Revelations- Part 1

By: Adelaide
Rating: PG or PG-13
Pairing: Padme / Obi-Wan
Summary: AU- Padme Naberrie, Obi-wan Kenobi and their masters, Qui-gon Jinn and Rohhe Antol, are sent on a scouting mission to a newly found planet. What happens there is quite unexpected. OBIDALA ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters except Rohhe Antol and Illyria. I am not making any money from this. I'm just doing it for a little bit of fun. No infringement intended.
Author's Note: My first Star Wars fic actually. I don't know where I got the idea, but I hope you like it. You may ask why I chose to switch Qui-gon from being Obi-wan's master to Padme's...well, I dunno, I just like the idea of Qui-gon being a father figure for her, and I've read some great fics where they have a close relationship and I liked, I hope that answers that. BTW- Padme is 18 and Obi-Wan is 23.

"blah blah blah" means talking out loud.....of course

~blah blah blah~ means telepathic communication

'blah blah blah' means thinking

Some of you may remember me, or remember this story. Yes, I fell off the face of the earth for a while, but I came across this story the other day and decided I wanted to start writing again. I'm really trying to finish this. I have many more than four chapters written, but I'm just letting them sit so I can run over them again before I post them. Anyways, I have revised the first few chapters slightly ( and I mean slightly ) and have added a new fourth chapter. So, I hope ya'll enjoy.

Padme stood silently in the rain, blinking rapidly to keep the water out of her eyes. Her thick chestnut-colored hair was pulled back into three braids, as was the typical padawan style, but the downpour had loosened some strands that now stuck to her face. Her violet blue lightsaber was lit and swayed slightly back and forth, guided by the Force. She was in deep concentration, trying to sense the opponent she knew was somewhere around her.

The swish of another lightsaber brought Padme's own up over her head to block the blow. When the contact was made, she used all of her strength to push back her opponent. She turned to face him, readying herself for the fight. The rain began to come down much harder now, and it was becoming difficult to even see her their own hands, although they could clearly see each other with a little help from the Force. They stared for what seemed like eternity, trying to read each other's thoughts and anticipate the other's next move.

The man made the first move by lunging forward through the downpour and kicking out his foot, but Padme blocked with a sidekick to his ankle, spraying the droplets that had collected on both of their boots everywhere. The force of the blow spun the man completely around. When he turned to face her again, his saber was moving fluidly along with his body. As it came full circle towards her, Padme barely had time to step out of the way, causing the man to create a small rip in her grey cloak. They parried like that for a few more minutes until, when they sabers were locked together, the man kicked Padme in the stomach causing her to stumble and fall onto her back. She immediately flipped up and reignited her saber. The man was fast to attack her again, spinning to do a front flip in the air. Padme mirrored his action. Midair their sabers crashed together hard, causing sparks to fly. When they landed, each stood in a sideways stance, lowing their weapons slightly to stop and think about what the other was going to do next.

Padme watched as the man knelt to jump at her. Her knees fell to the mud, in an attempt to duck the force of his attack. What she didn't count on, though, was that he would twist in the middle of the move, causing him to face her back when he landed. When she went to stand up, she felt the heat of his saber over her head.

"You're dead my Padawan." Qui-gon switched off his weapon as Padme turned around. He extended his hand in an offer to help her up. She took it gratefully and stood, now looking minuscule as his form towered over hers.

"I guess I'm not yet ready to go up against you one on one, Master." She said while they walked towards the dry Jedi Temple, only now seeming to realize that it was raining.

Qui-gon turned and smiled at her when they entered.

"I know all of your secrets Padme. I believe I have a slight advantage over you in battle." He took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead.

"Now, it's late, go meditate on today's lesson. I'll see you in the morning."

Padme looked at her master with confusion. She never meditated alone. He was always with her.

"Aren't you going to meditate with me?" She searched his eyes for answers.

Qui-gon was like a father to her. She loved him more than anybody in the world. He had chosen her for his Padawan eight years ago when she was only ten. He had found her after her parents had been assassinated. Many people hadn't liked the righteous attitude her mother and father held when they were members of the Senate. A band of small, but powerful, neighboring planets of their homeworld, joined together and took it over, killing her parents in the process. She was left alive only because she was so young. A couple of days after the attack, the Jedi were sent to her planet to re-establish peace and set order among star system. After he had met the quivering Padme in the palace cellar, Qui-gon argued countless times in front of the Jedi council to let him train her. They had believed she was far too old to begin training, but Qui-gon didn't give up. He pleaded her case nonstop. Eventually, when Master Yoda truly felt that it was the will of the Force, he gave in, and never once, since then, regretted the decision.

"No, the Council has called me to a meeting. I'm afraid it will take most of the night." His hands rested on her shoulders.

Padme was going to ask why the Council had called him, but she knew he would have told her if he could. Besides, she figured it must have been important if they called it at such a late hour in the night.

"Alright. Good night Master." She bowed at the waist in respect and then smiled as she left for their joint rooms.

Qui-gon entered the council room and looked around. The smooth white walls were beautifully reflecting the soft light that flickered from translucent panels between the floor to ceiling windows. All twelve members of the Council sat quietly in their chairs, which molded perfectly to their bodies. In the center of the room, on the large Jedi crest, stood his friend and fellow Jedi Master: Rohhe Antol. He was only slightly shorter than Qui-gon, but at least ten standard years older. His hair was fashioned into short grey layers, with an all white cropped beard on his face. Rohhe had just recently returned from an off world mission with his padawan, Obi-wan Kenobi.

Qui-gon smiled politely at his friend, not wanting to show excessive emotion in front of the Council, something that had been drilled into him since his padawan years.

"Thank you for coming Master Jinn." Mace Windu started to speak as the two masters he was addressing took their places in front of him.

"Please have a seat." Two hovering chairs floated over to each of them, and molded to their bodies as they sat down.

"We have much to talk about."

As hard as she tried, Padme could not concentrate. She needed someone else with her. She needed Qui-gon.

She had thought that perhaps if she took a nice hot shower, drank some warm milk, and got into her really cozy thick brown cloak, it would help her clear her mind, but it didn't. For some reason she was more awake then ever.

Sighing, Padme stood up. If she wasn't able to sleep, then Obi-wan wasn't going to either.

Besides, she hadn't seen her best friend since he returned. It would be nice to spend some time with him.

Without a sound, she walked to the door stepped out. Turning left, she walked down the long hallway to his and his master's apartment, nodding and smiling to any other Jedi, who happened to walk by, along the way. She was glad that she and Obi-wan had developed a strong mental bond over the years, for when she walked up to the door that led to his room, it instantly opened. He had obviously sensed her restlessness.

Walking through the common room and down a small corridor, she found him in the classic meditating position.

Without an exchange between the two, Padme knelt down in front of him. Instantly, she felt comforted.

They often did things like this. When Padme had come to the Temple, she and Obi-wan had severely annoyed each other. She would always tease and nitpick at him for being a headstrong womanizer and he would counter with insults of her being a nosey control freak. Soon after, they realized that whenever they spent time with each other, teasing or not, they had fun. They could tell each other anything. Sometimes, they didn't even have to speak to know how the other felt. Ever since Padme was twelve and Obi-wan was seventeen, they were best friends.

After about four hours of silence, they opened their eyes. Obi-wan was the first to speak.

"So, where's Master Jinn?"

Padme smiled. He knew her so well.

"He's in an all night meeting with the council, but he wouldn't tell me why." She stood up and plopped herself down onto his small bed.

"That's odd. My master is with them as well." A confusion rushed through him, as he sat down next to her.

"Do you think we'll have another mission together?" She offered with a hopeful smile.

Obi-wan turned to her with a knowing and teasing look on his face.

"After what happened last time Padme?" The grin on his face was so wide Padme wanted to smack him.

"Hey, I thought we agreed that it was NOT MY FAULT the thing exploded!"

"Oh okay, sure." Sarcasm was something Padme did not want to hear in relation to the incident.

Huffing, she got up and stalked out of his room and into the sitting area of the apartment. She kept her back to him when he entered behind her.

"Oh come on Padme, I'm just kidding. It's not like anybody was seriously hurt, and Qui-gon's beard grew back eventually." Obi-wan knew that would get a kick out of her. He supposed it shouldn't have been funny, but it really was.

Padme couldn't help but grin at the memory of her master's expression when he found out his face was smoking.

'Where was his infinite calmness then?' she pondered.

She turned to face him with her arms crossed, trying desperately to not smile. She instantly failed when she saw the devilish little grin she loved so much, on his face.

Sighing, she shifted her weight onto one leg and placed a hand on her hip.

"How come I can never stay mad at you Obi?"

"Dashing good looks, unbelievably witty humor, amazing intellect, I could go on and on...." He posed with each statement, causing Padme to double over in laughter, it was just what she needed after the month without him.

"I'm sure you could. But if you are, you will just have to do it alone, because I need to get to sleep." Hugging him, she left the room, feeling better than she had in weeks.

"Goodnight Padme." He called after her.

"Sweet dreams Obi." She responded before the doors swished shut behind her and she retired to her own room.