Expression of Regret

Rated: so far PG

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Chapter One


Dreary sunlight peeking through thick clouds of gray illuminated grief stricken faces attached to able bodies that had become temporarily paralyzed with sorrow. A respectable silence overpowered the congregation of mourners as tears trickled down their cheeks. Silent prayers, memories, and regrets floated aimlessly in the minds of the heartbroken souls.

Standing in the midst of all this sorrow was one particular individual who felt as though her heart had been ripped out of her chest. Clutching a handkerchief tightly in her hand, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald covered her mouth to muffle the sobs escaping her lips. She watched as the coffin was slowly lowered into the dark deep grave before her.

As the coffin disappeared into the damp hole in the ground, Theresa felt her strength quickly seep out of her body as she fell to her knees. Sobs shook her whole body violently while she screamed, "No!" repeatedly.

Pilar quickly wrapped her arms around her daughter trying her best to ease her pain. "Shhhh, mija," Pilar whispered into her daughter's ear. However, Theresa did not hear anything but the sound of dirt hitting the top of the coffin.

Every thud was loud and clear. Every thud reminded her of a harsh reality that she did not want to face. Every thud reminded Theresa that the love of her life was gone. It took all of her will to stop herself from throwing herself into the hole bearing the coffin of her soul mate. It took all of her will to keep living.

Theresa clutched at the grass beneath her. Her knuckles turned deathly white as she squeezed her hands into fists and began beating the ground "No!" She cried. "No! He can't be gone!" Theresa wailed. "He can't be gone! I love him!"

Theresa covered her face. Everyone around Theresa watched her silently with a mixture of grief and sympathy on their faces. They felt for the poor young broken woman whose sorrow was strong enough to bring tears to their eyes.

"Shhh," Pilar repeated shakily as she stroked her daughter's hair. Even Pilar found it difficult to kept her own tears from falling. Theresa pushed her mother's arms away as she looked at her mother with wide tear-filled eyes.

"I love him and he didn't even know!" Theresa cried. "He didn't even know. I didn't tell him when I had the chance." Theresa said mournfully. "If only I had told him…If only he knew how much I love him…..If only…."