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It was dawn before Rei finally snatched the coffee cup away from Kevin's trembling hands. They'd told him to take green tea, but Kevin insisted on something he thought a little stronger. Now he had rings around his eyes and he couldn't stand still for more than five seconds. News reports had been coming over the small radio for some time, but then they suddenly stopped. As if the signal from the station no longer existed. If they were to look directly outside through the window onto the small village nestled in the Chinese mountains, nothing seemed different, yet the reports had said differently. According to it, the world was in chaos, society falling apart as city after city began to disappeared, replaced by large smouldering craters. Before the signal disappeared, the news reports said that Paris had gone as well.

"Steady Kevin."Gary said, nearly forcing the smaller boy into a chair.

"Loooooook." Kevin began, his eyes wide. "I'm ffffffffine, I just need a-----nother cup to steady my nerves." He continued, his fingers clenching and unclenching around the arm rests.

"Another cup and you'll leap out of your skin if someone sneezes." Lee said, his arms crossed as he stared toward the window out toward the rising sun. "Still down, calm yourself as be quiet." The doctor, the name on the side of his black bag being (Campbell), seemed to have had as much coffee as Kevin and at on the edge of his seat. Still, Rei couldn't really blame either of them. Even he felt extremely nervous hearing what horrible things were happening to the world as they sat here at Mariah's side. Thankfully she had survived the night and her fever had broken. He took the wet clothe off her forehead and felt her temperature with the back of his hand. She was still warmer than normal, but un-deniably better than she'd been before.

"Perhaps I should go down to town to see if I can gain any information." Gary asked suddenly. Lee shook his head.

"Probably not a good idea. Not yet anyway. Try talking to the villagers once it's a more respectable hour, see if they know anything about what's going on. I think old man Kero has an old black and white TV in his house, perhaps we can see some news reports on that."

"What's all the noise about…" Muttered a very tired voice. Rei was instantly alert, he knew that voice. Everyone snapped around to stare at the bed as a girl with pink hair and feline like golden eyes rose from her sleep with a loud yawn.

"Mariah!" Lee declared, nearly spinning around on one heal. The girl blinked at them all, looking slightly confused. She didn't get the chance to ask what they were all doing looking so serious as Rei took her in a giant bear hug, tears of happiness already streaming down his cheeks. Hiding his emotions had never been a skill Rei had ever acquired and so he let his tears pour out, the widest smile on his face.

"Rei, I just woke up, a little space if you don't mind." She said with sleepy eyes, pushing the reluctant Rei of, who suddenly realized what he was doing and began to blush like mad.

"Mariah are you alright?" Lee asked, nearly pushing Rei over to get to her bed side.

"I'm fine." She managed to say as Gary and Kevin crowed around her as well, their mouths going so fact they couldn't get any sensible words out. The Doctor picked himself from his stool and crossed over, giving the girl a look over, checking her temperature by putting his hand across her forehead.

"Good, It looks like you'll make a complete recovery." Mariah yawned and rubbed her eyes. "I suggest that we round up the villagers and leave now." He added, placing his glasses inside his breast pocket. "We've wasted enough time here."

"Listen Mr…" Rei began.

"Edward." The doctor replied sharply. "Edward Campbell."

"Now Ed, Mariah only just woke up. Let her get something to eat before we make any moving plans."

"Now look here young man, I have family down in the city, not to mention all my colleges at the clinic." While the two of them began arguing, Mariah quietly slid out of bed, rather unsteadily to her feet. She had been in bed far longer than she actually considered and nearly fell, if Lee hadn't caught her at the last minute.

"Easy there." Eventually, they managed to convince Edward that leaving was not such a good idea, at least for the moment. More information was required about the situation before they did anything. The villagers came out of the huts rather earlier than usually, all talking at once about what they'd heard on the radio. They were an isolated community, living apart from the world for centuries but all this talk of mass destruction on a global level frightened even them.

Lee went outside to see if he could get some of them to calm down. The last thing any of them needed on their hands was a panic.

"Mariah..." Rei began. "You gave us quitea scare." The pink haired girl smiled, her golden eyes highlighted in the arly morning sun.

"I didn't mean it." She replied innocently.

"Well don't do it again."

"I won't. Promise."