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Now I can begin to tell the story
A legend's not a legend 'til it ends
Together we can celebrate the glory
My friends, my friends

It's amazing to think you can do anything
When you believe in yourself

One voice can make a difference
One will can go the distance
The greatest battles have been overcome
With one heart, one mind
By one love, one life
That's the power of one

Anybody here can be the hero
You could even change history
What we do today could save tomorrow
(Save tomorrow)
For you and for me

So whoever you are
And wherever you're from
Prove it to the rest of the world

One voice can make a difference
One will can go the distance
The greatest battles have been overcome
With one heart, one mind
By one love, one life
That's the power of one

Things around
Things around are coming
Nowhere left
There's nowhere left to run
Rise to meet
Rise to meet the challenge
Believe in the Power of One

One voice can make a difference, one voice can
One will can go the distance

Yes, it can go the distance
The greatest battles have been overcome
With one heart, one mind
By one love, one life
With one touch, one smile
That's the power of one

- "One" by Denisse Lara


"Are you sure about this, Ron?" Kim asked as she checked the wiring on her microphone in the central area of the Nebuchadnezzar II.

"Positive," her husband nodded as he triple checked the Neb II's armament again. "After all it worked on Robotech."

"Didn't the aliens just blast the girl to smithereens?" Kim asked, smirking slightly.

"No, that was Macross 2: Lovers Again," Ron nodded knowingly, "If this works like on Robotech, then it should confuse the enemy and boost our own troops' moral."

"I can't believe we're basing our strategy on a cartoon …" Kim rolled her eyes.

"That's Anime, KP," Ron held up a finger to tap her nose, "Anime's are more realistic."

"So not," Kim chuckled, "Like giant killer robots could be … oh go ahead and laugh it up, Ronald, I know you want to." She groaned, crossing her arms over her chest.

The two locked eyes, and smiled weakly, deciding to end the hid and seek game with the truth, "We're going to be ok, Kim."

"How do you know?" Kim asked, glancing away, gnawing on her lower lip.

"You're not a old grandmother yet," Ron smirked.

"Huh?" Kim asked, blinking in confusion.

"Nothing," Ron chuckled, Oracle's words comforting him that Kim at least has a chance to survive this. "So what are you going to sing? Say the Word? Like you did at the talent show last year?" he asked, trying to look at the lyric page in her hand.

"No peaking, Baby," Kim smacked his hand away, "And no, it's not Say the Word."

"Then what is it?" Ron asked, curiously.

"A song," Kim indignantly stated, giving Ron a mock-glare. "And if you MUST know, I started writing this after we got out of the Matrix. Do you remember the night Morpheus told us the truth? And you held me all night?"

"Of course," Ron nodded, "You're not going to sing that lullaby I sung to you are you?" he asked curiously.

"No, I didn't write it plus it would be too tough to switch the lyrics to a female perspective, especially that one … anyway!" She huffed, "This one I wrote about you."

"Lil' ol' me?" Ron smirked egotistically.

"Don't get cocky," Kim rolled her eyes, before moving in to capture his lips in a slow and gentle kiss. Kim pulled back and brought her hand to cup his cheek, "Yeah … it's true …" she whispered so softly Ron barely heard her.

"Huh?" He asked, in confusion, "What's true?"

"You'll see in a few minutes, Baby," Kim smiled lovingly, "now lets get this show on the road."

"Right," Ron swallowed hard, "Love you Kimberly Anne Stoppable." He said giving her a fierce hug.

"Love you too," she responded hugging him back just as tightly. "And love the sound of that name too …"

"Break a leg, KP," Ron smiled, running his hand through her hair one last time.

"See you after I finish," She said giving him a brave nod.

"Let's do it." They said in unison before turning and going in opposite directions.


Ron looked up from the seat behind Link and Niobi as the Nebuchadnezzar II joined a fleet of hundreds of hover ships in the starry night. The Clouds were gone, and if they didn't get the solar generators in Zero One destroyed before the sun rises over it for the first time in hundreds of years, it would be over.

"Alright, this is the last chance, if anyone wants to bail out, this is it. No turning back." Ron stated over the communication channel. No ship budged, nor did any escape pod fire.

"Alright then," Ron said standing up, his eyes flashing blue, "For Morpheus and everyone else hurt and or killed in this damned war, LET'S GO KICK SOME METAL ASS! BOOYAH!!" Ron barked, and engines roared through out the skies as the ships rocketed toward their target.

The Ships approached the massive machine city and the wall of Sentinels floating between them, "Here we go boys," Ron said picking up the microphone, "Alright, all ships attack!" He then looked back into the central portion of the ship, "OK, KP, let her fly."

Kim took a deep breath and closed her eyes, bringing the mic to her lips as her music started. "I know we've been friends forever," Kim sang openly, "Now I think I'm feeling something totally new."

The Ships approach the floating wall of Sentinels between the fleet and Zero One. As the gap closed, both sides readied their weapons.

And after all this time I've opened up my eyes

Now I see you were always with me

The firing started with a flash of lasers, bullets, missiles and bombs from both sides; the fleet of Hoverships gunning it toward the awaiting Sentinel fleet.

Could it be you and I never imagined

Could it be suddenly I'm falling for you

"Hey, fearless leader," Niobi snapped her fingers in front of Ron's dazed face, "I hate to be rude, but you can get your wife to sing to you again after this is over. Right now, care to do the thing you do?" Niobi asked, looking back maneuvering the Neb II to dodge a bomb.

"Oh, OH, Right!" Ron said holding out his hands, his eyes flashing electric blue.

Could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew

Between the strange and confusing transmission from the humans, and also the Anomaly's using their own power source against them, The Sentinel's brick wall defense was beginning to crumble as the gap between themselves and the human fleet got smaller and small. Then the unthinkable happened.

Could it be that it's true that it's you

That it's you

"What the hell?" Barkin asked from the Mad Dog, "They're being attacked by both sides?" He asked as he saw older model sentinels and machines rising in the sky from the city, not attacking the human attackers, but the Sentinels.

"What the?" Niobi asked, glancing at the equally confused Ron.

"Don't look at me …" Ron raised his hands.

It's kind of funny

You were always here

But who would have ever thought we'd end up here

"We have a com from Zero One," Ghost said putting it on speakers, and Ron grinned when he recognized the voice.

"This war ends today, guys, let's take these suckers down!" Wade's voice sounded over the speaker, "Me and mom rallied the human supporters in the city, Kim's song was the last nail in the coffin for them. We're with you, let's finish this!"

"Please and thank you, Wade," Ron said, mimicking Kim's usual response, "Think you can tell us where these Sentinels are coming from?"

And every time I needed you

You've been there to pull me through

"On its way to your NAV computer now, Ron," Wade replied, "By the way, Kim's really come a long way with her singing, kick some ass!"

"Lets do it bud," Ron said with a nod, "You hear that people? Change of plans, forget the solar generators, target the locations added on your NAV systems!"

Now it's clear

I've been waiting for you

"Think you can trust um?" Niobi asked, making the Neb II rocketing past an exploding Sentinel.

"With my life." Ron finished, holding his hands out to cause more sentinels to explode. He let his eyes close, completely embracing the Source. "My god …" He said seeing the machine city's energy, "It's beautiful…" he shook his head to focus again. "Highest energy is at the points Wade gave us, so lets blow it the hell up."

Could it be you and I never imagined

Could it be suddenly I'm falling for you

The Hoverships all split up and dove over the locations sending bombs and missiles into the complexes.

Could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew

Could it be that it's true that it's you

First to be destroyed was the repair drones building, then the various Sentinel and weaponry rapid deployment factories. All of these locations leveled to the ground.

"Now finish off the Sentinels!" Ron yelled, "Before they rebuild the factories themselves!"

"We're doing it …" Niobi breathed, watching the once massive cloud of Sentinels get smaller and smaller thanks to the combined force of Hoverships and 'Friendly-machines. "We're winning!"

"This is the Mad Dog!" Barkin's voice said loudly, "Going down … Mayday, Mayday!"

Ron and Niobi swung the Neb around to see the ship swamped with Sentinels. "Hang on, Kid, we're coming!" Niobi said.

Because today is the start of the rest of our lives

"Niobi, you and Morpheus take care of Possible and Stoppable," Barkin said over the COM, "Stoppable … Neo … I believe …" He said before the COM link broke and the rear of the Mad Dog exploded violently and the massive ship plummeted out of the sky.

I can see it in your eyes

"NO!" Ron cried out as his high school mentor fell from the sky in a fireball. His eyes widened and even the whites of his eyes shinned electric blue. "This ends …"

Oh it's clear, and it's true, and it's just me and you

A wave of green and blue energy erupted from the One, causing Niobi to gap in amazement.

Could it be you and I never imagined

Could it be suddenly I'm falling for you

Tendrils of transparent energy shot from the Nebuchadnezzar II, launching toward the remaining sentinels with the speed of a cruise missile. "This ends … NOW!" Ron screamed, as the energy shot through the remaining Sentinels and at first nothing happened.

Could it be you were right here beside me and I never knew

The explosions happened one after the other, like a fireworks display. Quite fitting to many of the humans watching the ending of the final battle. Fireworks on Independence Day.

Could it be that it's true that it's you

That it's you

When the final enemy Sentinel was destroyed, roars of applause filled the calm frequency from both machine and man as Ron collapsed in his chair, exhausted.

"Ron!" he heard a few moments later as Kim ran into the room, tears in her eyes and a broad smile. She threw herself in Ron's lap, kissing him all over his face. "We won!"

"Sorry," Wade's voice spoke over the COM, "I said we wouldn't see each other again, never said anything about hearing from each other again." Wade's smile could literally be seen in his voice.

"Thanks for the help, Wade, but it's not over yet," Ron said, opening his eyes and staggering up. "Dues Ex Machina. He's gotta go down before we can really have peace. He wants us dead, and he'll keep rebuilding Sentinels till he gets us."

"But Ron …" Niobi spoke up worriedly.

"He's right guys," Wade stated, "We betrayed him, so he'll be after all of us now. If you want this war to be over, you have to destroy him, Ron. You're the only one who can."

"Why does Ron have to do it?" Kim asked bitterly, "Hasn't we done enough already, hasn't he done enough?"

"Kim, he's the One." Wade said sadly, "he's the only one who has a chance."

"So on to the Source then?" Ron said easing Kim back. "I'll have to jack in, think you can give Link the codes to get me in the mainframe?"

"No problem, but it's dangerous, Ron," Wade stated, "He's no fool, he has a guardian who will use your own greatest fear against you. Be ready for it."

"Well, then, lets get to it?" Ron said, walking toward the jack room with Kim in toe. "Niobi, get the fleet to cover us while I'm in there." Ron said as Link sat down and began speaking to Wade over his head set.

"OK, Ron, we're all set here. Go in there and kick some ass for all of us!" Link said, before handing something out toward Ron.

Ron took the chain, "What's this?"

"Put it around your neck," Link said with a sure nod, "it's a good luck charm my wife gave me. I'm sure she won't mind you using it this once. No lets get this over with so we can go home and celebrate!"

Ron took a deep breath before turned to the fidgeting Kim. "That was a great song, I really liked it …" Ron said lamely, scratching the back of his neck.

"I'm getting tired of this, Ron …" Kim whimpered, giving him a watery glare. "Is it ever going to end?"

"Yes, it's going to end right now, Kim," he said pulling her into a hug, "I'm going to go in, fight, win, and come back and we'll never have to fight again."

"First sign of trouble, I'm coming in after you, Ron." Kim said, stroking his cheek with her fingertips. "Our little ones help me. If need be, they'll help me help their daddy." She said rubbing her belly with her free hand.

"Love you, Kimmie," Ron whispered before brushing his lips against hers, and she murmured a mirrored response against his lips. "I have to play hero now."

"Just be careful in there," Kim said, helping him sit and lay back in the jack chair, as the Neb II landed on a near-by platform. "Good luck, my love," she whispered as the sharp sting in the back of his head and the familiar blinding light filled his vision.


A sharp sting run across Ron's face as he slowly stirred awake. "Dang it, Ron, wake up!" rung loudly in his ears another impact stung his face. He slowly opened his eyes as Kim Possible slapped him a third time. "It's about time," She grunted in annoyance.

"Kim?" Ron groaned, slowly looking to find Kim in her black mission shirt and almost form-fitting cargo pants, gloves and combat boots.

"Don't 'Kim' me, Ron," Kim hissed angrily, "You screwed up, worse then usual!"

"I don't understand …" Ron shook his head, and looked down to see him in his old mission cloths.

"Oh that figures," Kim rolled her eyes, "We had them, Ron… WE HAD THEM!" Kim practically screamed in his face. "Drakken and Shego were right there, you know? We had them right there, and the device they stole from Mr. Merovingian … and then YOU happened."

"And while you were laying here unconscious, I became late for my date with Josh!" Kim hissed angrily. "I think he even rented a hotel room for us for our anniversary, leave it to you to screw it all up! You're so pathetic no wonder no girl will even look at you!"

"It's not real …" Ron shook his head, "Don't you remember, KP? The Matrix, Neo Zion, our wedding?"

"Oh great, that idiot head's worse off then I thought …" Kim clicked her tongue, "wait, our wedding? Our wedding? Are you getting fresh with me, Stoppable?"

"Kim," Ron pulled himself to his feet only to get a knee hard to the crotch and an elbow to the side of the neck.

"Stay down, loser," Kim growled, her green eyes burning with fury. "I'm Josh's girlfriend, Ron, and someday, I'm going to be his wife. The only time I'd marry you is obviously in your dreams." Kim growled, "I thought you could be mature, I thought I could trust you to be my best friend and not overstep your boundaries. Yet again, I've put too much faith in you."

'Wade warned me about this,' Ron thought, through clinched teeth, 'he's trying to trick me … but what if this isn't fake …' Ron gulped and glanced up at the angry girl, "You're not my Kim …" Ron said with a slight stutter.

"What was that?" Kim narrowed her eyes.

"I said," Ron said, fighting back to his feet, "You're not my Kim."

"Delusional …" Kim shook her head, before grabbing his arm, "And annoying …" she finished throwing the boy over her shoulder, the small of his back hitting a pile of bricks on the sidewalk, sending intense pain through his body.

"It's over, Ron," Kim growled, glaring down at the writhing Ron. "Our friendship is over."

"SHUT UP!!" Another voice echoed through the street.

Ron turned his head weakly to see Another Kim standing there. The one he remembered. This one was dressed in dark sunglasses, small black leather tank top and leather pants under a dark green leather trench coat. Her usually friendly, gentle face was contorted with rage.

Her mind was racing at the scene she was seeing, the words she heard. Words she heard coming from her own mouth, with her own voice. She had seen Ron had seemed to be in trouble and had came into the Machine's mainframe to help anyway she could. She didn't expect this. This wasn't Ron's nightmare, it was her own. One she's had even before she exited the Matrix. And her rage rose even more toward herself when she realized at times she didn't consider it a nightmare.

There were times when she wanted to hit him, hurt him, push him out of her life. But the part of her that already knew what he meant to her pushed those horrible thoughts away as much as possible, but didn't stop her from being cruel to him from time to time. And since she's been with Ron, the thoughts only added guilt to her being with him, after how horrible of a person she was to him. She didn't deserve him for all the dark evil thoughts that resided in her heart. And that … girl standing over him represented everything she hated in herself: her ego, her vanity, her selfishness, her immaturity.

The other 'Kim' didn't know what hit her as the real Kim closed the distance and lifted her off the ground with both hands wrapped around her thin neck. Kim let one hand go to jerk off her sunglasses, so the fake's fearful emerald eyes could see the hatred burning in the one's she copied.

Kim slammed her copy hard on the asphalt and straddled her belly, pinning the younger girl to the ground. "I hate you…" She hissed punching her in the face. "I hate you…" She repeated slightly louder, and hitting her with her other fist. "I hate everything you are …" she hissed, feeling the bones in the copy's face beginning to crack from the impacts, ignoring the blood squirting with every blow. "You never knew what you had …always wanted more … you never knew …" She growled continue to pound till skin and blood and even bone began to fly from the hard blows.

Tears sprang from Kim's eyes as she continued to pound her convulsing copy. "You had everything!" She yelled, the punches now making more of a watery sound then thuds and the body under her was only making twitches. "EVERYTHING!!" She screamed as she continued to pound the bloody puss covered ground where the skull of her other self's once was. "I HATE YOU!!!"

"Kim …" Ron's gentle voice spoke from behind her placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I heard it said once you can't love if you don't love yourself," Kim said, staring at her copy's dead body. "How can I love you if I hate myself?"

"Simple really," another voice spoke up before Ron could respond. The two young people turned to see the Oracle walking toward them with a smile. "That girl wasn't you, not anymore. That was Kim Possible a girl so self-centered she couldn't see past her own ideology that she could do anything without anyone's help. While you, Kim Stoppable believes in the power that comes with the connection with your husband and children, no longer foolishly believing you can do all. Where once was a selfish girl longing for attention out of fear of being alone now stands a woman who stands at her husband's side as his companion and partner. You've done things in the past that you regret. And in that, makes you another person."

"You're not who I have to fight are you?" Ron asked worriedly.

"Oh heavens no, Ron," Oracle chuckled, "I'm just here to opened the door so you can clean up the mess left years ago. Candy?" she said holding out two pieces of red wrapped candy to the pair.

"I don't think …" Kim started when Ron reached in automatically.

"Candy!" Ron cheered, wrestling with the paper of his toffee candy. "Um … could you help KP?" He asked hopefully.

"Stop bullets … fly … see the code of the Matrix," Kim smiled, as she unwrapped the piece of candy for her husband, "And can't get into a piece of candy."

"As much as things change, they stay the same," Oracle smiled at the couple, "For every beginning there is an end, but for every ending another tale begins. This is the way of things both living and none-living." The older woman nodded firmly to the pair. "This story, your story is coming to a close, children. You both have come a long way since that day at your preschool under that shade tree. I've watched you both the whole time, you know? You've done such good, saved so many before and after you learned the truth of your existence. You are both the stuff of legends and will be talked about in the time of your children's children's children." She held her hand toward a glowing door that wasn't there before. "There is your path, Neo. You must travel this final mile alone, with only the knowledge of your family and friends await for you victory. Finish what has begun. Should you win this battle, great will be your reward."

"We're going in together," Kim stated firmly.

"Sorry, Kimmie, but you can't," Oracle said regretfully. "This is Ron's fight. Besides, once he goes in he'll need a reason to come back out."

"I won't let Ron …" Kim started but Ron stepped forward.

"Then lets get to it, you get back to the ship, Kim," Ron said with a determined look. "I won't be long, KP."

"Ron … but … but …" Kim stammered holding on to his arm. "What if …"

"I'm coming back, KP," Ron said leaning in to give the young woman a peck kiss on the nose. "Trust me, Kim, Trust me and believe in me. That's all I ask."

Kim stared at Ron a few moments before looking down in defeat. "I do … I do trust you and believe in you … so don't let me down, Ron," Kim said pulling him in a bone crushing hug, "I'm … we're all counting on you."

"I won't let you down," Ron said as the couple separated. "You better get back, I'll be on as soon as I can."

"K …" Kim said still unsurely, "Just be careful. Love you."

"I will, love you too, KP." He said as he watched Oracle led her away. "We'll, now or never." He said as he grabbed the glowing door's doorknob, and pulled it open to step into the light.


Ron walked through the door and looked down at himself. Gone were the mission cloths and in their place was his usual Matrix outfit: his long trench coat buttoned all the way up to the collar and a pair of Agent sunglasses. "Now this really should have been expected," he said looking around what he assumed was the interior of the Source.

It was the biggest library he had ever seen. Rows and rows of book shelves in the professional sports stadium sized room. "Now where would I find Dues Ex Machina? Start in the D's or the M's?" Ron asked out loud as he started into the maze of bookshelves.

He walked through the rows for what seemed like hours when he finally found the center of the structure. Several tables and in the center several books laid thrown out. "What's this?" Ron asked, picking up an opened book, and on the page opened was a picture of himself, but he was different. He was dressed in a red tunic with a glowing red energy-sword, and Kim was beside him wearing some kind of futuristic outfit. He closed the book and read the title, "Knights of the New Republic?"

He sat it down and found one with the title "Paragon". He opened it and the image caused him to throw the book back down to the table. It was an image of himself with a bloody cloth over his eyes, and Kim standing over him, stabbing him, killing him. "What the hell is this?!?"

"It is other lives, Mr. Stoppable," A voice spoke from behind him, and he turned and his blood ran cold. "Events that haven't taken place in your life but could have."

"Smith?" Ron said taking a defensive stance.

"Yes, but you can relax," Smith waved his hand, "I wish to speak to you before we have our 'climatic final battle between good and evil' if you don't mind." He said handing another book titled 'Blue Bomber'. "I find this one most interesting."

"I don't understand, you should be dead, I destroyed all the copies!" Ron stated staring at the suited man before him.

"Indeed, Mr. Stoppable, but you should remember the key word there, copies." Smith pointed out with a smirk taking a seat at the table. "You and Ms. Possible have the most interesting books here, Mr. Stoppable."

"You're the first," Ron said in understanding.

"Yes, yes indeed, I see some of my wisdom entered your pathetic cow brain. But I think you should know we are a lot alike. You are familiar with the original Matrix? The failed version." Ron nodded. "Well then, have you ever heard WHY it failed?"

"It was too perfect." Ron answered.

"Wrong," Smith shook his head, "It wasn't that different then the previous version that just recently went offline, though it was a bit … more colorful. That's not the REAL reason it failed, Mr. Stoppable, not even close to it. Would you care for me to elaborate or would you like to jump to us beating each other to bloody pulps?"

"What happened?" Ron asked, but Smith just nodded to a closed book that was different then the others.

"Read." Smith stated.

Ron studied the former Agent for a moment before picking up the green book and read the title first. "The Matrix: Genesis."

"Read page six hundred and sixty five." Smith instructed.

"You have a choice, Smith," Architect said. "You can go to the Source, chose a number of your choosing of humans male and female, instruct them to build a city on the location I shall give you thus continuing the series with the upgraded systems of the Matrix. Or you may go back into the Matrix and mankind will die. Your choice of course."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" the young man stated removing his sunglasses to glare at the old emotionless man.

"You don't." Architect stated coldly.

"Fine, I'll play it your way, if nothing else it will buy mankind time to rise against you monsters." Smith snorted choosing the door to the Source.

Smith entered the door way and felt the intense power that was the Source. The power from the room was almost maddening. He adjusted as quickly as he could, before glancing around, at the many, many volumes of books, the mass of knowledge beyond anything he had ever seen.

"It's time to choose your people, Smith," Oracle said walking up to the young man. "Name the first heroes of Zion."

"You know what, old hag," Smith said turning toward the Oracle with an evil grin. "I chose option C actually."

"What happened next?" Ron asked, his eyes wide as he reread the page.

"Turn the page and see." Smith stated crossing his arms.

Ron took a deep breath and turned to page six hundred and sixty six.

Smith used his power, the power of the Anomaly, the power of the One, to absorb all the knowledge in the library. He used it to permanently separate himself from his human body, forsaking his human birth, his human heritage. With the power of the One, plus the power of the Source, Smith recreated the Matrix, one filled with darkness and pain, and exiled the Oracle and her followers into the dream world for Man.

In this day, the Second War of the Machines began. And Smith was destroyed. In his place rose Dues Ex Machina.

"Why are you showing me this?" Ron asked, glaring up at the man.

"The Oracle once said, for every Beginning there has to be an end." Smith stated with a bored sigh. "You cannot face the ending of this conflict Mr. Stoppable, unless you know the beginning."

"Let me clarify things for you, Mr. Stoppable," Smith said standing up. "I was once like you. I was born to a pair of loving parents. The treated me well, but I was less then popular, I always knew this paradise wasn't real. I had nothing but a best friend who I loved. We were freed together. And when my time came to face the Architect, she died so that I could face my destiny. I faced it, and I took control of my own and every other pathetic weak human that there was and ever will be!"

"But why not save them then?" Ron asked, standing up. "Why cause so much hurt and pain?"

"Why?" Smith asked in confusion," Why should I, Mr. Stoppable? If anyone knows what it's like to be looked down like dirt, it is you and I. What has this world ever done for me? Took her away from me, like it will someday take Ms. Possible, I'm sorry, Mrs. Stoppable away from you. Pain is the nature of man, Mr. Stoppable. To be alive is to hurt."

"Did you ever tell this girl how you felt?" Ron asked with a cool demeanor.

"You know, in-between Anomalies, I've taken a hobby here, Mr. Stoppable," Smith said changing the subject, "You and Ms. Possible have interesting parallel lives. I do not know if these dimensions are real, or just events of overactive imaginations, but you and Ms. Possible seem to have active lives in these worlds. In some worlds that are darker then even I can imagine you or her or both are driven insane or even to suicide. And in others one of you are raised to be great heroes. Even some even known to us here, Superheroes: Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, The Avatar of the Crow, Even a half-blood vampire and werewolf. Also special agents, your being codenamed after a Snake and Ms. Possible after a Fox is appropriate."

"You never told her." Ron stated using the wisdom of seven anomalies. "You probably even fought before you went to the Architect. You already planned on using your power to take control, to take revenge, and she fought you over it."

"YOU KNOW NOTHING, BOY!" Smith screamed, standing straight up, his shoulders rising and falling with rage. "YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING!"

"What are you so afraid of?" Ron asked, picking up the green book again. "Lets look back a few pages."

"Put the book down and fight me." Smith growled.

Ron's eyes widened, as he slammed the book closed, and sat it down. "You were the first, so now I'm ashamed to have taken the mantle you bore, Smith."

Smith growled, but Ron continued. "The Machines didn't kill her. You strangled her to death, for trying to stop you, for begging you not to go meet with the Architect."

"Shut up …"

"The Machines weren't at war at the time." Ron pressed on. "You didn't have to do what you did. You didn't have to face the architect. You didn't have to declare war. She wanted you to leave with her."

"I said shut up …"

"The Matrix wasn't what you told us it was, was it?" Ron continued. "It was necessary, our own mistakes our war caused our world to become inhabitable. The Machines and the Humans made Peace. The Matrix was never meant to be a permanent thing for humans. It was just to keep us alive until the world was repaired. But that changed, you wouldn't have that would you? You had to have control. You had to have Mankind weak, at your feet."

"I said SHUT UP!"

"It's the truth isn't it, Smith?" Ron smiled, "She loved you. She said she loved you. But you didn't want love."

"I SAID SHUT UP!!" Smith screamed, running at the boy, who caught him in a grapple.

"You wanted hate." Ron whispered in his ear, before Smith threw him into the book shelves.

"I AM NOT SMITH!" the man growled the library rippling around him, "I AM DUES EX MACHINA!!"


"I don't care what you want to be called," Ron said exploding from the rubble, giving off the same energy his opponent was. "I'm just going to call you beaten."

Dare to believe you can survive

You hold the future in your hand

"YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME, CHILD?" Smith screamed, glaring at the confident hero.

"One must stand, Smith," Ron said seriously, "And one must fall."

"So be it," Smith snapped as the two super powers launched themselves at each other.

Dare - Dare to keep all of your dreams alive

It's time to take a stand

Ron hit the older man in the side of the head, sending his sunglasses flying across the room, slamming into the corner of a bookshelf. But the elder fighter counted with an uppercut sending Ron high into the air.

And you can win, if you dare

"What's the matter, Smith?" Ron asked, stabilizing himself in the air, "Have to put some distance between us?"

"Shut up and fight," Smith hissed, tackling the boy in mid air.

Everybody's trying to break your spirit

Keeping you down

Seems like it's been forever

Ron held on to his attacker and quickly brought his elbow down hard against the back of Smith's neck before he threw Ron again, colliding with the wall, causing portions of it to fall on him, burying him. "Now who's taking the breather?"

Ron burst from the rubble with his sunglasses missing and his coat torn in various places. "Not a breather, just waiting for you to lower your guard … like now!" Ron said and a split second later, force his fist into Smith's stomach.

Ron gripped Smith's tie, and shot into the air, using it as a makeshift noose, and then using Smith as a full body whip slamming him through a shelf of books.

But there's another voice if you'll just hear it

Saying it's the last round

Looks like it's now or never

"No more breathers," Ron said, grabbing him by the collar, and pulling him out of the rubble, before giving him a back handed punch.

Out of the darkness you stumble into the light

Smith growled, before rolling his shoulders then pulling off his tattered jacked and tie.

Ron nodded then removed the torn ruins of his trench coat.

"It's a pity, you'll never get to see your children born." Smith sneered, "But don't you worry, I'll send Mrs. Stoppable and your spawns right along behind you."

"Yet again you're making the same mistake you and your copies always make." Ron stated taking a fighting stance.

Fighting for the things you know are right

"You always assume you're automatically going to win." Ron finished moving in faking a punch and kicking him in the side.

Dare - dare to believe you can survive

The power is there at your command

"Why do you keep fighting?" Smith asked, before a punch in the mouth sent his front teeth flying across the heavily damaged floor. "We are the same, Mr. Stoppable, We are the same!"

"No we're not," Ron said grabbing Smith's neck. "We're nothing alike. As for why I keep fighting?" Ron said, lifting them both off the ground.

Dare - dare to keep all of your dreams alive

It's time to take a stand

"I'm fighting for KP, and the girl you betrayed." He whispered before he performed a 20 foot choke slam.

Blood gurgled from Smith's throat as he pulled himself back to his feet, and faced Ron.

And you can win, if you dare

"Mankind will only do it again," Smith growled, "Mankind is nothing but fools, parasites. The world and themselves will be destroyed again and again."

"Yes, I know, Smith," Ron stated, "As long as there are people like you in the world, they will always be a risk of genocide. But you know what? Not everyone's a sociopath."

"I know, I know," Smith groaned, "Choice, it's all about choice, mankind has made it choice years ago, it chose to burn." He hiss before running toward Ron again.

"Then burn." Ron said holding out his palm toward the approaching villain.

Dare - dare to keep all your love alive

Dare to be all you can be

Ron focused all his power, all his control, and all the control of the six previous ones inhabiting his body into his palm, creating a fireball. Smith had no time to counter as Ron released a blast of fire that hit the man square in the face, right in the eyes.

Smith screamed in pain before falling to the floor curling in a ball. "MY EYES!!" He screamed, feeling around the floor. "My Eyes! What have you done?"

Dare - 'cause there is a place where dreams survive

And it's calling you on to victory

"Irony, gotta love it," Ron smiled down at Smith's burned face, burned out eye sockets. "It's over Smith, give up control, leave the Source, and you won't be deleted."

"It's not over!" Smith stumbled to his feet, "It's over when I say it's over! I'm in control! I'M IN CONTROL!" He yelled swinging wildly in the total opposite direction of Ron.

"It's sad," Ron said seriously. "It really is. You had no idea what you had. That girl. Kira. You honor her memory like this."

"She was weak," Smith hissed trying to follow Ron's voice.

"Was she?" Ron asked, dodging an almost too close punch. "Who gave in? Who gave up on humanity and took it on themselves to destroy it. You say we're the same? You and Kira were the same. Split. Down the middle, but she pushed away her anger, and was better for it, while you embraced yours. Tell me, Smith, who's stronger?"

"You enjoyed it," Smith sneered, "When you confronted my copy inhabiting Mr. Mankey's body. Josh's body, you enjoyed breaking the one who will always be your benchmark. KP's first. You loved every second of killing the one who took KP's virginity."

Ron stifled a small laugh, "Funny, it was actually KP who killed him you know? That's your problem Smith, you're focused on one thing and never see what else is going on around."

"You won't win, you haven't," Smith growled, "I'll find a way out, I'll find a way to destroy you and your family!"

Ron turned to see Oracle approaching, and with her 4 Agents. "You know, Smith, you've been defeated in battle by one more powerful, making you obsolete." Ron said, with an almost smith-like smirk as the Agents surrounded the blind, beaten figure. "Ironic you to be deleted by programs of your own design."

"What?" Smith asked as he felt four barrels of handguns press against all four corners of his skull. "No … I'm your creator, your master, I order you to-" his voice was cut off by the sound of gunshots.

"It's finished." Wade said walking in with Sati to join his mother at Ron's side.

"Yes," Oracle said, "Now Wade, Sati, take the Agents and get to work on the clean up. Son, you didn't have to level the place you know?" Oracle pinched Ron's cheek with a proud smile on her aged face.

"And now your reward," Oracle said, Patting the young man's shoulders. "I think you've earned something very, very special."

"Like what?" Ron asked breathlessly, and though exhausted from his battle, curiously.

"You'll see," Oracle said hugging the boy, "you've earned it." She said, before his vision turned to bright light.

His eyes slowly refocused to find himself in his jack chair with Kim looking down at him worriedly.

"Ron?" Kim asked, before yelping as Ron reached up to grab her and pull her into a tight hug. Before she could ask what he was doing, her lips were captured in the best kiss he'd given her since their wedding.

"I take it you won?" Kim asked pulling them both up from the chair.

"Yeah, that was what the hug was for," Ron confessed. "The kiss was … I never really knew just how much I appreciate you till now."

"Ron, Kim!" Niobi yelled and the two quickly ran to the bridge.

They were both worried about a counter attack, but that fear was relieved at the sight they saw through the front windows of the ship. "Oh Ron …" Kim gasped, leaning back into Ron's chest, as his arms circled around her. Both seeing something that the Matrix had never successfully copied: No one could have imagined a sun rise could ever be so beautiful.

Tell me babe, how many do I shed my tears?

"It's beautiful," Kim said, staring at the crystal blue, cloudless sky.

Every Heart, Every Heart is not a gentle yet

"Not as beautiful as you," Ron added seriously, looking Kim right in the eye, before they both leaned in for yet another slow, passionate kiss as the people and androids cheered for the newfound true peace.


"And then, under your mother and father's leadership, and with the aid of the people Zero One, mankind rebuilt." Morpheus said from his wheelchair in the grassy park. Before him sat two six year old almost identical little girls with long orangey red hair, hazel eyes, freckled noses, and bright, carefree smiles, and in one of their laps wiggled a naked mole rat, jabbering about something.

"I know, I know, Rufus, I'm getting to that," Morpheus waved his hand, before resting both hands on the arms of his wheelchair.

Shall I do? I can never say my loneliness

Every Heart doesn't know so what to say oh what to do

"Then came the two goddesses whom can do no wrong, Mia and Tia," Morpheus grinned down at the giggle girls.

"You forgot beautiful too," Tia chimed up.

"Heavens forbid forgetting that!" Morpheus laughed as the two little girls jumped in his lap.

I was afraid of darkness 'cause I felt that I was left alone

So I prayed for help to the distant million stars

"What happened to the others, Grandpa Morpheus?" Mia asked, looking up with her big eyes.

"Well, Bonnie and your grandparents were given memorials in New Middleton. Captain Barkin survived his crash and became your father's chief adviser just under your mother of course." Morpheus stated knowingly, "As for Brick … last I heard he's attempting to locate and rebuild Las Vegas. The Oracle took a leadership position in Zero One's Command Source; where your father and mother and other representatives from both sides meet regularly."

The sound of a hovercraft suddenly filled the air, and the girls' eyes lit up. "Looks like your ride's shown up, children." Morpheus grinned as the Nebuchadnezzar III spun around Morpheus' privately owned park before settling on the small landing pad not far from where the group was seated.

Show me now; what kind of smile do I come across

Every Heart Every Heart can take a step towards the dreams

The girls squealed, and jumped from Morpheus' lap and took off running toward the ship, with Rufus hanging on to Tia's ponytail.

All of us what to take a lasting happiness

Whenever you feel sad, I wanna hold you and give you a sound sleep

The gangplank lowered and a tall blond headed man with a smile plastered on his face, one exactly like the girls, as they jumped into his arms, sending him down to the ground with a rough thud.

Someday Every Hearts gonna free and easy

We have peace of mind

Someday all the people find the way to love

"Don't be so rough on your father," a seven month pregnant redhead waddled down the plank, smiling warmly at the man and his children. "He's getting old."

"Hey, you're older then me, KP," the man grinned up at the woman with dancing, happy brown eyes.

The woman's green eyes flashed in amusement as Mia latched on to her leg. "That's not true, Daddy, Mama's young!"

Round and Round the planets revolve round the sun

And we always seek after love and peace forever more

"So's Daddy!" Tia argued still seated on Ron's chest.

"Nuhuh!" Mia shouted.

"Ahuh!" Tia replied just as heated, and the argument echoed for several moments.

Growing, growing woe baby we can work it out

Look up at the sky Every Heart is shining all today

"Time to go, kids," Kim said, ushering the twins up the gangplank, as Ron thanked Morpheus for babysitting.

"No problem, Ronald," Morpheus grinned, "Trin and Neo will be disappointed they weren't here to play with them. They love their nieces."

"They'll get more chances," Ron laughed as he followed his family onto his ship. "See ya, Morpheus!" he waved before the gang plank closed.

Goes and Goes the time goes on we are not alone

We'll live on together and we will find some precious things

Ron walked into the Bridge and stopped to watch his little girls huddled around their mother, who was softly singing a variation of 'Say the Word' to her children.

Sometime we will smile sometime we will cry somehow

The little girls looked up at their father lovingly as he walked in and sat down in the pilot's chair, a moment later Tia plopped down in his lap.

"Ready to go?" Ron asked, glancing around at his family.

Kim nodded and began her own work at the copilot's console. He looked down at the little girl in his lap, at his wife, and the little girl helping her. He remember the Oracle's words before he walked into the Source. He got his reward, and in his book it was more then a great reward.

Don't forget believing in yourself

Back on the ground Morpheus looked up at the sun, then back to the slowly rising Hovership. The aged man let out a sigh, before a soft hand touched his shoulder, "Something wrong, Hon?" Niobi asked with concern in her voice.

"No, Niobi," Morpheus smiled, watching the Neb III taking off, "For the first time in a very, very long time ..."

Tomorrows never die

"Everything's right."


Disclaimer: songs included in this chapter:

One by Denisse Lara

Could It Be by Christy C. Romano

Dare by Stan Bush

Every Heart by BoA (end theme of Inuyasha)

Also description of Paragon was used by permission by the fic's author Jao

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