer.
"Star.."said Leylyn.
"Your nickname is Starbaby."
"Oh.. Well yeah and Im the queen of sheba's."said Stargazer. Cherishbel walked up to the cheese
and pawed at it. Nothing happened. Cherishbel smiled and tried to squish teh cheese. But instead
of it being squished it bit Cherish. Cherish hissed.
"IT BIT ME!!!!!! CALL 911!!!!"she screamed running around. She ran into Munkustrap. She looked
up at him. "Munkustrap!!!!!!!!! That moldy old cheese is trying to KILL ME!!!"she shouted.
Munkustrap raised an eyebrow.
"Have you been into teh catnip?"he asked.
"NO! For real!! It bit me!!"she exclaimed. Munkstrap shook his head and walked away.

No one in the junkyard believed Cherishbel. So now it was time for Cherish to take matters into
her own hands. She was going to kill the cheese. She strapped up in military stuff. She had a
row of bullets across her shoulders. She had black paint under her eyes. She had machine guns in
her hand. She had a headband on too. She was ready to kick some cheese behind!!

Cherish stormed into the the junkyard eyes at full alert. She was ready for some action. She
marched up to the cheese. She glared at it.
"Time to die dirtbag."she said. She aimed the guns at it. She began to fire the automatic
machineguns. After minutes of shooting and as the smoke cleared away Cherishbel dropped her
guns. The cheese still lived! It came to life and growled.
"AHHHH!!!!"shouted Cherisbel and ran. The cheese chased her. She ran around screaming in the
junkyard. The only jellicles there were the kittens Stargazer Leylyn and Sillastrap and Demeter.
Demeter looks at the author and clears her throat. Alright adult Demeter. Demeter smiled.
Anyway. They were havign a tea party. Cherish tripped into the tea set.
"CHERISHBEL!"shouted Demeter. "You screwed up our tea party!"
"Mostly yours. I hate tea parties!"shouted the kittens. Demeter rolled her eyes.
"THE CHEESE IS TRYIGN TO KILL ME!!"shouted Cherisbel. She pointed to the cheese but dropped her
paw. Rum Tum Tugger had come up and grabbed the cheese. He gulped it down and belched. All the
queens waves their paws infrotn of their nose's.
"Cherishbel you need help."said Leylyn. Cherishbel sighed.

Cherishbel smiled and laied down in her basket. She closed her eyes. She heard a tapping on the
window and opened her eyes. There was the cheese. She screamed and woke up. *Good, it was just a
dream* she thought. She she looked on her stomach she couldnt believe her eyes.

The End.

A/N: I do not own CATS, i dont own Cherishbel or Leylyn or Sillastrap. They are my friends. I do
own Stargazer! Alright. I hope you enjoyed this one and the next one is 'Kill The Acorn.' heh.