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A Glimpse of Eden



A solitary figure walked silently through the ruins of what had once been a small, but prosperous town.

Pausing only once to briefly gaze over the charred remains of homes and businesses, the figure adjusted his cloak and continued on towards the building that had once contained the town's power source. Ducking low to avoid some fallen ceiling rubble, he entered the room which held the Plant. Straightening, he carefully made his way toward the bulb and glanced bitterly over the remains. Broken... yet another death to lay on the heads of the humans.

After the town's destruction some eight months earlier, the populace had never bothered returning to check on it's Plant, which had somehow survived the quake that had laid waste to the town. For almost year the Plant had waited, innocently believing that it's humans would return to it. When the Plant finally realized that no one was coming, it had allowed itself to slowly fade away. To die, unfulfilled... alone.

The man felt it's pain and last moments like a hot knife in his soul. He was too late. By less than a week it seemed. 'They will pay... I will avenge you, sister...'

Turning to leave, the figure was halted by a low noise. Immediately turning his attention back to the bulb, his narrowed eyes searched desperately for the cause of the sound. And there, laying beside the bulb's hollowed out core, was a small infant. The Plant's final gift.

Lifting the child gently, he held it ackwardly, but close to his body in an effort to share his body warmth. For a moment he feared that he was again too late, the child was still and unresponsive to his touch. Then the child opened it's eyes, the bright blue orbs only briefly searching the man's face before it opened it's mouth to deliver a loud and pensive cry. It was alive.

The man hurried from the wreckage, clutching the crying child closer. It was alive, but for how much longer? 'Hurry... hurry!'

He placed the child gently in the back seat of the vehicle and removed his cloak to wrap around the child for warmth. Watching the child sleep, a small smile touched his lips. A gift... a new beginning. Another chance to shape the world as he saw fit. As the world should be.

After all these years... another child the same as he and his brother had been born. And this time, he would make sure the child would be raised to see the humans as they were.

A pestilence of Eden.

End Prologue:



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