Music was all she heard. In her sleep a sweet melody drifted around her. It was a soothing tune that seemed to calm all the worries of those who happened to listen to it. 'This tune sounds so familiar,' Fiona thought in her sleep.

It was then that a dream lit up her otherwise calm sleep. Something felt wrong though. She suddenly felt very tiny as if the world hard expanded around her. Her body also felt so weak. The music could still be heard as Fiona tried to locate where it was coming from.

She reached out her hands to try and grasp onto anything. It was then that she noticed that he arms that reached out weren't hers. They were tiny. They were merely the size of a baby's arm which confused Fiona.

Despite not being able to move she felt an odd sense of comfort from where she was. It was only then that she noticed a pair of arms that were wrapped around her holding her so gently to a warm body.

'That music, it's coming from this person,' Fiona thought as the person who was now clearly a woman continued to sing. 'She's so gentle and I can feel so much love,' Fiona thought as the scene slowly started to fade around her. "No wait, don't go yet!" Fiona mentally yelled out.

Suddenly her eyes snapped open and Fiona sat up quickly in her bed. 'A dream,' she thought disappointed at the loss of those feelings that she had. 'What was that all about?' she asked herself as she rubbed sleep out of her eyes.

It was only then that she happened to hear the song that was still being hummed. She looked in that direction but all she saw was Karin standing on the opposite end of the room just staring out the window. "That song," Fiona said out loud finally catching Karin's attention.

"Oh Fiona. I'm sorry if I woke you up. I came to wake you up but you were sleeping so peacefully that I just couldn't do it right then. I just decided to wait around until you woke up. Plenty of time left anyways," Karin said giving Fiona an extra bright smile since this was the day that she had been planning for the past twenty six years.

"It's alright," Fiona said smiling back, "but that song. What song was that?" she asked since the tune continued to echo in her mind. It was so hauntingly familiar and the dream that she had made it even more familiar.

"You like it, do you?" Karin asked as she stood up and started to prepare some of Fiona's things. She had personally taken it upon herself to make sure that Fiona would be ready for the wedding and refused to let anyone professional do it. When she saw Fiona nod she couldn't help but smile. "To tell the truth she was the one that taught it to me," she responded with a smile.

Fiona didn't need to be told to know who 'she' was. "My mother?" she questioned even though she already knew the answer and it was confirmed when Karin nodded her head in response.

"Yes," she said with a gentle smile. "She used to sing it to you all the time when you were a baby. It was probably one of the few things that could calm you down completely when you started crying," she said thinking about Fiona all the way back then and what she had become in all these years.

This immediately made Fiona think about the dream that she had. "I had a dream before I woke up. I dreamt I was a baby being held in her arms once again. I couldn't help but feel so comfortable and loved during it," she said remembering how gentle her mother had been to her in the dream.

"I see. You were probably just remembering it happen rather then having a dream. You were her everything. She loved you so much. If you were sick she'd end up getting sick trying to find a way to help you," she said with a smile chuckle with how much a worrywart she was when it came to Fiona.

These words really warmed Fiona's heart. "I'm glad to hear how much she loved me," she said with a smile as she swung her feet over the bed and stood up. "Thanks for telling me all this," she said and Karin nodded her head.

"So how are you feeling right now? It's the big day and all," she mentioned which caused Fiona to freeze for a few moments as if she was just remembering this news. "The dream and song made you forget all about it for a few minutes, huh?" she asked with a chuckle but she couldn't really blame her.

"A little," Fiona muttered with a smile as she went about grabbing a few things since she wanted to take a nice, long, and relaxing bath before she went through all the fuss about getting ready for her wedding.

"You don't seem to sound the least bit scared about it compared to a few days ago," Karin replied curiously. "I know that when I got married to Dan I was scared out of my wits," she continued with a laugh as she threw Fiona a towel.

"I admit that it does make me feel nervous. Besides that though, I have no reason to be scared anymore. I know for a fact that Van's the man I want to spend the rest of my life. The person whose children I want to bear," she said blushing at the thought but never once did she ever let go of the smile that was upon her face. "Besides, according to Van we already are and this is just a formality," she said with a grin.

"I'll say. I can't keep you two away from each other for five minutes," Karin said with a chuckle that made Fiona blush a little again. "It was no different than when the two of you were babies. The two of you were always playing with each other and always put up a fuss when we had to separate the two of you. That was when I knew that the two of you were always meant to be," Karin said going down memory lane.

Fiona remembered Van once telling her about it. It didn't really surprise her when he did since she kinda expected it ever since learning that her father and the Flyheights happened to be the best of friends. She remembered seeing the picture that Van showed her and thought that they looked really cute together back then.

"I'm sure that if she lived that as soon as the two of you turned old enough to marry she'd have made you whether you liked it or not. Though I'm sure that the two of you would've been happy with it," she said with a smile as she set out several things that she planned to use once Fiona got out of the bath. She was in charge of making Fiona look her best for the wedding and she was going to do it wonderfully.

"Well I better get cleaned up," Fiona said and Karin nodded as Fiona walked into the bathroom and closed the door. She the stripped off her nightgown and got into the tub that was already filled and at the perfect temperature.

"She really is just like you," Karin murmured back in the room with a sad smile. "You told me the same thing when you finally got to get married to George. Despite not knowing you, she is just like you," she said with a chuckle as she just waited.

Van was fast asleep in his bed. It had taken a while for him to get to sleep the night before but he managed and was happily fast asleep right then. He was reminded the night before just how much harder it had become for him to sleep when Fiona wasn't by his side.

The door to his room opened and Irvine and Dan came walking into the room intent on forcing Van out of bed if they had to. They knew what a sleeper he could be and it looked like it would take some time to get him up that day.

"Van, come on, wake up," Dan said as he walked to his son's side and started to shake him a little. All that Van did in response to this was roll over in his bed and start snoozing peacefully while the other two men rolled their eyes.

"If you don't mind, let me take a shot at it," Irvine said rolling up his sleeves while Dan nodded his head and moved out of the way. Irvine immediately walked up to Van and grabbed a hold of the blanket before pulling with all his might.

This action caused Van to fall out of the bed and onto the floor hard. Despite that it had the desired effect as Van woke up immediately with a yelp of pain. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Van yelled getting up and glaring at Irvine who was still holding the blanket with a smirk on his face.

"About time you got up. I was beginning to think that you planned to sleep through your own wedding. I'd hate to see Fiona upset because you'd rather sleep then marry her," he teased his best friend.

It was only then that Van remembered what day it was. "Oh yeah," was his dumb response. In his anger he had completely forgotten that he was going to get married to Fiona that day. He felt a bit nervous then but delighted that he was finally going to be having that day he had been waiting for a long time for.

"Come on. You have to get up and get ready. Your mom has already headed over to wake Fiona up and it's our responsibility to babysit you as well," Irvine said enjoying how he was riling Van up so easily.

"Oh shut up," Van murmured as he grabbed an ordinary t-shirt and threw it on over his head. 'No sense getting fully dressed up yet since it is still a few hours before the wedding really gets started,' he thought letting loose a yawn.

Dan watched his son walking around the room looking for things. "You sure seem calm. Last time you were a nervous wreck," he said even though he'd prefer never to have to think about that wedding ever again. 'It's all a bad memory now,' he thought with a sigh of relief.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't remind me of that time in my life. I plead temporary insanity for that one," Van said hating remembering how he had screwed up his life so badly back then.

"You can't plead temporary insanity if you're already completely insane," Irvine said with a big laugh and then quickly dodge the object that Van threw at his head. "I can remember that there was only one time that day when you actually seemed to smile and were actually calm," Irvine pointed out.

"Huh?" Van asked thinking back to that day and then he remembered. Irvine had taken to trying to convince him to call off the wedding that day and it ended up in a conversation about Fiona. It was weird since he was supposed to be happy about the wedding and yet he could only smile when he thought about Fiona.

It was then that Van remembered something else that had been brought up just a few months before. He couldn't help but smack his forehead as he remembered some words that Fiona had said to him.


"I was there Van. I was there at your wedding a year ago," she said quietly and heard a slight gasp from Van. "Back then despite what I had done years before, I still harbored great feelings for you. I went to go talk to you," she said turning her head away. When she felt Van place a comforting hand on her shoulder she released a breath that she didn't know she had been holding.

"What happened Fiona? Why is it that I didn't see you there when you came to talk with me?" he asked staring at the back of her head as it trembled a little trying so hard to suppress a memory but failing.

"I went and I saw you. I saw how happy it was that you looked. There was a smile on your face that at one time you would only give to me. I felt kind of jealous, a little hurt, and I ended up just running away from there."

End Flashback

Van growled as he realized just what had actually happened that day when Fiona had apparently run off. "I was so stupid. How could I have not realized it sooner," Van said not realizing that he had actually said it out loud in his deep thought.

"I'm sure that's what we're all wondering," Irvine said even though he was wondering why Van had suddenly taken to agreeing with him. "Of course we all knew you were an idiot for actually getting married to Tiffany.

"It's not that bonehead," he said even though he knew that he was an idiot for getting married to Tiffany in the first place. "I was just remembering something that Fiona said to me a few months ago," Van explained to them.

At their confused looks Van decided to just tell them the whole story. "I'm going to kill you Irvine, do you know that?" Van asked which made Irvine take a hesitant step back. "Before I left Tiffany, Fiona told me something. She said that she was at that wedding and that she ran away because apparently I was smiling a smile that I used to only give her. This made her think that I was happier with Tiffany and she left. The thing is that I couldn't remember smiling like that on that day. I finally remember now that you brought it up. It's because you brought up that damn conversation. If you had kept quiet she might've tried stopping it!" he yelled at Irvine as the taller man backed up a few steps while swallowing his spit nervously.

'Oh shit!' Irvine thought not realizing until then the mistake that he had made. He had been so intent on getting Van to not marry Tiffany that he scared off probably the only person that probably would've really made a difference. If he hadn't done that then Fiona probably would've been able to. He then gave off a nervous laugh before he walked out of the room to avoid Van's obvious wrath.

"Sheesh, if Irvine had just kept his mouth shut then it would've saved both Fiona and I a lot of the pain that we went through with those two," he said thinking of both Ethan and Tiffany and growing angrier at the mere thought of it.

"You know Van," Dan said distracting his angry son. "You could've just taken his word anyway and it would've saved you a lot of pain anyways," he continued and chuckled at the dumbfounded look on Van's face. "Fate works in mysterious ways anyways. Everything happens for a reason and if you think about it all these problems have only served to bring you and Fiona closer together," he said and got confused when he saw Van grin.

"I know. I just wanted to scare him a little since he threw me off the bed like that," he said with a broad grin which caused his father to chuckle for a little. He had to admit though that he was still angry at the thought of all the crap Ethan and Tiffany put him and Fiona through. "Besides, it's in the past. I'd rather think about right now anyways," he said as he threw on his shoes so that he could go take a look around at how things were going.

"You've certainly grown up quite a lot since you first met Fiona Van," Dan muttered to himself as he watched his son leave the room. 'Don't worry George. Your daughter is in the best of hands,' he thought with a smile as he followed his son out of the room.

An hour that was all Fiona had left until she was no longer a Lynette. In an hour she would become Fiona Flyheight. 'No matter how many times I think about it, it just sounds so wonderful,' she thought trying her best to hold back her happiness.

"I know you're happy Fiona but please calm own or I might end up tearing your hair out," Karin said with a sigh because she was trying to fix up Fiona's hair and yet the younger woman just couldn't seem to sit still for five seconds.

"I'm sorry," Fiona said with a blush as she lowered her head and remained quiet while trying her best not to get too excited again. She didn't want to go out and meet Van at the alter only to have him see her with only half a head of hair.

"When I'm through with you Fiona, you'll be the most beautiful bride in the world," Karin said as she swiped the brush through Fiona's long and beautiful blonde hair smoothing it out and getting rid of a few knots.

"They would've loved to see this day. It's too bad that they aren't here with us. Then again I'm sure that your parents must be watching from up in heaven," she said with a small sigh of sadness wishing that her best friend, the closest thing she had to a sister, could've been there to see the day that the two had been getting ready for since both Van and Fiona had been born.

"You know, I think you won't have much time to worry about the past soon. Knowing you and Van, you're bound to get pregnant in a few weeks at most. I put my bet in for tonight," she said with a grin as she saw Fiona blush a deep red.

"What?! You're placing bets on us?!" Fiona screamed at the older woman in complete embarrassment. "I can't believe this," Fiona muttered as the woman she thought of as a mother nodded her head happily.

"I've been placing bets on the two of you since the day you were born. I have almost never been wrong except once," she said and Fiona looked at her curiously. "I thought the two of you would be married as soon as you turned eighteen. I would've had my way too if it wasn't for the bitch," she said with a scowl.

"Well if it's any consolation to you I definitely would've accept without a second thought," Fiona said with a bright smile as she blocked out any thought about what that woman who called herself her mother had done to them.

"True. It's also another consolation that I would've made you whether you liked it or not," she said with a grin that got a small laugh from Fiona. "She and I wanted it more than anything and we would have it. Death meant nothing to our plans," she said with another grin but with a hint of sadness.

"Makes me wonder though. What would you have done if my father hadn't died and I just continued to live down there," Fiona muttered trying to think of what he life would've been life if she didn't have the chance to meet Van.

"It would've only have been a setback of only a few weeks. He had been coming down a lot a few weeks before his death. He had every intention of moving back down there to fulfill his beloved wife's last wish," she explained to Fiona as she finished with the bride's hair.

"So that's where he kept disappearing to. He never told me where he had been going. I just kept being sent over to our neighbor's place every once in a while," Fiona replied as she thought of those last few weeks with her father. She wished she could've spent more time with him instead of him being gone like that.

"Whenever he was down there, the only thing he seemed to talk about was how great his little girl was," she said fondly as she placed her hands on Fiona's shoulder. "He sure loved to brag about how great you are," she said with a laugh that Fiona joined in with a laugh of her own.

"Well he was just as great a father," Fiona said thinking of all her favorite memories of her father. "He seemed sad a lot of the time and I could never figure out why until just the other day. It must've taken a lot of strength to keep going on with the one he loved most. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to Van. He's become such a big part of my life that I just can't see my life without him in it. I can't help but wonder how my father managed it," Fiona said as she shivered at the thought of a life without Van.

"He was able to go on because he had you. For a while after you mother died he always worried if he could raise you properly when you were such a big reminder of her. He eventually managed to get around that fact and raise such a wonderful and beautiful daughter. I swear you look so much like your mother that it's not funny. One of the reason it was so surprising that you never realized the truth from the second tape he made. I thought I was seeing a ghost when you showed up at our house that first time with Van," Karin said before taking a quick breather after her small rant.

'When she talks about the past she sure can rant,' Fiona thought with a chuckle as they started to get to work on the next thing. "I just didn't want to admit the truth that a lot of what I believed was nothing but a lie. Van's another story though," Fiona said with a full blown laugh.

"That is definitely true. That son of mine can be so dense at times. I was worried that his denseness would stop the two of you from ever getting together," Karin said with a shake of her head. "All the more reason he's better off with you. You bring out the best in him. For that, I am the most thankful," she said giving Fiona a smile.

'I feel like I'm the one that had the best brought out of me by being with him. I guess we have the future to continue to bring out the best in each other. Three more hours, only three more hours before I get married to the love of my life,' Fiona thought being completely unable to stop the huge smile that came to her face at the thought of what was to come.

Van walked around a bit in the main hall. He looked on at how well the place was set up. 'Only a few more minutes,' he thought feeling a bit nervous but extremely happy at the same time. 'This is an event eight years overdue,' he thought getting anxious for the last few minutes to pass so that he could finally see his lovely bride.

Van took a deep breath while attempting to straighten out his tux. He chuckled when he remembered the last time he was in this position. He was ready to tear his hair out and run away. He also remembered how all he seemed to do was question the reason he was marrying Tiffany.

Sure he was nervous but he wasn't nearly as worried about anything since he was marrying Fiona instead of Tiffany. 'A happy ending was just what I needed after all the crap Fiona and I have been through over the past few years,' he thought with a grin.

"Van!" Irvine called out as he navigated his way through the people who were invited to the wedding. "Come on. You better get in your place," he said as the few stragglers found their seats finally clearing things up and showing that everyone was there and ready to see the wedding.

Van took in another deep breath and smiled as him and Irvine headed up to the alter. 'Finally, it's time,' Van thought as the music in the hall suddenly changed to that of the wedding march. 'Now comes the grueling wait for the rest of the girls to get out of the way,' he thought watching Fiona's bridesmaids marching so slowly down the aisle. 'Speed it up!' he thought with a small growl growing impatient.

Meanwhile at the other end of the aisle Fiona was growing nervous. She only had a few seconds till she had to walk out but it felt like an eternity. Like Van, she was growing impatient since her bridesmaids were going too slowly.

Dan looked at his soon to be daughter-in-law and chuckled. "Settle down Fiona. Getting impatient now won't speed things up any," he said to the beautiful blonde who was going to marry his son. "Van's had quite an influence on you if you get so impatient about such a short amount of time," he said with a chuckle.

Fiona turned her head and looked at Dan with a smile. "Can you blame me? I was supposed to get married to Van years ago. This wedding was postponed way too much," she said with a bright smile.

Dan couldn't help but chuckle again and nod his head. "If you say so but I do believe it is finally our turn to head down," he whispered to her and she smiled as he led her down the aisle in place of her father.

The moment that Van saw Fiona, time seemed to freeze all around him. 'She looks absolutely stunning. Even more stunning than she usually is,' he thought as his eyes swept over her body taking in the site of the dress she was wearing. He had to desperately hold himself back in order to keep from taking her right then and there.

Fiona saw how intensely Van was looking at her and blushed. Fiona couldn't help but wonder though how he reacted to Tiffany walking down the aisle in her own wedding dress just a few years before.

Dan saw that Fiona was thinking about something and took a guess at what it was. "All he did was roll his eyes with how overly done she was with all the make up and how her dress was too flashy for his tastes," Dan said to calm Fiona's imagination.

Fiona had to bite the inside of her cheek in order to keep from laughing at the idea she was getting about then. She suddenly imagined Tiffany walking down the aisle looking like a clown. 'I better be careful, Van might try to take me before we actually say 'I do',' she thought with a chuckle.

After what felt like an eternity even though it had only be a few moments, Fiona finally reached the alter. She gave Dan a hug giving him a thank you before she turned towards Van. She took his hand which he was extending out to her with a smile and stepped forward so that she was standing right next to him.

"Dearly beloved," the priest started but everything else seemed like nothing but mere noises to Van and Fiona. The two of them were in their own little word waiting to finally say 'I do' and become man and wife for their rest of their lives.

"It's just so beautiful," Karin said as she dabbed at her eyes which had tears of happiness coming out. "It feels like it was just yesterday that we were watching Emily getting married as well," she said with such a happy smile.

Dan smiled as he wrapped his arms around his wife's shoulder and pulled her close to him. "I know. They both look just as happy since they had their wedding with the ones that they truly loved most in the world. I can see a much longer and happier life with those two though," he said and Karin nodded her head.

The wedding just seemed to drag on in Van's opinion. All he wanted was to say his vows, give her the ring, and then kiss her officially making her his wife once and for all. Yet the priest was dragging on with his words it felt like.

"And now, the bride and the bride and the have requested to say their own vows," the priest drawled on but his works finally snapped Van and Fiona out of the little trance that they had been in.

Van chuckled as he took a step closer to Fiona. "Well we finally made it this far. It's been such a long journey with far too many obstacles but we are finally here where we were always meant to get to together. From the moment that I first met you, I'd always hoped that you'd be the one I'd get to spend my life with even if I may not have acted like it sometimes," he said getting a giggle out of Fiona. "There have been high times and low time. Then there were times where I felt like I should give up on what I felt was a hopeless dream. Despite all that, all those times have only served to strengthen my feelings for you more and more. I can only see my feelings continuing to grow from here. I love you Fiona and I can only see myself with you for the rest of our lives," Van said as he took the ring that Irvine was holding out to him. "With this ring, you will finally be my wife," he finished up as he slid the ring onto her ring finger.

Fiona felt herself being on the verge of tears out of happiness. "You're right; we have been through so much. I see that as being mostly my fault but I intend to continue making up for all the time that we were forced to stay apart. I've had so much given to me over the years that meant nothing compared to the love that I feel from you everyday that I am around you. With all that I have heard about my parents I can't help but see how fragile life and love can be. Yet when I am with you I don't care. When I'm with you I am able to forget about all that and continue on with my life. I love you with all my heart Van and with this ring I will forever be yours just as you will forever be mine," she said as she took the other ring and slid it onto Van's finger.

Van took a look at the ring on his finger as he smiled and held it up for Fiona to see. Fiona did the exact same thing as she showed off her ring to the love of her life. They both smiled so deeply and happily as they were ready to kiss and start a new life for themselves and their soon to be family.

The priest nodded his head with a smile. "Now then, if there are those who see why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace," he said and watched as the closest friends and family flinched as if knowing what was going to happen next.

'5, 4, 3, 2, 1…' Van thought and just as he reached zero the door swung open and a very angry Tiffany came storming into the room. 'She's just on time. How predictable,' Van thought rolling his eyes.

"I do! This wedding is an abomination that should never happen!" Tiffany screamed as she stormed down the aisle ready to try and take Van back for herself once and for all. "Don't do this Van! I am your wife and am the only one who could possibly ever be it!" she yelled with fake tears running down her face.

Van looked towards Fiona and saw how angry she was that Tiffany was trying to ruin their special day. He looked towards Moonbay who nodded as they took a step away from Fiona out of arms length.

Their actions were just in time since Tiffany reached the alter at the same time. She smiled when she saw Van take a step away from Fiona thinking that it was him finally acknowledging his mistake and was finally ready to come back to her.

That was Tiffany's ultimate mistake as a second later Fiona wildly turned around and landed a hard punch right into her nose. Everyone in the church flinched as the other woman was sent flying to the ground painfully.

'Huh?' Fiona thought looking at her fist as if she just realized what she had done. She laughed nervously as a few spectators chuckled. Despite her embarrassment she had no regrets about doing that. She had hurt Van too much and then she had the gall to try and ruin their special day.

"M-my nose!" Tiffany screamed as she held her profusely bleeding nose. "Van! You saw what she did to me didn't you?! Aren't you going to do something about it?!" she asked expecting him to stand up to her from anyone, even Fiona.

"Of course I am," he said and saw her smile. "Get out," he said turning back to the priest. "Just ignore her and continue," he said as the man watched on rather confused about what was going on around them.

Moonbay watched on but was getting a headache with all of Tiffany's complaining. "Excuse me for a second," she said as she turned and walked towards the door but not before grabbing the back of Tiffany's dress. When she got to the door she opened it and threw Tiffany out before taking a bow. She then turned and head back to the alter with a smile. "Now you can continue," she said since she saw Tiffany hit her head and knew that she would be knocked out for a while.

The confused priest looked around rather confused but the nod from the bride and groom assured him as he continued. "Very well. If there is no one else then I shall continue," he said taking a deep breath. "By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," he said with a smile to the two lovers.

This was the part Van had been waiting for. He immediately grabbed Fiona and pulled her into his chest. He brought his lips down just as Fiona leaned up and they caught each other half way in the very first kiss of their married life.

Cheer erupted around them from friends and family alike as the moment that was many years in the making finally happened. The cheers meant nothing to Van and Fiona though since they were finally married and that was all that possibly mattered to the both of them.

Later that night after everything was said and done, Van and Fiona finally got around to heading towards the honeymoon suite. Van managed to get them there in record time out of anxiousness.

"There's no need to rush Van. We have a lifetime to do this," Fiona said with a chuckle before she was suddenly swept off her feet when they were in front of the door. "Van," she breathed out as she looked into his passionate eyes.

"Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself," he said giving his new wife a kiss, 'god I love how that sounded,' he thought with a gentle smile. 'Soon she won't just be my wife but the mother of my children as well,' he thought getting even more excited than he was before. "So… go for the first try or prolong it and have a little fun first?" he asked her as he set her down on the bed.

"I think we've prolonged having children long enough," Fiona said with a grin since she knew that was what he wanted to hear and what she wanted to happen. "Honestly, what's the point of asking if you already knew the answer?" she questioned with a chuckle.

"No clue. Children it is then. Just like we both have always wanted," he said as Fiona wrapped her arms around her husband and pulled him down into a deep kiss. "I'm going for the first try," he said happily as he claimed her lips and shortly after claimed her body for their first time as man and wife.

Months past since then and Van and Fiona couldn't have been happier. Not much had really changed in the way they lived except that they were legally bound to each other. However, there was one big change that happened that the both of them couldn't be happier for.

"This kid sure likes to tap dance on my spinal cord," Fiona muttered as she stretched her back while being careful not to hit her overgrown stomach on anything. Being nearly nine months pregnant was really painful for her.

They were barely back from their honeymoon when Fiona had heard the great news that she was already pregnant. Both her and Van had been so ecstatic about the news since they were able to get it done so quickly. Fiona would even bet that it really did happen on their wedding night.

Fiona could remember when she told Van about the great news. When she remembered the event all she could feel was great surges of happiness. Even right then she remembered it as vividly as before.


Fiona was getting impatient. Van had gone out with Irvine on some sort of business. Yet while he was gone Fiona found out the best possible news that she could. She really wanted to tell Van but he was taking too damn long.

Finally after what seemed like a eternity of waiting, Fiona finally heard the door to the house open and Van's, "I'm home!" Fiona didn't waste any time when she heard his voice as she got up and raced to him and pretty much tackled him by accident when she was just trying to hug him.

"Whoa there, I've only been gone three hours and you act like I've been gone a lifetime," he said with a chuckle as he pulled himself and Fiona off the ground. "What's got you so excited?" he questioned as they walked deeper into the house.

"Quite a bit actually," Fiona said holding tightly onto Van's arm. "I found something out today that I simply couldn't wait to tell you about. You took so long getting home though," she said with a pout.

Van chuckled at her behavior. "I told you that Irvine and I would be gone for a few hours. I was actually gone for less than expected," he said chuckling again at how clingy she was being. "What was so important that you had to tell me? You could've easily have just called me cell phone," he said curious as to what was so important.

"This isn't something you just tell someone over the phone. Plus I wanted to see your face when I told you," she said and saw Van looking at her expectantly. "You, Van Flyheight, are going to be a daddy," she said and loved the look of shock that crossed his face. "That's right, I'm pregnant," she said grabbing his hand and placing it upon her still flat stomach.

Then something Fiona wasn't expecting happened. Van actually started to cry. Fiona knew that they were tears of happiness though. It filled her heart with so much pride at the fact that she was able to give the one she loved the thing that he wanted most in the world and those tears were proof of that.

"I don't… believe it," he said with a big smile as a few more tears escaped his eyes. Sure they had been trying but the fact that it is actually happening still shocked him so much. For a man who at one time had almost given up on having children of his own, this was a dream come true.

"Well you better," Fiona said giving the love of her life a soft and gentle smile as she held him. She then felt him grab a hold of her tightly and give her the tightest hug he could manage without hurting her. She just laughed at his excitement.

"This is… such great news!" he said holding her tightly. "I'm going to be a father. It's such great news!" he yelled smothering her with kisses as the tears of happiness that he had been shedding earlier disappeared as his happiness grew.

Fiona smiled at Van's reaction. 'This is truly the moments that I live for. Knowing that I can make him happy is the thing that means the world to me," she thought as she held him back tightly wishing that she never had to let go of him.

End Flashback

Things had been so wonderful since then. It had been so great being able to go baby shopping and all of that. They already had a room set up and everything for their soon to be child. Sometimes Fiona found herself in there more than any other room in the house.

"I just wish that you would hurry up and get out of there," Fiona said to her stomach with a pout. She wanted more than anything to hold their child in her arms. She could only imagine what the child would look like but it was hard since they didn't even know the gender. This made it hard to pick out names as well but at the same time it was what both of them wanted. They wanted to be surprised when it came to the baby's gender.

Shortly after the two found out the Fiona was pregnant, they moved back to the place they met and where their family was. They wanted their children to be able to grow up there as opposed to the big city that they were living. Sure Fiona missed the beach side house but having family around made it all the better.

Irvine and Moonbay had moved back down there before Van and Fiona had. They had the same idea of having their children grow up where they did and where their family was. It was lonely for a while after they left but everything was back to normal since Van and her had moved back as well.

Luckily for Van and Irvine, they had another company building placed in the city so there wasn't too much of a problem with them transferring themselves over to it. The building they worked in before was placed under Van's control when he was first starting training for the job. Meeting Tiffany just kept Van there longer and he just got used to being there. The place they transferred to was the original main office of it so it actually made things a lot more convenient for Van and Irvine.

"Ah," Fiona grumbled feeling a slight cramp in her stomach. It wasn't bad so she didn't worry about it too much right then. She did wish that it was contractions starting so that she would finally see their baby.

A pair of arms wrapped around Fiona's waist without her realizing anyone was there. "Van!" she giggled as he pressed himself up against her back. "Glad to see that you're home," she said holding out their dinner for the night for him to taste.

"Glad to be back home," he said taking the sample that she was holding out to him. "So how's the little one doing?" he asked placing his hands upon her stomach to feel their baby kicking around inside of her.

"Kicking up a storm. Not to mention dancing on my spinal cord all day," she said with a giggle which got one from Van. "How much longer do you think it will be?" she asked her love with a big pout.

"No clue. I'm hoping just a few more days at most though. I can't wait to hold her in my arm," Van said since he really wanted to have a little girl that was just like Fiona. He felt that would be perfect first child for them.

"Yeah well with all the kicking it has to be a boy. You should trust my female intuition," Fiona said with a small grin. Just like Van wanted a girl, Fiona wanted their baby to be a boy, one that was just like Van.

"I will hold my judgment on your intuition," he said with a small frown thinking of the Ethan. He knew that Fiona knew what he was talking about. "Mine is just as bad as well considering the problem we had with Tiffany. So this can go any way," he said and Fiona nodded as Van her let go and went to go sit at the table.

For a little while after they first got married, Tiffany had still been coming around to harass the two of them. She went about throwing around accusations that Fiona had cheated on him and that the baby wasn't his. Van finally hit the breaking point and filed a restraining order on the woman. He knew it was something that he should've done right from the get go. He wasn't quite sure why he didn't do it in the first place. Luckily she stopped harassing the two of them after that for fear of getting into more trouble that could possibly ruin her more than her divorce to Van did.

Ethan, from what they had heard, killed himself. Knowing that he would be spending far too much time of his life in jail, not to mention the fact that he had lost what he had left of his company to someone else who used the opportunity that he was in jail to take over the company, he ended up hanging himself from what they heard with his bed sheets to avoid having to go back to a low class life when he got out of jail.

Van and Fiona didn't feel anything when they heard the news of what he did. Sure they didn't approve of suicide but after all that he had done, it made it hard for them to feel any sympathy for the man.

Fiona didn't take any offense to Van's statement about her intuition. The two of them had put it all behind them. Nowadays they more used it as a joke if anything else. Like what happened to them was nothing more than a bad dream.

"Whatever you say. Just remember that whoever is right gets to name the baby," she said with a smile as she started to serve up the food. They had made a deal concerning the baby. When the baby was born, whoever guessed the gender right would get to name the child. Fiona already had several boys names picked out. She had told Van many of them and he liked most of them.

Much to Fiona's frustration, Van was keeping his choice of names under wraps. All Fiona knew was that he had a very specific name picked out and she couldn't get a single clue out of him as to what it was. All Van would say when she asked was, "That's a secret."

Fiona picked up the plates filled with food and carefully started to bring them over to where Van was sitting and waiting patiently. Unfortunately her body had other plans. Shortly after she started to walk over, pain shot through her body.

The plates fell out of Fiona's hands and shattered on the floor as she collapsed to her knees holding onto her stomach which was throbbing painfully. 'Is it finally happening?' Fiona asked herself even though the pain seemed like an good indication that it was finally time.

Van heard the plates shatter and looked over to see Fiona on the floor. "Fiona!" Van yelled as he immediately stood up and ran over to her side. "Are you ok? Is it the baby?" he asked frantically as he quickly picked her up and carried her away from all the broken glass.

"I think it's time Van," Fiona said wishing that the pain would go away. "We need to get to the hospital," she said and Van nodded as he set her down upon their couch and then went to go grab the bag they had set up for the occasion.

While Van headed to the bedroom to grab the bag he pulled out his cell phone. He dialed in a number and a few moments later his mother picked up the phone. "Hey mom. Listen I don't have much time to talk. Fiona is going into labor and I wanted to let you know," he said and then quickly pulled the phone away from his ear to avoid the high pitched squeal of delight his mother released from the other end.

"That's great news. I'll call everyone and tell them. Then we'll head right over to the hospital," Karin said not even able to contain her delight in the least. "You just worry about Fiona right now. Let us do the other work. We'll meet you at the hospital," she continued before the phone went dead.

'Leave it to her not to waste any time on a matter such as this,' Van thought with a chuckle as he threw the phone into his pocket and grab his things. He threw the bag over his shoulder and ran back to the room where Fiona was waiting.

"I called my parents and told them the news. They'll call everyone and meet us down there," Van said and Fiona nodded as Van kneeled down and picked her up. "Come one, we have a baby to deliver," he said kissing Fiona's lips and carried her to the car.

Once Van was sure that Fiona was securely fastened into the car, he ran over to the driver's side and got in. He then drove like a bat out of hell towards the hospital. It only took about twenty minutes to get there which Van was thankful for. He couldn't stand the cries of pain from his beloved wife.

Van couldn't believe his eyes when he pulled up to the hospital. His parents were already there. "How the hell did they do that? They live further away from the hospital than we do!" Van said in disbelief seeing them there waiting for the two of them.

"Where were the two of you? We've been waiting here for nearly ten minutes," Karin said as the car stopped in front of them. "I'll take care of the car, you get Fiona in there. We already have everything set up," she said and a confused Van nodded.

"Best not to ask," Dan said as his son passed him. "I'm going to be having nightmares for a week remembering how we got here," he said clearly seeing Van's confusion as to why they were already there. "That's just how dedicated of a grandmother she is though," he said with a chuckle.

"Point taken," Van murmured already getting a good idea what happened. She probably went three or four times the speed limit just to get there when she did. Van couldn't help but wonder how she wasn't able to be pulled over. 'Then again, they probably couldn't catch up to her,' he thought with a chuckle as he carried Fiona into the hospital. "How're you holding up Fiona?" Van asked looking at his wife worriedly.

"F-fine," she said even though she looked to be in a lot of pain. Despite being in so much pain she had this big smile on her face. This was a pain that she was happy to put up with since it had something very special for her at the end. That was the part that she wanted to get to the most and she'd put up with any pain to get there.

Van smiled at her as he laid a gentle kiss to her lips before he placed her down into a wheelchair. "Just put up with it for a little longer Fiona. If you do that we will finally have a child of our own," he said and she smiled and nodded at her love.

The doctor then approached him. "Good to see the two of you," he said smiling at the two of them. "We've already got everything set up for the birth," he said as he turned around and started to lead the two of them to the maternity ward.

The wait was killing Karin. Ten hours had passed and there wasn't any news as to how things were going. "I hope that it won't be much longer," she murmured running her hands through the hair of her oldest grandchild's hair since he was sleeping with his head rested on her lap.

"I'm sure everyone else was saying that when you were in labor with Van and Maria," Dan said with a grin which got him a glare from Karin. "Besides, weren't you the one calming Fiona down for the same reason when Lily and Jeremy were born?" he questioned while still grinning.

"This is a completely different situation!" Karin screamed at him. "Last time it wasn't the first grandchild between the four of us!" she screamed since that was what she liked most about this child. It was a grandchild between her and the three best friends she ever had.

Dan sighed knowing that she was right but at the same time knowing that he had to calm her down. "Yeah well I'm sure that they'd want you to calm down so that you didn't hurt yourself," Dan responded and shrank back at the glare that she gave him.

"Bullshit! She'd be right here next to me complaining about the exact same thing. This was our greatest dream and I know that she would be the exact same as me!" she yelled at him before calming down so as to not wake the screaming Mike.

Dan hated to admit it but he knew that his wife was right. When it came to eccentrics, Fiona's mother was worse than Karin. He could almost see her spirit right next to Karin screaming about the long wait.

"Give it up dad, you're not going to win," Maria said as she walked over with a tray full of coffee. "Here, I'm sure that the two of you could really use some right now," she said and they both thanked her as they each picked up a cup.

'If this is how Karin is going to be with each of our future grandchildren then I don't think I will be able to take much more,' Dan thought since she had been just the same when Michael had been born. She was equally excited for that but for more that it was her first grandchild. He knew she'd love all her grandchildren the same though.

Van stared at Fiona as she breathed heavily from all the effort that she had been exerting. She'd just gotten through a round of pushing and they were giving her a quick break to catch her breath. "You're doing great so far Fiona," he said reaching out his hand and gently brushing the bangs away from Fiona's sweat drenched forehead.

"This is… so hard. I don't know if I can keep doing this," Fiona said weakly as she tried to catch her breath. "It hurts too much and I'm not exactly that strong of a person," she said negatively.

"Don't talk like that. You're a very strong person Fiona. You just need to have a bit more faith in yourself. I have every faith in your ability to do this," he said giving her hand a tight squeeze in assurance.

Fiona smiled at Van's words. "Alright Mrs. Flyheight. We need you to start pushing again. We are almost there. A few more pushes should be enough," the doctor said from his position at Fiona's legs.

"Come on Fiona," Van cheered on his wife as she started to push with all of her strength. Her grip on the hand that was holding her own tightened to damn near bone crushing strengths. 'My hand's gonna break soon,' Van thought with a wince but put up with it since Fiona was going through much worse pains.

"I swear Van! I'm getting you neutered after this!" Fiona screamed out as she turned her glare towards her husband. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it Van. It was the pain talking," she said suddenly looking at him with all the love in the world.

Although her words unnerved him a bit, Van just smiled at her to give her assurance. "I know. Now just keep pushing," Van said as Fiona once again pushed with as much strength as she could. "Come on, just a little more," he urged her on even as his hand became completely numb.

"Then why don't you take over and start pushing!" Fiona screamed out in pain once again before she couldn't push anymore right then and fell limp. "I don't think I can take much more of this," Fiona said on the verge of tears.

"Of course you can Mrs. Flyheight. Just give us one more giant push," the doctor urged since they were already so close. "One more giant push is all that it should take," he repeated giving the soon-to-be mother a smile.

Fiona shakily nodded her head before taking a deep breath and pushing as hard as she possibly could. 'I can't stop now. Our baby is so close,' she thought feeling herself a bit more reenergized at the thought as she pushed even more than she thought she was able to.

What Fiona heard next made all the pain from the labor seem worth it. The sound of a baby's cry rang through the room as their first child was born. 'I- I did it,' she thought as tears of happiness leaked down her face.

"Way to go Fiona," Van said as he gave her a deep kiss on the lips. The sound of crying had never sounded so wonderful to him. He then felt his own few tears of happiness from the sound. His biggest dream had finally come true; he finally had a child of his own.

Fiona saw how happy Van looked right then. He had the same kind of look that he had the day that she had first told him that she was pregnant. 'I'm glad that I'm able to bring that look to his face,' she thought for like the millionth time.

"Congratulations you two, you have a healthy baby girl," the doctor said as he handed the baby to a nurse so that she could be cleaned before meeting her parents for the first time. "We'll just clean her up a bit and then let you see her," he said nodding to the two new parents.

"A girl," Fiona murmured finding it hard to believe that she was a mother even though she had just gone through so many hours of labor. "We have a daughter Van," she said giving him a big and pure smile.

Van smiled even more since he really wanted to have a daughter that would be just like her mother. "I bet she'll look just like her mother," he said giving Fiona a kiss as their new daughter was finally cleaned up a bit and being brought back to the two of them.

Fiona held out her arms wanting so badly to be able to hold the child that she had been carrying inside of her for the last nine months. When she was put into her arms, Fiona knew that there was nothing left in the world that she could possibly want.

Van sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the little girl. Imagining what his baby would look like didn't seem to do any justice. She was much better than any image he made up in his mind.

The little girl had a few small tufts of blonde hair. Van was sure that for a moment she opened her eyes slightly to look at her parents and saw that her eyes were also crimson. She looked like a miniature replica of Fiona.

"Great, I'm going to be beating off guys with a stick," he said with a chuckle. "Maybe I should start a sword collection, that ought to be fun," he said out loud making Fiona roll her eyes since she could tell that he was going to be a protective father.

"Well I doubt that you'll be beating off a lot of guys. I did promise Moonbay that we would try to get her and Jeremy together," she said with a smile as her hand came up to stroke the soft skin of her daughter's cheek.

Van groaned as he remembered the promise. "I just met my daughter and it already feels like I've lost her to some boy," Van jokingly said which got a chuckle from his wife. "I'll just have to make sure that he'll become a guy that I can trust with my daughter's life," he said kissing the top of his little girl's head.

The doctor hated to break up the scene but he had to know what they planned to name the baby. "So, have the two of you thought of a name for the baby," the doctor asked holding a clipboard ready to write down whatever name they chose.

Fiona immediately looked at Van. "Well Van? You won the bet, you get to name her. Now please tell me what this top secret name of yours is," she said since she had been waiting months since he thought of it and wanted to finally hear what it was.

"Isn't it obvious? I could only think of one possible name that would be best for her as well as being one that I knew you would like," he said before taking a look at the little girl. He knew that the name was definitely the right choice. "Her name will be…" he said making a dramatic pause for fun, "Emily."

Just hearing the name that Van chose made Fiona tear up in happiness. Her bottom lip started to quiver as if she was about to burst out crying completely. He was willing to name their first daughter after her mother. There was no describing the happiness that she felt when she heard that he chose that name.

"So… Emily Flyheight?" the doctor questioned making sure that it was alright with the mother. When he saw her nod happily, he just smiled and wrote down the name on the clipboard. "Very well, I will go tell your families. Would you like to see any of them?" he asked curiously.

"I'm sure my mother would kill us if she didn't get to meet Emily as soon as humanly possible," Van said making Fiona laugh and nod her head. "That would be great," Van responded to the doctor and he nodded as he left the room.

Karin was damn near ready to fall asleep. The only thing that was really keeping her going was her drive to meet the new member of the family. "It's been thirteen hours. It's eight in the morning and I haven't slept at all," she murmured taking a sip of another coffee that was just handed to her.

The sound of the door opening brought Karin out of her stupor as she looked up and saw the doctor standing there. "D-does this mean…" she started but found herself unable to say the words.

The doctor smiled at her and nodded his head. He couldn't help but chuckle when he saw her start bouncing around the room in happiness. "The delivery went on without a hitch and she gave birth a beautiful baby girl," he said as saw Karin stop bouncing around.

"I have… a granddaughter?" she said and saw him nod. The just increased her happiness even more if that was even possible. "I have a granddaughter. I can't wait to spoil her rotten," she said with a big grin like the Cheshire Cat.

Before the doctor was even able to say another word, Karin went sprinting right past him and started running towards the delivery room. "Ok, now I see why the said that she would kill them she wasn't let in quickly," he said and the rest of the family as well as Irvine and Moonbay laughed. "Mr. Flyheight, you can go in there with her as well. It would be best if you all just took turns so as not to upset the mother and baby. It has been a long delivery," he said and they all nodded as he led Dan through the doors.

On the other side of the door they ran into Karin who seemed to be on the verge of tears. "I don't know where the room is," she said in tears causing the two men to burst out in laughter. She was acting like a little kid rather than a grown adult.

"Come on, it's not very far," he said as she straightened herself up. He then started to lead them down one hall and came to a stop at a certain door. "I'll just leave you all alone for now," he said and they nodded as he walked off.

Karin took a deep breath and opened the door as saw the new parents with their newborn daughter. At that moment Van had been holding the baby looking at her so lovingly. "So this is her huh?" Karin said as she quietly approached the bed. "She's so adorable. She looks just like you Fiona," she said lightly stroking the soft skin of the baby's cheek. "What did you name her?" she questioned curiously. She too had been wondering since Van had been keeping that a secret from everyone, not just Fiona.

Much to Karin's surprise, Van just grinned and Fiona looked ready to cry. "We decided to name her Emily," Van said and watched as his mother face immediately mimicked Fiona's face as tears of happiness sprung up and her lips quivered as she tried to hold back the onslaught of tears.

"It's… it's… perfect," she said as she remembered her best friend and how she would've been happy to hear that they named their first child after her. "I'm sure she would've been happy too," she said speaking her thoughts.

"I wanted a name that would mean something special. Something that would mean even more to Fiona. There has never been any other name on my mind except for that one," he explained and his parents nodded her head. "Would you like to hold her?" Van asked his mother who nodded her head enthusiastically.

Van carefully handed over his little girl even though he wanted to be able to hold her for a little longer. 'Then again, I'll have all the time in the world,' he thought as he watched his mom doting over her new granddaughter.

Karin held her new grandchild so gently and lovingly. 'I can already tell, you'll be just like your namesake. I'll make sure of that,' she said leaning down and giving Emily a small and gentle kiss on the cheek.

Fiona watched the touching scene between Emily and her grandmother. 'This is how it was always meant to be. I'm now part a one great big family after being stuck for years with a woman who continued to hurt me and lie to me. Now I am happy and nothing can change that,' she thought getting eager to truly start her new family.

Seven Years Later

"Hey, come on. There's something neat that I want to show you," a now seven year old Emily said grabbing onto the hand of a young boy who looked to be around her age. "It's really cool," she added on with a big smile.

"What's so great about it Emmy?" Lily asked using her affectionate nickname for her best friend while her twin brother Jeremy, whose hand was still being pulled by Emily, stood next to her.

"It's really cool. My daddy got me this new toy earlier that I really want to show to you," she said still tugging on Jeremy since he wasn't budging. "Oh come on Jeremy, it's really neat," she said with an infamous pout she made to get her way with him. Jeremy always fell for it.

"Oh come on, it's probably just some girly toy. Why would I want to see something like that?" Jeremy responded trying not to make contact with the younger girls eyes or he felt that he would lose all resistance and go anyways even if he didn't want to. This youngest of the group of three always seemed to manage to do that to him.

"Pretty please?" Emily said giving off her puppy dog eyes that he had the misfortune of seeing. He groaned and Emily cheered as she managed to get him moving towards where the toys were located.

Fiona smiled as she watched the three children rush by her. Irvine and Moonbay's twins as well as her oldest child Emily were the best of friends. They were still too young to understand romance and all that but Fiona had a really good feeling about a future between Emily and Jeremy. The two of them were even closer even though she was sure that Jeremy didn't want to admit it. He was just as stubborn as his father.

"Hey now, don't run in the house," Fiona called after the three of them as they rushed past her while she was carrying a tray of cookies for the children to eat. "Kids," she said as she set the plate down.

The three then came running back, grabbed a few cookies and then ran off in the direction of all of Emily's toys. Fiona chuckled again as she grabbed on and gave it to her three year old son who was waiting patiently by her legs for the cookies that he must've smelt coming.

After seven years, Van and her had built up a beautiful family. They currently had three children, with a fourth to come but Fiona had yet to tell her husband about the fact since she just found out. She did intend to tell him later that day but he was out on an errand for her right then.

Their oldest child Emily was pretty much an exact replica of her mother only she was a miniature version. According to Karin though, she had a tendency to take more after her namesake than she did Van or Fiona.

Their second child was barely a year younger than Emily and his name was Nathaniel. Unlike Emily, he was an exact replica of his father in terms of looks and had the exact same personality to match his father as well.

"Mom, have you seen Mandy? She took one of my toys without telling me again," Nathaniel said rushing into the room looking around for the girl in question. "Where is she?" he questioned again.

"I think I saw her in the backyard. Don't just go and take it from her though. Be sure to share," she called after him as he ran towards the backyard. She couldn't help but smile at her oldest son.

Mandy was the daughter of Karl Shubaltz and his wife. They were really good friends of the family and Fiona couldn't help but feel grateful to Karl for all the help he gave to her and Van in the past. They had married not long after Van and Fiona had and their daughter was born about a years after Nathaniel was born.

She was a real cutie in Fiona's opinion. She had the sandy blonde hair that was natural of a Shubaltz but instead of their green eyes, she had deep ocean blue eyes which she got from her mother. Her and Nathaniel had become really good friends with one another. They were two people that she hoped she could see together sometime in the future just like Emily and Jeremy.

Sadly Karl's happiness didn't quite extend to his younger brother. Thomas was the same as he had always been. Even after seven years he was still pining after Fiona. Fiona knew that he could be happy if he just moved on but he didn't seem to want to. Fiona felt bad for him but she couldn't give her heart to anyone besides Van no matter how much Thomas wished otherwise.

Then there was the final but definitely not last child of theirs named Derek. He was a mix between his parents unlike his siblings. He had the kind crimson eyes of his mother but the dark hair of his father. He was a rather quiet child like his mother though even though his face was more like his father's.

Finally there was her. Seven years may have passed but she was still as happy as ever with Van. The two of them didn't work together anymore. She had left the business and went back to school to become what she had always wanted to be, a teacher. Sure she missed working with Van but this was the job that she had really always wanted to do. She really only went into business because of that woman.

Fiona hadn't seen her for years and she was very grateful. After knowing that the secret had been let out, she seemed to keep her distance from them. Fiona preferred not to think of her anymore. If she saw her she pretended that they were just strangers that knew nothing about one another.

A pair of arms snaked around Fiona's waist without her realizing it until it happened. "Hey there Van," Fiona said leaning back into his chest as he gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. Eight years of marriage and the two of them were still as passionate with one another as they were when they were first married.

"Hey there sweetie," Van said as he buried his face into her neck. "I may have only been gone an hour but it feels like a lifetime," he said with a grin even though he knew how cheesy it sounded.

Fiona chuckled as she turned around in his embrace. "I bet," was all she said as she lightly pecked him on the lips. Years of being together and years of marriage had showed her just how much she relied on Van. He was her husband, her lover, and her best friend in the whole world.

Fiona sometimes wondered what would happen if they had never met again that fateful day. Would she have married Ethan without realizing about the true him? Would he still be married to Tiffany? Such thoughts scared her but at the same time assured her that he truly loved her and wanted to be with her since they didn't happen that way.

The happiness she felt in high school, the loneliness she felt in college, the pain she felt with Van's marriage, the happiness she felt when she saw him one again, and even the confusion that followed after that for a while. There were times she wished that she could forget some of those painful times in her life. She knew though that those were truly unforgettable days that helped to shape the happiness that she had finally been able to build with Van and her children.

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