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Charmed Leo


Ok, set after COWF and before Spin City... Leo doesn't know about Chris, the girls do... This is fine if you haven't seen Spin City, as it's set before but you need to have seen COWF or read spoilers etc. etc. to a) understand it and b) not have the show spoiled. This is something that popped into my brain one day and is yet to leave. Enjoy and leave a review.



"Piper, it's like two am..." Phoebe mumbled sleepily, shading her eyes from the harsh glare of the kitchen's overhead bulb. Her hair had the just-got- out-of-bed mussed up look and her powder blue pyjama bottoms were creased on one side. Her white tank top was coming off of both shoulders and she pulled the straps up, screwing her eyes shut. The middle sister blinked and then opened her eyes again feeling the pupils shrink quickly. Piper was busy in the refrigerator; the door flung wide open and the motor whining in protest, indicating that she had been in there a long time.

"Yeah well when baby Chris doesn't want to sleep his Mommy doesn't sleep either..." Piper said, clinking two jars together as she spoke.

"So you what? Tried to cryogenically freeze you to preserve yourself forever in a block of ice?"

"No..." Piper's voice sounded odd, her head still jammed deep inside the fridge. "I'm fixing myself a snack..."

"Would this be a normal snack or a pregnancy craving snack?" Phoebe asked nervously. She got her answer when her big sister emerged with a pack of cheese and some marmalade. "Piper, please tell me that they are for two *completely* different snacks?" Piper shrugged and began slicing bread and cheese and then spreading butter and marmalade.

"Cheese and marmalade... That's gotta be a new one..." Phoebe said and Piper bit into her sandwich. She pulled a face as marmalade oozed out from in between the bread and plopped onto the plate. "Chris is making you eat the weirdest things..."

"I know... But hey, my guess is that my body needs these weird things, right?" She sat down at the kitchen table. "Did I wake you up, sweetie?" Phoebe did not answer, she was staring at Piper's round stomach is a daze, envisioning the tiny life that was growing there and imagining that pain that he would have to go through if big Chris failed to protect Wyatt and the future.


"Hm? What?"

"What did you see?"

"Huh? Oh! I wasn't having a premonition..."

"Oh..." Piper said, sounding surprised. She mopped up the globule of fallen marmalade with her finger and then licked it clean. "What were you thinking about then? You were miles away..." She looked into Phoebe's face but Phoebe didn't look back at her.

"Oh, nothing. Don't worry about it..." Piper shrugged again and stacked her plate in the sink.

"Do you want to go back to bed? I'll try not to make too much noise..." She gave a small smile and felt Chris kick in her stomach. She put her hand absently to her tummy and smiled.

"Is he kicking again?" Phoebe ran over to Piper and bent her knees, resting her hands on her sister's swollen belly. She felt a soft little push as baby Chris kicked at the wall of the womb. She grinned and clapped her hands together. "Aw!"

"You won't be saying 'aw' when it comes to you and you have back pain, nausea and weird cravings!" Piper warned, but Phoebe was too enthralled with her unborn nephew to notice.

"He did it again!" Phoebe squealed.

"Phoebe, you'll wake Paige!" Piper chided, trying to squirm out of her sister's grasp.

"Yeah, like that's going to happen..." They both laughed and went into the living room to watch whatever late night shows happened to cross their TV screen.


Chris stood motionless on the middle pillar of Golden Gate Bridge watching the Eastern horizon blush pink with the coming dawn. Above him and behind him the sky still had hints of night which were fleeing rapidly from the growing glow in front of him. He looked down at the Bay and then out across the city. A warm breeze blew from across the rooftops and lifted up stray tendrils of hair as it brushed past him. The sun's timid orange head was starting to make an appearance over the skyline and a small contented smile played across his lips. He inhaled deeply through his nose and closed his eyes, letting clean, crisp air that was far out of the reach of pollution and dust fill his chest.

The first rays of the sun crept down to the shoreline and made the blue water sparkle with hundreds of dancing shimmering lights. The whole city looked so fresh and clean as the warm light spread over houses and high- rise buildings, glinting on black reflective glass and metal and shimmering in swimming pools and ponds...

His face darkened slightly and the contented smile faltered as he mentally compared this San Francisco with the San Francisco of twenty-two years from now. The bay filled with bloated, rotting bodies – not all of them pollution choked, oxygen starved fish – and the city in part ruins. In the future a permanent smog hung over the city and the bay was dark with oil and rubbish. Buildings had crumbled; parks were overgrown and brown...

A little over two decades from now this very bridge – such a strong, prominent feature jutting out over the water – would be a mass of rusting, twisted steel and iron, an enormous bulk of cracked and pitted concrete that hung precariously, waiting for the nudge that would come at any minute and send it crashing down to join the rest of it in the deep Bay waters. It would have collapsed at the very weight of him standing here if he had ever dared to try before.

He looked down at his feet and shoved his hands deep into his jacket pockets. How had so much beauty been turned into rubble? Hoe had Wyatt taken a thriving, pulsing city and turned it into a part wasteland? He looked back up at the lightening sky, little white clouds beginning their formation as the sun rose higher.

"I'll stop you. That's a promise."

"You'll stop who?" Chris jumped out of his skin and grabbed a steel cable to prevent himself from falling off of the pillar.

"Paige! You scared me to death!" He accused, his heart pumping wildly.

"Sorry. You weren't answering us. We were worried..."

"I didn't hear you..." He turned away from her and looked back out again.

"Wow... With a view like this I'm not surprised..." They stood in silence for another moment or to, ensnared and awed by the landscape beyond them.

"Does it always look like this?" "Huh?" "In the future. Does it still look like this?" Chris felt a pang of emotion hit him. Again he sees the crumbled buildings, shattered and boarded windows, scummy brown pools, torn up streets, pollution, trash piled up on every street corner, people living in the semi-shelter of ruined buildings and trying their best to eat out of Dumpsters because they had nowhere else to go, oil drum fires on the streets, his and Bianca's headless angel statue... He shook his head sadly and sighed.

"Let's just say you might wanna take a picture before time goes on any more..."

"That bad, huh?"

"You could say that..." Another breeze, this one cooler and off of the water, threw Paige's hair in her face and ruffled her shirt. She smoothed her top down and looked back at Chris, who seemed unaffected.

"Wyatt... That's who you're going to stop, isn't it?" Silence. Paige looked at the back of his head but he didn't turn around or answer her question. A stronger gust of wind blew in the silence, and after a minute or so Paige picked up the conversation again without pushing him for an answer. "Piper wants you for breakfast, are you coming?"

"Mmm? Oh, sure..." He orbed away just before Paige, the lights fading and leaving the scene tranquil once more.


"Where have you *been* Chris? I was worried sick!"

"Literally." Phoebe said from behind the paper, referring to Piper's recent bout of morning sickness.

"Hush up, Phoebe!" Piper snapped. Phoebe just turned a page and didn't reply. "And where did you go to find him Paige? You could have orbed halfway around the world in the time it took you..." Phoebe put the paper down and mouthed over Piper's shoulder:

'Hormones.' Chris made an 'o' shape with his mouth.

"Sorry, I got up a little early and went out, that's all..."

"Yeah well... You're gonna have a cold breakfast now..." Chris ate his breakfast without complaint. It wasn't actually that cold, Piper had just been exaggerating. He looked round at his Mom and his aunts and realised what a far cry this was from the future, and how few families ever got to sit down for a meal without finding at least one family member missing.


"There are consequences. Selfish magic always brings about consequences. They're unavoidable."

"Don't talk to me about consequences. This spell has taken months to find, you really think I'm worried about the consequences?"

"Well yes, frankly I think you should b-" An energy ball incinerated the lecturing demon to a pile of smouldering ash on the boarded floor.

"Anyone else want to tell me what I should think or do?" An uneasy silence throughout his band of demon guards. A lot of feet shuffling, a lot of inspecting the floor. But no one came forward to disagree. "No? Good. That's good... Somehow I didn't think there would be..." He crossed the room and picked up some chalk, re-drawing over old, faded lines of a previous Triquetera on the boarded wall. He unfolded a piece of paper and began to read.

"Hear my Words

Hear my rhyme

Heed the hate

Within my mind

Send me back because I'm inclined,

To take who I wish from space and time!" The Triquetera glowed blue and opened up revealing a portal where the wall had been. He nodded his approval and stuffed the paper back into his pocket.

"You all go first. I'll follow soon. Carry out the plan, and don't harm anyone that could change time. Otherwise half of you won't be born, and the other half will wish that they hadn't been." One by one the demon guards walked to the hole and jumped through, each throwing themselves into the unknown and vanishing in a flash of light.