Dragoon, one of the four scared Bit Beasts, was an ancient spirit centuries old. After the great battles centuries ago, when many other spirits were sealed inside stones, Dragoon and his three other brethren remained free and separated to the four corners of the world. Drawnzer to eastern Europe, Draciel to South America, Drigger to China and Dragoon itself to the ancient provinces of Japan.

Once choosing their natural territories, they manifested themselves in physical form. Dragoon came to the hero Saki, a samurai warrior of the Imperial court. After proving himself to the ancient spirit, Dragoon agreed to a binding. Entwining his own fate that of Saki's family, agreeing to aid his bloodline in their most desperate hours of need.

Saki found use for Dragoon, forging him into an enchanted blade, capable of cutting down any one opponent.

Centuries later, the sword still lay with Saki's family, paced with high honour in a small shrine. Tyson sat in front of it, staring at the sword. It had become faded by time, cracks running along it's length, splinters and shattered fragments from the green metal carefully collected the placed on a soft white sheet of paper nearby. The hilt was long an wrapped in a rotting piece of leather for grip. The blade itself was strangely of western design, with tip directly in the symmetrical centre rather than at a slant. Dragoon's crest no longer decorated the top of the hilt, leaving the blade looking rather impotent and pathetic. Still however, even with it's centuries of decay, it retained some degree of it's past strength. Tyson looked down at the Beyblade in his hand. Dragon's blue form glaring at him from the centre. It had been rather quiet around here since Rei had left to go back to China. He received a letter about a day ago, something about his old friend Mariah being sick and left at once. So, with little else to do, he decided to admire the family air loom.

"Wonder how powerful it was?" He asked himself, looking up toward the sword again. He'd seen the power Dragoon would wield when he'd used the Bit beast during his past battles, but with the sword it probably would have been different. In Bey battles, you were connected with your bit beast yes, but you weren't really fighting with it. In this scenario, both wielder and beast fought, almost literally as one. Dragoons eyes blared at him, emitting a soft neon blue glow.

It was then, Tyson had the urge to try and use the sword. He knew the blade was far too decayed to survive his grip, so he tried to refrain from doing so, but found himself over come by the urge. He pushed himself off the floor, hesitating briefly, before reaching and lightly touching the hilt with his left hand.

He quickly drew his hand away, an unfamiliar buzz spinning down his arm. Then, he regained his ground and reached out again, this time taking hold of the sword tightly. To his surprise, it didn't disintegrate on touch, instead it felt as hard and solid as any of his grandpas training kendos. Perhaps, he thought to himself, the decay was only in appearance. Although whatever common sense he had, told him not to press his luck, so he relinquished his grip and stood away, a very distant longing knowing silently at him. Dragoon too, he could feel, felt the same, only far more deeply. It's very spirit was straining against it's bit home, as if it wanted so desperately to return to the blade.

"Tyson, what are doing in here all alone?" A familiar voice asked him, snapping the youth out of his thoughts as Hilary, the most unlikely person in the world Tyson would cal his girl friend came in.

"Nothing." He said after a moment of contemplation. He was about to turn to face, when he noticed his Beyblade was beginning to tremble in hi hands. Puzzled, he brought it up to eye level. It was silently shaking, rattling, as if Dragoon was trying to claw it's way out.

"Tyson, what's up with Dragoon?" The brown haired girl asked coming around his left side. Tyson scratched the side of his head.

"I dunno." He admitted, holding his blade higher. The shaking got worse, so intense that parts of his Beyblade were starting to flake off. Tyson dropped in surprise after a good part of the attack ring burst off at a sharp angle, nearly striking him in his face. It lay there now on the floor. Glowing, neon blue lines began appearing in it, running all along it's body. Shafts of blue light lancing out at regular intervals.

"Tyson, we're supposed to be practising." Kai began as he stormed into the room, so anger he forgot to remove his shoes. "Lust what are you…" The Blade breaker's captain stopped in mid sentence, his anger melting away in an instant as he watched in astonishment. Tyson's blade was glowing bright blue.

Then, it emerged for all of them to see, in it's true noble splendour, Dragoon arose from the Beyblade. Howling to the wind, bursting off in an awesome display of power. Tyson watched in stark confusion as the Bit beast loomed into the room, it's wide arms spread out to a 180 degree angle. It stared them all, but it's gaze was meant for Tyson alone. The boy did not understand; it could sense his confusion.

"I must return." Tyson blinked, stepped back a little as his Bit beast spoke. It had only ever done it once before, at the height of the first world championships. "Tyson, help me return to my original state." Tyson was left ever so slightly common tone by it's words. "Please!" It pleaded with him, and then the youth could see the pain Dragoon was in. He had to help it, but didn't know what to do.

"Tyson, what the hell is going on?" Kai demanded, finally regaining himself. Hilary was standing there, completely paralysed in amazement. She'd seen his Bit beast before, but never had it emerged without him summoning it. Slowly, the Bit beast sank toward it's wielder, slowly becoming more and more translucent. It settled on him, and Tyson shared in it's knowledge briefly, revealing to him it's need.

Dragoon, was dying….

The shock was enormous, so much so he nearly lost the strength in his legs. He had been separated from it's original vessel for far too long. Without a moment of waiting in confusion, he reached out, knowing precisely now what he had to do.

Tyson took hold of the hilt of the sword once more, and through the flesh conduit, Dragoon flowed effortlessly down into the sword, taking the blade as it's host once more. As if coming to life, the fragments of the sword flew directly black into place, the cracks and splinters healing themselves. The entire weapon was bathed in an ominous blue light that radiated out in every direction. Tyson was trying desperately to remove his hand, but found it latched solidly onto the hilt. Seeing his distress, Hilary came to his aid, trying to help him pull his hand away, but she was of little help. Whatever transformation that the sword was undergoing would not let him go until it was finished.

Then, it released him. The pulling force both Tyson and Hilary were exerting made them both fly backward onto the floor. A very quiet silence seemed to set in as Kai joined them, their gaze looked onto the restored blade.

The sword looked completely brand new, as if had been forged moments earlier. A fine blade aloud a meter long and completely green, its entire length carefully sculpted to look like reptile scales. Tyson picked himself up, drawn toward it by intinsct alone. He hesitated for a moment, considering the bizarre situation he was in. Then he reached for the hilt and held the blade up, stunned into silence. Then, as if confirming what he imagined happened, he located the restored Dragoon emblem on the hilt's side. Dragoon had re-entered the sword. Now he knew exactly how powerful it had been. He could feel it, radiating into his being. Undeniable power, almost limitless in it's depths. Power he had never felt from Dragoon before, power he could never hope to contain with his Beyblade.

Suddenly, it all became ominously clear to him. Dragoon had always been this powerful, it was just the vessel that contained the Bit beast limited it's potential. When inside a Beyblade, all a Bit Beast could do was enhanced the blades abilities. But a sword was less complex, a simple conduit for it's power. In this scenario, nothing was held back.