Truly, madly, deeply


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, Mokuba, songfic, focus/scene change after songfragment, hints at Yami/Yugi and Bakura/Ryou.

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. The song 'Truly, madly, deeply' belongs to Savage Garden.

written at 12th november 2003, by Misura

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//I'll be your dream

I'll be your wish

I'll be your fantasy.//

"Hey, Yugi, do you have any plans for this afternoon?" Joey grinned, patting on the pocket of his jacket. "I got some new cards and I was kind of hoping you and Yami could help me decide which ones would work best with my deck."

Yugi smiled, nodded. "Sure, Joey. We - "

"We already intended to work on our projects for school, unfortunately," Yami cut in smoothly. "Maybe some other time?" Yugi sent him a confused look.

/But Yami! That's not true! We would just spent a lazy afternoon doing nothing ... /

//Nothing? Is that what you call it?// Yami smirked. Yugi blushed.

/All I mean is that you can't blow off Joey just because of it. There's plenty of time in the weekend to ... /

//Trust me, Yugi. Joey is my friend as well ; I wouldn't refuse to help him only because I wanted to be alone with you. But there's someone else who wants Joey's company, and I think he deserves it.//

Yugi followed Yami's gaze to notice Kaiba standing there, leaning against the wall as if he had nothing better to do than hang around and glare at people. He stared at Yami, who nodded.

"Oh, yes, that's right. Sorry, Joey, I completely forgot." Yugi shrugged apologetically.

"Hey, no biggie. It's not as if there's some major tournament coming up tomorrow," Joey replied. "Maybe some time next week then. You guys just enjoy your weekend and your 'projects'." He winked.

//I'll be your hope

I'll be your love

Be everything that you need.//

Seto frowned. He was trying to look like he had every right and reason to be here, instead of hurrying to his office to work, like he usually did when school was over, but he felt as if everyone was looking at him, wondering what he was doing.

He was rather glad when his patience finally paid off, with Yugi and Yami walking away, leaving Joey on his own. Of course, Seto wasn't *scared* of either Yami or Yugi, but he preferred to talk to the mutt in private this time, without Yami challenging him to a duel for the slightest taunt.

Joey didn't seem too surprised at his approach. Good. Apparently the puppy was fool enough to think that just because he had managed to get the better of Seto one time, he would be able to do so again. A big mistake, which Seto would be more than happy to use against him.

Not that Seto needed any extra edge when dealing with the likes of Joey.

"A word with you, mutt." He saw Joey's eyes narrow at the last word and snorted silently. The mere use of his favorite nickname for Joey was enough to make the blonde lose his self-control. That Joey had been able to hack into his files had to have been nothing but dumb luck. And 'dumb luck' wasn't going to help Joey now.

//I'll love you more with every breath

Truly madly deeply do.//

Joey hadn't thought Kaiba would have the gall to talk to him after what had happened in computer-class today. Still, he supposed it was possible that Kaiba was simply too disappointed with the results of his little joke to leave him alone.

Well, if Kaiba thought he could get a rise out of Joey, he was wrong. "What do you want, Kaiba? Haven't had enough for today?" He felt his cheeks flush with a mix of anger and embarrassment at the memory of seeing that stupid wish Kaiba had added to his list. 'I will not admit to being in love with Seto Kaiba'. Gritting his teeth, Joey told himself he had to keep his temper in check.

Beating Kaiba to a bloody pulp was *not* going to be looked upon very kindly. Besides, he didn't *really* want to hurt Kaiba, did he? His dreams definitely didn't seem to point in that direction.

"That little stunt in computer-class was rather tasteless," Kaiba observed, out of the blue. Joey's mind needed a few seconds to catch up with the somewhat abrupt change in subject, before cautiously suggesting that this might be intended as ... an apology?

Joey frowned. When had Kaiba ever apologized to him before? Why did he do so now? There *had* to be another meaning to his words, but Joey couldn't find it.

"Not to mention immature," Joey replied cautiously. "But it was kind of smart too. Different from usual?" He had no idea what he ought to be saying. Acting like he fully agreed with Kaiba's joke being 'tasteless' might be pushing it a little too far. If Kaiba had truly meant to say sorry, Joey ought to make some sort of effort to, to meet him halfway. Then, maybe, one day ...

//I want to stand with you on a mountain,

I want to bathe with you in the sea.//

Seto studied Joey's face, searching for any hint of sarcasm, any clue to the blonde pulling his leg. Surely Joey wasn't just going to let Seto degrade his first successful prank like this? Seto had expected Joey to immediately jump up and brag about how he had read Seto's wishlist, not nod his head when Seto declared his joke to be 'tasteless'!

"Definitely different. You managed to surprise me." Seto could afford to be a bit magnanimous. Plus, it was true. And maybe if he brought it up, Joey would let slip just *how* good he was with a computer. That knowledge might come in handy in the future.

Joey grinned. "Yeah, I bet I did. Not such a 'foolish puppy' as you thought me to be, am I?"

"You're still a puppy," Seto sneered. "Especially with the way you're wagging your tail right now. So very pleased with yourself. Don't forget your place, mutt. I'll always be your master in any way that counts."

Joey might have caught him unawares once, but Seto would make very sure that he would never succeed in doing so again. Even if the glow of success made the mutt look kind of cu- no, no, he had solemnly promised not to use that word to describe Joey. Just like he wouldn't admit to being in love with him. Which hadn't been one of his 'good intentions' (not 'wishes'!) in the first place, though he would hold to it just the same, because he *wasn't* in love with the mutt.

//I want to lay like this forever,

Until the sky falls down on me.//

"You're not my 'master'! And you're never going to be either!" Joey growled at Kaiba. He had really been trying his best to remain civil but ... Kaiba's arrogance was enough to drive *anyone* crazy. How *dared* he talk as if Joey was his pet!

"Puppy shouldn't bark so loud," Kaiba taunted. "I'm not impressed by it the least, but I *am* getting a bit annoyed with your attitude. And believe me, mutt, you do *not* want me to get mad at you."

"Oooh, now I'm scared. Get real, Kaiba!" Joey rolled his eyes. *Kaiba* lecturing *him* on attitude? If he hadn't been so angry at the guy, he'd have laughed aloud. "I don't care one bit about whether or not you like me." Man, that sounded ... weird. "I'm not in love with you!" That wasn't much better, really. "I mean ... " This was all Kaiba's fault! *He* had added that stupid line to Joey's list.

"I'm not in love with you either," Kaiba replied stiffly. The CEO seemed to have regained his self-control. A pity, considering Joey was still having trouble getting his head clear. "Mutt."

"Gee, imagine my relief," Joey muttered. "I was kind of afraid you were, you know, with all the doggy petnames. But no, of course someone like you would never like puppies." He sounded bitter. And a little whiney. He didn't want to sound bitter and a little whiney.

Whining was something that puppies did.

//I want to stand with you on a mountain....//

"In general I don't like puppies, no," Seto replied coolly. He knew he was going to regret this. "With one exception. Because that one isn't just any puppy. That one is *mine*."

Joey's head snapped up, the blonde eyeing him warily. Seto didn't change the expression on his face. It was true that he wasn't in love with Joey. But he did feel *something* for Joey, something that made him want to protect and possess the other boy. Seto'd rather die than call that feeling 'love' though.

"I'm not your property. Or your pet. Or your toy," Joey summed up. Seto didn't have any idea why. He hadn't claimed Joey to be any of those things, had he?

"I didn't say you were. But you *are* my puppy, whether you like it or not." Seto wondered how this little chat had turned from a 'Your joke was stupid and it didn't influence me'-talk to a 'You're my puppy and I'm your master' one.

"What if I said I did like it?" Joey inquired. He was no longer looking at Seto, instead staring at the floor. Seto was slightly puzzled.

"Well, I guess I'd have to take some better care of you then I have done so far," he answered. "I might start by feeding you? Dinner?" Was he seriously asking the mutt for a *date*?

"I like pizza," Joey ventured, raising his head.

"More than me?" Seto informed with a slight grin.

"I don't know." Joey shrugged. "I haven't tasted both ... yet." His eyes seemed to challenge Seto to do something about that. Seto decided he must have gone insane. Did that mutt really expect him to ...

Joey kissed him. Not very long and not very romantic, considering he stepped on Seto's toes in his hurry to get close before Seto would have a chance to evade him, but still ...

"Bad puppy." Amazing how his voice still worked after they had broken apart again, with Joey muttering some sort of apology for crushing his toes.

Joey snorted. "You can buy me a Pizza Hawaii with extra pineapple for a punishment. That's my favorite."

Yes, Seto decided, Joey was most assuredly insane. But maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. At least he didn't have to be afraid that Joey and Mokuba wouldn't get along now.