Well fellow literary enthusiasts, this may be the end of the fic, but fear not! There will be more of these book bashings in stories to come. There are just so many books and so little time to get them in one fic. Especially when I can spread 'em around! So if I haven't gotten to a particular book in this fic, I will do so in future ones! I promise! And so to conclude this tale let me just say to all those who think that a little criticism of these 'beloved' books is unjustified…

You're All Animals

"Fine! We'll try another book!" Hank groaned. He was clearly at the end of his rope. "Animal Farm by George Orwell…ALL RIGHT WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST THIS BOOK?" He roared seeing John make a face at the suggestion.

"Talking animals?" John asked. "Kind of unrealistic if you ask me."

"Maybe they were mutants?" Bobby asked.

"They were not mutants!" Hank shouted. "It's supposed to be an allegory! A fable! They're allowed to talk in a fable!"

"The book is about communism and how it goes wrong," Jamie groaned. "A parody of the Soviet Union during the cold war. Snowball is supposed to be Trotsky and Napoleon is Stalin! We get it!"

"Well Magneto would like Napoleon in this story," Rogue grunted. "They're both fascist pigs."

"So's Kelly and all those FOH jerks," Bobby remarked.

"Yeah but it's more about the corruption of socialist ideas in the Soviet Union," Kurt said. "There are some principals of socialism worth studying."

"You gotta be kidding me!" Rogue groaned.

"No I'm serious," Kurt said. "Europeans have been studying socialism for some time and implementing some of its ideas."

"Oh come on," Sam said. "Socialism just doesn't work. Look at what happened to Boxer! He worked hard all his life and what did he get for his loyalty? Sold to the glue factory so the pigs could get more booze!"

"Yes but he was pointing out the folly of human leaders that run socialist states," Kurt remarked. "And by simply following them blindly it can destroy people. However with vigilance…"

"Oh you are not seriously defending socialism are you?" Rogue asked.

"Several countries implement some kind of socialist principles in their government. Take Canada's free health care policy for example," Kurt said. "That conflicts with capitalism."

"Just to satisfy my curiosity is there any book you do like?" Hank asked John sarcastically, ignoring the class.

"Well that Trump book on how to get rich sounds pretty good," John remarked.

Xavier wheeled into the room. "So how is it…" He stopped as he looked at the scene. "Going?"

The students and the teachers were arguing amongst themselves. "I'm just saying that in a utopian society…" Kurt protested.

"There is no such thing as a utopian society!" Rogue shouted. "Orwell said it was a pipe dream!"

"That was not the main point of the book!" Sam shouted.

"Yes it was!" Paige said.



"THAT'S IT!" Hank shouted. "I'VE HAD IT WITH YOU!"

"BRING IT ON HAIRBALL!" John shouted. Soon both men were fighting each other in the classroom.

They weren't the only ones. "Take a good look at American history pal," Tabitha shouted. "There's never such a thing as true equality even in a classless society!"

"That is total bull!" Ray shouted. "The point of a equal society is a classless one!"

"That's what I've been trying to say about socialism!" Kurt shouted.

"Aw forget socialism! There's no place for other opinions in a democracy!" Bobby shouted. Soon the students were fighting with each other as well.

"Oh god…" Xavier moaned. "I can't tell which are the students and which are the teachers anymore!"