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This story, which I'll call Aftermath for the time being, deals with the unseen, never talked about, but much written seven year time span from the end of Cell. I've read a lot of fics about it and what happened between Krillin & 18, Bulma and Vegeta, and so on, so this is my contribution. I've wondered what happened after Goku was gone and the changes he encounters when he returns to the Tournament. How exactly did Krillin & 18 get together? How did Bulma and Vegeta find their way to love? How did Yamcha feel about it? This story was going to focus on K & 18, but I decided I had burning questions about a lot of stuff. Lol So, enough of my ramblings! Hope you all enjoy and please let me know what you think. This is again, my first attempt at a DBZ fan fiction, so from you great writers out there, I'll need your guidance.

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It was oddly quiet, something was a rare occurrence indeed at the Capsule Corporation. It had only been a few hours since the great warrior Goku had decided not to be wished back by the dragonballs. While his reasons made sense, it still didn't ease the minds of his friends and family. He had died before, that wasn't the issue. It was the first time he didn't want to come back, which had stunned them all and would create problems to come.

For one of Goku's friends, his best to be exact, the former monk found himself entering a state he shouldn't be feeling, but felt never less. Guilt. Watching his friends die on the battlefield reminded him terribly of his time on Namek and all the things he had witnessed at the hands of Freiza. He still hadn't shaken his thoughts from that, even though it had been years since he had been there. But this time, he couldn't shake the images from his mind. Yamcha, Choatzu, Tien, Piccolo…Goku.

But it wasn't the fight that caused the guilt. Oh, he had always felt his didn't measure up to his friends, both in height and might, but it was what he hadn't done that caused this feeling. If only I had destroyed that controller! Was the only thought that circled through his mind. Mixed in with those visions of death, he had one of the beautiful blonde killer that had been sent to earth to do just that. To kill them. His task, his one and only task, was to find the girl and destroy her with the remote made by Bulma Briefs. That was all he had to do to keep the evil Cell from reaching his perfect form.

But he hadn't done that. He had failed.

He had found his target and immediately images from their first meeting and the kiss she had given him assaulted him all at once, causing him to drop the remote. And then, while the beautiful, yet dangerous, Android number 18 and her companion, Android 16, stood and watched, the small fighter crushed the remote. If only I had destroyed that controller! After everything, after rescuing her twice, he again saved her by wishing for her and her brother to become human once again. It backfired, but at least the last control by Gero, the bombs inside their chest, could be wished away and was.

And then, the very thing he wanted, needed to keep secret from his friends, was blurted out by the world's savior.

If the former monk could kill anyone, it would've been the eleven year old.

And speaking of the world's savior, he wasn't fairing any better. Like his friend the monk, the son of the world's greatest fighter was having his own battles with guilt, wishing he hadn't been so cocky. Cocky enough to make his father step in and take out Cell. But like everything else that had happened to the boy, this wouldn't be a fair fight. Of course Cell toyed with them. Why else would he cause Goku to sacrifice his own life and then show his face back at the arena that held the "cell games"?

His father had told him repeatedly to end it, destroy Cell, but did he? No. The boy could play cat and mouse as well, and that's what he did, ending in the monster's defeat. But at what cost? The boy had lost his father. His mother had lost her husband. Friends had lost a friend, more than a friend. Goku was family.

At the thought of family, the boy turned and saw another of his father's friends. A former desert bandit and he did not look happy. He just kept looking at the small bundle of joy that rested in his former girlfriend's arms. That alone made his blood rise. He would never, could never get over the fact that the baby his former flame held was not his, but was the son of one of their enemies, someone who not long ago had tried to kill them all. Looking around, he wasn't surprised when he didn't see the boy's father.

He just couldn't understand how this could've happened. His former girlfriend had been so distraught when he had died the last time. They had patched things up or so he thought. Apparently things were different when he was wished back. He should've seen the resemblance to Bulma when the future Trunks had come to warn them about the androids. In fact, he had seen the resemblance, but he shook off, trying in vain to see if he could see himself in the young boy's face.

Only to find someone else's face reflecting back.

The small group, who had formed a small family, felt the loss of their friend. Things wouldn't be the same here on out.

Especially when his widow announced she was pregnant.

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