A.N This story is a post HoND story and is set a few months after the
movie. A couple of scenes are used and similar to the scenes in the sequel but with my own interpretation from it. I am also many song lyrics from various musicals and some Disney movies and they are in the story as if the characters were actually singing them. In another words…it's a musical. I do not own any characters from Disney's or Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, except for Marie and her family. Updated 5/26/05.

It was the most beautiful Easter that Paris hasn't seen in a long time. The trees were full of colors as the cherry blossoms bloomed and the sky was blue and clear. The smell of lilacs and fresh baked bread filled theair in the streets. The bells began to chime as the Sunday Mass finished its Easter service. The townspeople were filing out of the church and looked up to notice the choir of bells being rung in the bell tower. The bell ringer, Quasimodo, rang the bells with joy and delight, for it was his first Easter in freedom. About 3 months ago, he was forced to stay inside the bell tower by his master Frollo, the former Minister of Justice. But ever since Frollo died, Quasimodo always went into the city whenever he got
the chance.

After ringing his favorite bell, Big Marie, Quasimodo hopped down on the floor and walked over the ledge. He watched as the people were leaving the cathedral. Earlier that morning he was able to go to church on Easter for the first time. Of course, he started going to church when Frollo died, but Quasimodo always wanted to go to church on Easter, but Frollo wouldn't allow it. Quasimodo smiled as he looked down on his fellow men. He felt accepted among the people of Paris and everyone adored him ever since he saved the city from the evil tyrant Frollo.

The children loved to play with Quasimodo whenever he went outside and he had many friends. The Gypsies have also accepted him into their society, since he is of Gypsy blood and because he saved them all as well. People would still often stare and snicker sometimes but Quasimodo didn't care too much, he was happy for the first time in his life.

After watching the people leave, Quasimodo decided to polish the bells. His gargoyle
friends hop over to him.

"Hi ya Quasi!" cried Hugo.

"Hello dear friends! Happy Easter!" said Quasi.

"And a very happy Easter to you dear boy. You rang those bells with great
spirit today!" said Victor.

"You really think so? I hope I didn't overdo it." said Quasi.

"You can never do too much Quasi." Said Laverne. "Get away from you little rodent with
wings!" cried Laverne while waving a pigeon away from her face.

"Ha ha ha! There's no use trying Laverne, they are never going to leave you!" said Quasimodo while laughing.

"So Quasi whatcha gonna do today? Party?" said Hugo while putting his arm
on Quasimodo's shoulder.

"Actually, Phoebus has invited me to have Easter dinner with him and Esmeralda tonight. They told me in church this morning they have happy news to tell me." said Quasimodo as he was putting up the polish.

"I wonder what it could be?" asked Victor.

"I'm not exactly sure." said Quasimodo.

That night, Quasimodo walked over to Phoebus' house, which was not
too far from Notre Dame. He knocked on the door and there stood the beautiful Esmeralda.

"Oh Quasi, I'm so glad you came!" she cried. She gave her best friend a hug and Quasi still shuddered whenever she touched him. Even though he couldn't love her, he still had some feelings for her that would never seem to go away.

He smiled and hugged her back. "It's always good to see you Esmeralda!" said Quasi.

"Ooh come on in, Phoebus is just now putting dinner on the table." said Esmeralda.

They walked into the living room and Quasi saw the huge feast Phoebus made. He never had a huge feast liked this before in his life. There were soufflés, mince pies, bread, soup, fruit, and all kinds of stuff. Quasimodo's mouth watered while looking at it. Phoebus came out of the kitchen, carrying a fresh baked lamb.

"Happy Easter Quasi!" said Phoebus as he put the lamb on the table.

"Happy Easter Phoebus!" said Quasi. The two men embraced and patted each other on the back. They have grown to be very good friends in the past few months.

"How was your day?" asked Phoebus.

"Oh just wonderful! It was such a beautiful day today!" said Quasi.

"I know! Did you enjoy church?" asked Phoebus.

"I did, it was so nice!"

"Hey guys, I hate to interrupt, but I am starving to death! If you don't mind, can we start?" Esmeralda said as all three of them began to laugh. They all sat down and said the blessing and Phoebus carved the lamb.

"Hey Quasi, have you ever had lamb?" asked Phoebus.

"Actually I haven't! Frollo would bring some with him whenever he saw me, but never offered it to me." Said Quasi as Phoebus put the meat on his plate.

"Hmm..why am I not surprised?" asked Esmeralda sarcastically.

"Hah! Well you are in for a treat! Considering I made it after all!" said Phoebus. Esmeralda rolled her eyes and made a funny face, which made Quasimodo laugh. Even though she loved Phoebus, she could never get over how cocky Phoebus was.

They sat at the table over an hour, eating heartily and exchanging good jokes and talked about their day. Quasimodo felt so happy to be with his two best friends. After finishing dessert, he spoke, "So what was it that
you two wanted to tell me?"

Esmeralda and Phoebus smiled and looked at each other and then at Quasimodo.

"Well Quasi, we have very good news!" said Esmeralda while taking Phoebus'

"What is it?" asked Quasi while smiling.

"Last night, Esmeralda accepted my proposal in marriage!" said Phoebus.

"That's right! We're going to get married!" said Esmeralda.

A little hurt inside, Quasimodo hid his pain with a smile. "Oh I'm so happy for both of you! You two are going to be so happy together!" he said.

"We appreciate that Quasi, in fact, we would love for you to be a part of the ceremony." said Esmeralda.

"How so?" asked Quasi.

"Would you like to be my best man?" asked Phoebus.

"It would be an honor!" said Quasi as he shook Phoebus' hand across the table.

"So when will be the joyous occasion?" asked Quasimodo

"We were thinking about October." Said Esmeralda. "We would also like to have it at Notre Dame for a small, private ceremony."

"I'm sure I can ask the archdeacon about it." Said Quasi.

"Oh Quasi would you?" asked Esmeralda. She ran over to hug him.

"I can't tell you much how much this means to me, you are truly my best friend." She said as they embraced.

"It's my pleasure after what you two have done for me." Said Quasimodo as
he pulled back.

"Oh Quasimodo, you have done so much for both of us, there's no way we can repay you." Said Phoebus as he put his hand on his shoulder.

"Just being your friend is more than enough." Said Quasi as he smiled to Phoebus.

"Well I really must be going to ring the evening Mass." Said Quasimodo.

"Thank you so much for inviting me for dinner, I don't think I'll be able to eat for the next two days!" he exclaimed. They all laughed at his remark.

"Oh anytime! We'll we see you tomorrow?" asked Phoebus.

"Oh sure, please stop by!" said Quasimodo.

"We will!" said Esmeralda

"Alright then, well congratulations to both of you and have a great evening." Said Quasi while opening the door.

"Goodnight Quasi!" said Esmeralda and Phoebus.

Quasimodo walked back to the cathedral with his mind so full of thoughts.

He was really going to lose Esmeralda forever and there was really nothing he can do about it. He wanted to be happy for them, but it was difficult. He had a tear in his eye but quickly brushed it away. He climbed up the ladder to his home where he saw his gargoyle friends playing cards.

"Hey Quasi!" they all cried.

'Hey guys, what are y'all playing?" asked Quasimodo.

"We're playing poker!" said Hugo.

"Deal me in then." Said Quasi.

They sat for about half an hour playing until Quasi had to ring the bells. He was getting ready when Laverne asked,

"So what did they say?"

"Well, they are getting married." Said Quasimodo.

"Oh boy! A wedding! Food and wine? I'm there!" said Hugo.

"Yeah I'm sure it'll be nice." Quasi said while turning away to hide his sad face. But Laverne can tell something was wrong. She went over to him.

"What's the matter honey?" asked Laverne.

Quasimodo sighed, "Is it wrong to feel a little jealous?" he asked.

"You mean about Phoebus and Esmeralda?" Laverne asked.

"I know they love each other and I understand, but it still hurts." Quasimodo said.

"I know darling, it's hard. But you have got to move on." Said Laverne.

"You're right Laverne, I just wish..." he started to say but hesitated.

"You wish what?" asked Laverne.

"I wish...that...someone could love me." He finally said.

"Awww, darling, I know that there is some girl out there just waiting for you. Everyone has a soulmate." Laverne said while touching his face.

"I highly doubt it." he said as he pulled back.

"I'm serious Quasi! You're more than what you seem. You've got so many amazing qualities about you that women would be crazy not to fall for. Don't ever be afraid to use them. You just have to follow your heart." The old gargoyle said and hopped away..

Quasimodo rolled his eyes and then climbed up to the bells. His talk with Laverne made him feel somewhat better but he faced reality and thought to himself that it would be impossible to find a girl that would actually love him. He looked down at his beloved city and then looked to heavens and spoke softly to God.

"Lord, I don't ask for much but all I ask is for…well a miracle. If there is a soul mate out there for me, by all means don't hesitate for me to meet her. I really want someone to care for and love. That's all I ask for."

He then turned and went to ring the bells for the evening mass.