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Falling From Grace

By: Batbabe


Chapter 1


Jason was sure he had never seen such a beautiful sight in his life.

There she stood. The girl of his dreams, the one he knew he could never have. Kimberly Ann Hart. She was concentrating on her balance beam routine, not noticing his presence from across the large gymnasium full of training gymnasts. Her face was stern and focused, he could tell even with the distance between them.

It had only been a couple of weeks since she had moved to Florida, so none of the gang had made it down to visit yet. Not even Tommy. Jason and Kim had stayed in close contact since he left Angel Grove, and he hadn't really been surprised to learn of her decision to give up her powers and move on to pursue her dream. It didn't take him long to schedule a surprise visit for one of his closest friends.

Though he thought of her as more than a friend, he knew that he could never and would never act on those feelings. Tommy was his best friend, practically his brother, and he would never betray him like that. He respected the White Ranger too much to ever do something so despicable. So he would continue to play the role of big brother to the original Pink Ranger, he would be nothing more than a close friend.

Even with that less than pleasant thought clouding his mind, he couldn't help but smile widely at the mere sight of her. She was the definition of beauty and grace, an angel fallen from heaven. 'Wow, Jase. You're getting pretty corny here....' he thought with a chuckle. He slowly started making his way over to his friend, taking his time to enjoy the view.

He held off once he got closer to her so that he wouldn't interrupt her concentration. The last thing he wanted was for her to be hurt again. It had almost killed him when he found out about her accident and had not been able to make it home from Switzerland to see her. But he had known that Tommy was there and wouldn't let anything happen to her, as much as it killed him to admit it.

Jason had first met Kimberly when they were both children. Their mothers had been friends, so they had been obligated to play with each other many times. She had always been the lighthearted, cheerful one while he had been the quiet, sturdy presence that protected her. They grew very close and remained that way, even after befriending Zack, Billy, and Trini. Kim and Jason always held a special bond that couldn't be replicated with any of their friends, no matter how close they were.

They had started to drift somewhat in junior high, with him involved heavily in karate and her in cheerleading and the like. At the time, he noticed that the Kimberly he had known all his life was rarely seen anymore. She seemed more concerned with her hair and boys than anything else, even gymnastics. He didn't like the changes in her, but held onto their friendship in the hopes that the caring person he knew would return. Once they became rangers, Kim gradually matured and became more like herself again. She was no longer obsessed with the mall or her appearance because she knew that there were more important things in life. Being a power ranger brought out the best in her, and in him as well. It wasn't hard to discover that his feelings for Kim had gradually evolved from simply friendship to something much deeper.

Just when he was starting to believe he had a chance with her, the mysterious Green Ranger appeared and captured Kimberly's heart. At first, Jason had been angry and hurt that someone could just show up out of the blue and entranced her like that, but he realized that her happiness meant more to him than his own. So he stepped back and watched as the girl that he had perhaps always loved found happiness with someone else. What made it all the more painful was the fact that Jason honestly like Tommy and eventually came to think of him as a sort of brother. With each passing week, he lost hope that he would ever get a chance to be with Kim since she and Tommy's feelings seemed to deepen. When he left for the peace conference, he thought that he could escape the feelings he had for the young woman but they stuck with him as if God enjoyed making him suffer in silence.

He was brought out of his reverie by the sound of her landing on the mat, then screaming out his name as she noticed him standing such a short distance away from her. He couldn't help but grin as she ran up to him and threw her arms around him in a tight hug.

"Jase! What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming?? How long are you staying?" she rambled, barely containing her surprise and excitement. It was more than obvious that the young woman was thrilled to see him.

"Well, I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by...." he laughed at the disbelieving look on her face and pulled her in for another hug. "I had some free time from the conference and thought I'd come and see how you were adjusting to life down here." He answered honesty.

"So how long are you staying??" She raised her head from his chest to look up at his face, eyes wide and smile bright.

He couldn't help the ray of hope that took hold inside him at the sight of her excitement and happiness over his presence. When he looked into her eyes like this, all else was forgotten (including a certain long- haired young man in California) and he could almost believe that she felt the same way.

He wasn't about to go into details about the duration of his stay, or the circumstances surrounding them, so he simply answered, "I'm here for as long as you need me. I'm here to make you happy." She would never know just how much he meant that, just how deeply he felt for her.


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