Truly, madly, deeply


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Mokuba, songfic, focus/scene change after songfragment, hints at Yami/Yugi and Bakura/Ryou.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The song 'Truly, madly, deeply' belongs to Savage Garden.

written at 29th october 2003, by Misura

For hieiandkuramalover, this song, this pairing ... my plot. Hope you'll like it! :)

Chapter note : italics indicate typing in this chapter, unless they're //italics// in which case they're songlyrics.


//I'll be your dream,

I'll be your wish

I'll be your fantasy.//

"Today, class, I want you all to type up a list of things you want to accomplish in the next year." The teacher beamed at her class like she had just come up with the most brilliant of assignments. Ryou raised his hand. "Any questions? Yes?"

"Do we ah have to turn that list in at the end?" Ryou blushed, while from the other end of class Bakura snickered loudly. The teacher blinked, then shook her head.

"No, it's just a small excercise to help you get the hang of typing, that's all." Joey sourly thought she probably was simply too lazy to hand out grades for this assignment. Though he had to admit he hadn't exactly liked the prospect of someone else reading his list, it might have netted him a nice B for once, instead of the more usual C or D.

"You will save it in your personal folder, like all other tasks you've completed on the computer thus far. That way you'll have an overview of your progress by the end of this term. As you all know, the password to open that folder is only known to yourself, so don't be afraid that anyone else will read your secret wish to become a school-teacher." She laughed and half of the class obediently laughed with her, while the other half seemed not to get the joke.

"What's so ridiculous about wanting to be a teacher?" Anzu whisperingly asked to Yugi, who shrugged.

//I'll be your hope,

I'll be your love

Be everything that you need.//

Joey stared at his computer-screen, trying to come up with something to put on his list. What did he want to do with his life? Well, he wanted to become a better duelist, of course.

I will work on improving my skills at dueling.

I will put new cards in my deck that do well against Blue Eyes.

He gnawed at his lower lip, considering that second line. It was true that Kaiba, Yugi and Yami were the only persons against whom he had never won. Out of those three, only Kaiba bothered him. Yugi and Yami were his friends ; they always helped him to improve his deck and gave him advice.

After a brief hesitation he added another wish to his list :

I will beat Kaiba in a duel.

There, that was better. Now, maybe he should add something about school too, just in case Mrs Nigai was going to check on their lists after all. You never knew ...

I will do all of my homework in time.

I will get As and Bs for my tests.

I will not oversleep on schooldays.

Joey hummed softly as more ideas popped up in his head, hardly hearing the smothered laughter coming from Bakura, or noticing the bright red color on Ryou's cheeks.

//I love you more with every breath

Truly madly deeply do..//

Seto glared at the computer in front of him, which was of a highly inferior quality. This had to be the most idiotic task they had been ordered to do in computer-class thus far. Nothing but a waste of valuable time that he could have used for much better purposes.

Practicing their typing skills ... what a joke! Did she think he brought his laptop to school every day for show? The likes of Yami and Joey might require such things, but not him.

He sighed, glancing at the teacher who kept an eye on the class, instead of reading her cheap romance-novel like she usually did. Meaning he couldn't take out his laptop and do something useful instead. Ah well, maybe he could just give it a try then.

It might be useful to make some sort of list with what he still had to do before he could allow himself to spend some more time with Mokuba and enjoy himself, rather than working on the future he wanted to give to his little brother.

I will make sure Kaiba Corp remains the market-leader in virtual technology.

I will find the perfect Christmas-Gift for Mokuba, even if it's something silly or something made by a competing company.

I will try to do more in less time so that Mokuba won't feel obliged to stay up late waiting for me.

//I will be strong

I will be faithful

'cause I'm counting on//

I will stop taking offense to Kaiba's stupid nicknames for me.

Even if he's a total jerk and a bastard and I hate him.

I will not react to his remarks about my intelligence or lack thereof.

Because he's not that smart himself, really. And he's asocial.

I will not become mad at him if he beats me in a duel again.

The only reason he wins all the time is 'cause he's got better, more expensive cards. And Yami and Yugi could kick his ass any time.

Joey's fingers halted for a moment, as he checked what he got thus far. He was a little surprised how often Kaiba's name seemed to pop up in his good resolutions. Well, it did make some sort of sense, now that he came to think of it.

Kaiba himself seemed to pop up a lot in his life too, in spite of the man's usual lack of interest in anyone except Mokuba. Whenever he turned around, Kaiba was there with a sneer on his face and a taunt on his lips. Almost as if Kaiba was stalking him ... Joey guffawed at *that* thought.

I will stop obsessing over Kaiba.

Paranoia are *his* cup of tea, not mine.

//A new beginning.//

I will stop obsessing over Joey Wheeler.

He doesn't like me, I don't like him, so it's pointless. I don't do pointless things.

Seto scowled. He had intended this list to be of some sort of use to him, but so far, all he had typed up was totally useless. Nothing he hadn't told himself over a thousand times already.

Drumming his fingers on his desk, he scowled at the screen. It was all that stupid mutt's fault, distracting him all the time by goofing around or talking so loud it was impossible to ignore him.

The blond enjoyed being annoying, Seto suspected. More precisely, the blond enjoyed annoying *him*. Why, Seto had no idea. But it simply was impossible Joey wasn't aware of the influence of his actions on the CEO. Joey might be pretty oblivious to what was going on around him, yet even *he* wasn't that dumb.

I will stop accepting his challenges for a duel.

He'll never be good enough to beat me. He's pathetic.

//A reason for living.//

I will stop challenging Kaiba to duels.

My cards aren't good enough to stand up to his.

Joey nodded in satisfaction, even if he did feel a little guilty about blaming his trusted deck for his defeats. Yugi would scoff at him for his lack of respect. Still, it *was* true he didn't have anything that could compete with three Blue Eyes White Dragons.

A good trap card could deal with any kind of Monster, of course, but Kaiba had cards against that too. Joey sighed glumly. All right, so maybe Kaiba was better at strategy. Just a bit. Just enough to tip the scales in combination with his cards.

Now, enough words wasted on Kaiba.

I will try seeing Shizuka and Mom more often.

I will try to keep Dad away from alcohol.

I will try convincing Honda to confess to Otogi.

I will try not to stare at Yami and Yugi when they make out in the middle of class.

I will try not to blush at Bakura's propositions to Ryou.

I will not fantasize about what it would feel like to be kissed by Kaiba.

Joey moaned, burying his face in his hands. Damn that stupid Kaiba for affecting him like this!

//A deeper meaning.//

I will not use words like 'cute' or 'sexy' in association with Joey.

Seto blinked. Where the heck had *that* come from? Never mind, he would just erase it and go on. In fact, perhaps it would be better if he simply deleted this whole list. Passwords weren't *that* secure after all, especially not in a nearly-ancient system like the one they used at school.

The sound of the bell ringing alerted him torture for today was over. Taking a last look at the last line he had typed up, he quickly closed the document. He could always remove it later.


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