The Chemicals Between Us

Disclaimer/Summary: I don't own them, and I'd like to, because Braddy and Schu are my Schwartz favorites. BxS. Song and lyrics are property of Bush and are also, obviously, not mine. TENSE SHIFTS IN THIS CHAPTER.

The chemicals between us
The army of achievers
Lying in this bed
The chemicals displaced
There is no lonlier state
Than lying in this bed

The chemicals between us
The chemicals between us
The chemicals
The chemicals between us

Epilogue: Lie in this Bed

Brad Crawford folded the pages he'd been rapidly scribbling out for the last eleven minutes, sliding them neatly into an envelope, straightening his tie and checking his watch before exiting his office and heading down the hall.

Schuldig's door was unlocked, the music loud. Nagi poked his head out the door in irritation, about to yell to the German to keep it down, but upon a signal from Crawford, returned to his room and shut the door silently.

Crawford stepped inside, taking a moment to stare at the German who stared out the window, undoutably crying, 9 mm handgun held to his head, hand shaking.

Crawford glanced at the clock on the wall and, with a calmness he did not feel, stepped forward, spinning Schuldig around, grabbing the wrist of his gun hand as he manuevered the other man back against the wall. A shot went off, harmless, through the ceiling, the telepath's back against the wall and wrist pinned, gently, by Crawford's fingers, warm on his skin.

Without any warning, Crawford leaned forward, pressing his lips against Schuldig's gently. It took a few moments for Schuldig to stop shaking, his grip on the gun loosened, mouth finally opening to Brad's kiss. Crawford gently pulled the gun from Schuldig's hand, before breaking away, slightly breathless. The telepath stared at him through wide, tearful eyes, and Brad couldn't help but think that he looked like a wreck. He was sure that after the events of the evening he looked just as awful, noting the ink blots on his right hand from writing in such a fury. Remembering the letter, he handed the envelope to Schuldig, then reached up to gently caress the telepath's cheek with a softness he'd never shown before.

"Read it." He murmured quietly. "I just hope you understand."

He turned and left the room, depositing the gun in the trashcan of his office after taking out its clip, then headed to his bedroom to undress and prepare for bed. It was getting late, and after such an emotionally taxing day he knew he should try to get some rest.

Back in his room, Schuldig took a seat, opening the letter with shaky fingers, somewhat pleased to find that the American had taken the time to write it all out in German.


I've always been a man who wants power and control...

A few minutes later the redhead stood, turning off the loud music that had beaten through the walls, heading silently down the hall, letter clutched in one hand against his chest as he headed to Crawford's room, calmly letting himself in without knocking.

The American was stretched out on the bed, amber eyes fixated on the ceiling, glasses resting on his immaculate nightstand, anything but asleep and lost in thought. Silently, the German headed to his bed, cloaked in shadow, slipping in next to Crawford, and placing a light kiss against the American's collarbone.

Crawford blinked, noticing Schuldig's presence for the first time, and turned to look at the telepath.

"You came?" He asked, quietly, as if afraid that the German's presence at all was just a harsh illusion created by his own wishful thinking.

"Where else would I have gone, Liebe?" Schuldig drawled lazily.

"Crawford." Corrected the American stubbornly.

"Braddy." Insisted Schuldig with a grin.

"Brad." Crawford finally murmured after a moment, a compromise. Schuldig smiled.

"Yes. Brad." He agreed after a moment, pressing his lips to Crawford's, a little more heated than what Brad had used just minutes before.

"You know, Brad," he murmured, trying the name out and finding he liked it, "You're a bit of a bastard. Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

Crawford sighed, drawing Schuldig into his arms and encouraged when the redhead returned the casual embrace.

"I don't know. Because I thought it would make me weak." He admitted, turning his eyes away from the gorgeous telepath. "I'm sorry."

Schuldig nodded, seeming to accept the answer, snuggling deeper into the warmth of the precog's body.

"I'm sorry, too, Crawford. I didn't know you could see...and tonight.."

Brad pressed a finger to Schuldig's lips, effectively shutting him up.

"It's in the past, Schuldig. We've got the future now."

Schuldig smiled, trailing a finger teasingly along the American's chest.

"And what's in the future, Brad?"

"Well, I just had an extremely pleasant vision." Admitted the precog, whose eyes had gone unfocused for a moment.

"Oh really?" Schuldig asked, and Brad turned the two of them over, supporting himself over Schuldig's body by pressing his palms into the matress.

"Really." Crawford replied, before their lips met in a heated kiss.

Sometime later, Crawford's pajamas and Schuldig's clothes scattered in a non-organized manner that would've irritated the precog had he not been otherwise occupied, the two curled against eachother; warm, exhausted bodies. Schuldig was about to drift off to sleep in Brad's arms when the precog spoke.


"Yes, Brad?" Schuldig asked sleepily.

"I love you."

Schuldig smiled, finding one of Crawford's hands and entwining their fingers.

"I love you too, Brad."


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