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Paths of the Heart

Chapter I- Dimension Shift

A laugh echoed though out the crumbling almost abandoned temple, it was an eerie laugh, however not an evil one.

Quite the opposite actually, this laugh reeked of sadness and defeat.

The god emperor stood in the center of the disintegrating temple, long white hair flaring out slightly, due to the wind that swept around the place.

His name: Fou-Lu the Endless.

"So, defeated at last…" Fou-Lu spoke softly and let out another hollow laugh "What irony, I hath been beaten by myself!" He said while trying to stop laughing so much that he could breathe. In front of him the winged princess cringed, she did not like that laugh. She turned to the blue-haired dragon next to her, to see Ryu's emerald eyes sparkling with resolve.

'A beautiful emerald color…' she thought, her eyes went wide 'beautiful? Where did that come from?' Nina quickly dismissed it; she'd worry about that later. There were more important things to think about now.

At Nina's side stood Cray chief of the worens, Scais of the Grassrunner tribe, Ursula former captain of the empire, the mysterious Ershin and of course her dragon friend- Ryu.

Ursula stepped forward, and pointed her gun at him "There is no where left to run God emperor!" she shouted in her arrogant voice, Fou-Lu smirked.

"Thou are correct… but I hath no intention of running."

Ursula blinked, "What?" Fou-Lu ignored her and turned to Ryu,

"So my other half, how does it fell to be outsmarted?" Ryu growled in confusion and clutched the hilt of his sword tighter. "Thou art bepuzzled?" Fou-Lu asked in mock dismay.

"w-what are y-you talking about?" Scais asked, Fou-Lu laughed softly.

"I hath more powers than you can imagine! If I cannot join with you Ryu… then I'll get rid of thee!

Dimension shift!"