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He wasn't sure what he was feeling when she finally touched down on the sand beside him. It was a mixture of confusion, happiness, and fearfulness he had never experienced before. Why had she waited so long before coming to see him? Was she truly there to see him? He wished he could tell what she was feeling and thinking.

She watched as his face registered emotion and several at that. He looked surprised and somewhat happy to see her. Why? That was the question of the evening. He smiled at her, then frowned slightly when she didn't return it. Clearing his throat, he began to speak.

"Hey." He said, the smile once again on his face. "How've you been? I haven't seen you in..."

"Cut the chit chat." She said curtly. "I'll be talking and asking the questions from now on." He gulped. There was that fear again. "Why?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Why?" she asked again, taking a step closer towards him. "Why did you destroy that controller? Why did you save me from Cell? And worse of all, why the hell did you use that wish on me?"

Krillin momentarily lost the ability to speak. He knew the reasons he had done those things. Ever since she had kissed him on that highway, he hadn't been able to stop thinking about it or her. He had done it out of care, out of...love. But he had never tried to put it into words before. And he certainly couldn't tell the object of his affection the complete reasons.

"I...I..." he stuttered. He scratched the back of his head. He finally settled on, "I just think you deserve a second chance."

Eighteen looked at him with suspicion. Her thoughts wandered back to the lookout, where the boy Goku's son had stated that this little man had a crush on her. Her eyes narrowed. "I remember," she seethed. "You have feelings for me. That's why you did what you did. Well, I can tell you right now that your sympathy isn't wanted or needed."

Well, that had hurt.

Krillin sighed. "I admit that I care about you," he whispered. "But everything I did, I only did because of that. I'm not expecting anything from you. I just wanted you and your brother to be happy. That's all."

She continued to glare at him, trying to see if he was lying in anyway. Her cybernetic mind studied his face, his stance, everything to decide if he was just stringing her along. She couldn't find anything. Or he's very good at hiding his emotions, she thought. Her features softened, just enough to show she believed him, for now, but she was still suspicious.

He could see she was still suspicious of him, which brought his earlier happy mood down by four notches. "So," he asked, timidly. "How've you been?"

"Fine." She answered, coldly.

"Like I said, I haven't seen you in a while."

"Six months and four days, to be exact."

"Where've you been?" he asked. "What've you been doing?"

"Aren't you full of questions?" she smirked.

Krillin chuckled. "I was worried, that's all."

Again, the look of suspicion crossed her face. "I've been looking for my brother." She said bluntly.

He was surprised to hear that. "You haven't found him yet?" It just came out and he cringed at the face she gave him.

"No I haven't." she said. "Unless of course you and your friends are holding him somewhere. Or you found him first."

"No!" he exclaimed, startling both of them. "We would never do that!" She gave him a look that clearly said she didn't believe him. "Okay, Vegeta maybe," he murmured. "But he didn't! Honest, we haven't seen Seventeen since...well...you know and I swear to you, I'd tell you if we did."

Eighteen again narrowed her eyes at him, but just for a brief second.

Still suspicious, he sighed. "Do you have somewhere to go?"

"I've been living in the woods."

"That's no place to live," he chuckled. She just shrugged.

That's when it hit him. It hit so hard, it felt like a sledgehammer, or like one of Goku's punches. At first, his mind was ecstatic by the thought, but then a sinking fear came to play. Was this really a good idea? She had more or less told him to drop dead and she wanted nothing to do with him and here he was suggesting, actually considering...

"Um..." he began, nervously. "Listen, if...if you'd like, you can...you can stay with me."

"Excuse me?" Again, the narrowing of the eyes.

"I mean, at the Kame House!" he added, quickly. "That is...if...if...you don't mind staying with us. Or rather with a bunch of males and you're so not...male..." His ship was sinking and sinking fast.

She raised a blonde eyebrow. He was strange, standing there babbling and...turning redder than a tomato. She found it...interesting and rather...adorable. What? Her mind immediately said that was illogical. Adorable was something associated with human emotions, something she had none of. She was a machine, an android, something to be feared.

She was also without a home and without her brother or any friends. Ironically, it made sense to stay with this human and his roommates. Not only would she get free room and board, but she could also find out whether or not he was truly telling the truth about Seventeen. She also wanted to see what these "Z fighters" had up their sleeves. Regarding him once more, she said, "All right."

Krillin wasn't sure what he heard, but it certainly wasn't what he expected. "What?"

Eighteen sighed. "I said, all right." She replied. "I'll stay with you, at least until I find out what happened to Seventeen."

"That's fine." He nodded. "If...if you want...I could...I could help you look for him."

"I don't need your help." She said. Krillin gulped. "Are you going to show me to the house or just stand there like an idiot?"

"Follow me." He choked out.

"You did WHAT!?"

Eighteen had been examining the room Krillin had shown her when she heard the exclamation. She was slightly impressed by the room, apparently it had housed other young women in the past. Krillin had told her the scientist Bulma Briefs, head of the Capsule Corporation had stayed there for a bit, before that it had been the room of someone named Launch. She was curious as to who this Launch person was and why Bulma had been staying there, but before she could ask, she had promptly turned and shut the door in the little man's face.

She had been here for about fifteen minutes and already she felt as though she might be malfunctioning. She couldn't possibly want to care or need to care about who stayed where and why, but when she heard the cry from downstairs, she was curious as to what was going on. Opening the door slowly, she crept downstairs until she saw two more figures standing with Krillin.

As soon as Krillin had finished giving Eighteen a tour of her room and where she could find things upstairs, Master Roshi and Oolong came home, from where he didn't want to know. He let out a breath he didn't even know he'd been holding. He was slightly worried about how this would go, after all, this wasn't his house. It was Master Roshi's and for him to go and just invite someone to live with them was just plain rude, as he saw it. Once again, his feelings for the lovely android would probably land him in trouble.

And that's exactly what happened. As soon as Krillin said he had a guest who was going to be staying with them, the two perverts jumped all over it. It only got worse when he mentioned it was a girl, oh but best to come is when he said who it was that was staying. It had been quiet for only a minute when Oolong had exclaimed, "You did WHAT?!" And that's how it started. At the moment, Roshi was doing his hardest to keep Krillin from doing more harm to Oolong than necessary.

Oolong had flipped, that was the best way to describe it. As soon as he found out that Krillin had invited one of the killer androids into the house, more less invite her to stay, was crazy! And he told the former monk such. The shape-shifting pig continued to rant on about how Krillin had been hit one too many times and had completely lost it. He went on to say he had only done it to get her into the house and into her pants.

That tore it.

Before Oolong knew what was happening, his bacon went flying into a wall. That's when Roshi had grabbed his former student. Krillin had never been so angry in his life. It was one thing if he was the one being insulted, he was used to it, that was one of the things he had learned as a member of the Orinji. But you never, ever insulted someone the former monk cared about and he definitely cared about their new house guest.

"That's not the reason she's here!" he exclaimed, anger by the implications. "And I certainly didn't invite her to stay to try and have sex with her! It's not like that."

"Krillin!" Roshi called, trying to bring order back to their surroundings. "Calm yourself!" Once he felt his house mate's ki stabilize, he released him. "Now, if I remember correctly, this was my house and therefore, I'm the one who decides who stays here and who doesn't." The monk and pig glared at each other, seemingly knowing what was going to happen.

"Therefore, I say that Krillin's lady friend gets to stay."

"What!?" shouted Oolong. "Old man, have you lost your mind?"

"She stays and that's final, Oolong." Roshi stated, his tone firm, leaving no room for argument. "Krillin, why don't you let off some steam?" He patted the young man on the back.

"Yes, Master." He whispered, heading towards the door. He glared one last time at the frightened oinker before leaving in a huff.

"Well, apparently I'm the only sane one in the house." Oolong muttered sarcastically, making his way over to the old sensei.

"Oolong," he began. "I meant what I said. Krillin feels that she should stay and that's what she's going to do. Besides, I wouldn't think you'd mind having another pretty girl in the house."

"A pretty, killing machine is more like it."

"That's enough, Oolong." He said, sternly. "Another thing. You, or I for that matter, are not to go anywhere near this new house mate. I think viewing her in her...eh eh, natural state, isn't in our best interest, if you get my meaning."

"Oh, I get your meaning all right." The pig huffed. "I have half a mind to go over and stay at Yamcha's."

"That's your choice then."

Oolong growled, as he stomped off to his room. The old man stayed in his spot, searching out for his former student. He knew immediately as the small man walked out the door, he wouldn't stay on the island. As teens, he and Goku knew the punishment for destroying some part of the island during their random outbursts and had learned to at least hold in their anger or frustration until they reached some place far away from their home.

He also sensed another presence. Well, not sensed as in their energy signal, for this being didn't have one, but he knew when someone was listening in on a conversation. He turned towards the stairs and smiled. There was no one there, well that he could see. He turned back around towards the living couch, sank into the comfy folds, and turned on the television.

Eighteen crept back upstairs to her lodgings and closed the door. Her mind was registering confusion. The little man she understood. Well, she thought she understood him. He had defended her against his housemate. Well, of course he would defend her. He had a crush on her, after all. But that old man had defended her as well. It's probably some trick thought up by the midget, she thought bitterly. He probably told the old man to defend me. But the more she thought of it, the more she didn't believe that was the reason. In fact, she had to admit she was slightly flattered Krillin had defended her.

She shook her head. Flattery was a human emotion and something she didn't need or want and certainly not from one of those ridiculous Z fighters.

The day she relied on anyone other than herself, was the day hell froze over.
So far, the first month at Kame House had been...obnoxious. First, the old man that had defended her just kept being lecherous towards her, even though he told the pig not to be. She supposed it really wasn't that bad, as Krillin had tried to tell her. The pig, who she had nicknamed 'pork chop', was always extremely nervous around her and had even yelped once or twice when she had looked at him. She had enjoyed that, putting fear into people. Even though she wasn't the destroying machine her brother was, she still liked causing people to freak.

Which brought her to the biggest problem of all.


He didn't scare as easy as Pork chop did, in fact, the more she tried to scare him, the more he tried to get her to open up to him. It was odd and annoying. She couldn't understand why he insisted on asking her how she was every morning or what she felt like doing. It wasn't logical for him to feel the way he did and it certainly wasn't logical for her to start reciprocating. Even that first month, he was starting to break a barrier that had been long standing and that was something she couldn't let happen.

If living together was starting to get to Android 18, it was maddening for Krillin. It was one thing when she was far away from him, but being in such close proximity only caused his thoughts to go to her constantly. Seeing her day in and day out was driving him crazy and worst of all, she didn't want anything to do with him.

He suggested they go to lunch.

She said no.

He thought it would be great to take in a movie.

She said no.

How about a picnic?


A walk?


No matter what he suggested, she turned it down. He was beginning to falter. What did he really think he was doing? Did he really think a girl like that would fall for someone like him? Of course not and yet, he was still trying. He never had to try so hard with Maron. Hell, what was there to try? She thought he was cute and actually liked him, or he thought she did. It was always hard to tell when she'd leave him for some other guy. Maybe that's the only kind of girl I can get, he thought to himself. He always figured there was someone out for him. Look at Vegeta! If Vegeta could find someone, surely Krillin could.

But Vegeta was the bad boy type, the type the girls always went for.

Goku was a good guy.

Completely naïve and yet even he had settled down and had a family.

He shook his head. This was getting him no where.

As a month turned into two, the atmosphere at Kame House was rather tense. Eighteen tried keeping to herself, which was fine with Oolong, but not with Krillin, who tried his best to get her to join in their activities and conversations. That only made Eighteen more hostile to Krillin, who only took it harder than he should've. Master Roshi felt he was in a twisted sitcom. Dinner was always quiet, Krillin had stopped trying to make small talk with Eighteen by then. Finally, Roshi was fed up.

"You haven't trained in many months, Krillin." He mentioned over dinner one night.

Krillin looked at him confusion. Hadn't they discussed this already? "Master, you know I stopped training months ago." He said.

"You should always keep your defenses up." Eighteen replied, the first time she had said an entire sentence at the table. "You never know when trouble could pop up."

"Said the spider to the fly." Mumbled Oolong.

"I know," Roshi rambled on, shrugging his shoulders. "But it's great exercise and it keeps you focused. Surely you remember that from all your teachings."

Though Krillin couldn't see it, Roshi was looking straight at him with a knowing glance. Krillin sighed. What would training do? "I really don't want to train anymore, Master Roshi." He mumbled. "What's the point?"

"You have to do your litter hero thing, right?" Eighteen asked, sarcastically. "Saving the earth before bedtime, yeah?"

"That's what we have Gohan for."

"He could die, you know." Eighteen continued. "Just like his father."

"Leave Goku out of this." It was a growl and the look that went with it greatly surprised Eighteen. She had hit a definite sore spot, but this time, she didn't want to continue it. Even more surprising was the thought that she had hurt Krillin and probably needed to apologize.


"She didn't mean anything by it, Krillin." Roshi came to the defense. "But she is right. We can't solely rely on Gohan, especially when I'm sure he wants to train as much as you do."

The conversation ended right there and the quartet finished their meal in silence. Roshi and Oolong went to the TV and began their night of...viewing, leaving Krillin and Eighteen alone. Well, it left Eighteen alone at least. Krillin had all but clamed up.

"You should never stop training." She continued.

"Why?" the former monk asked, sarcastically. "So I can become a killing machine like you."

The moment it left his mouth, he regretted it. His head went up, a look of shock and sorrow on his face. And maybe a bit a fear. He hadn't meant to say what he did, he was a little upset about she had said about Gohan and Goku. He half expected her to blast him into the wall.

"I didn't meant that." He said, quickly. "I swear, Eighteen, I..."

"Quit your blubbering." She snapped. "It's not like I have feelings."

"But you're human." He insisted. "Of course you have feelings."

"No I don't." she exclaimed, standing. "I'm a machine. A deadly killing machine! You said so yourself."

"I didn't mean that!"

Krilin's apology went unheard as Eighteen stormed upstairs, leaving a heavy hearted monk staring up at her from the bottom pf the stairs. "I'm glad someone in this house knows where they stand." Oolong chuckled.

A gleam of light and sparks caused the pig to squeal, while Master Roshi just sat and frowned. "Krillin..."

"I will buy a new television set, Master."

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