The switch

Know its been done before but just liked the idea of doing an Inu/Kag

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Chapter One: Come Back Kagome

His soft silver hair whisked gently in the cool autumn breeze while his golden eyes fell worried at the grey stoned well, as if waiting for something to appear out of its depths. The half-demon dog's white ears, situated on the top of his head, began to perk up at the sound of sticks breaking and leaves shuffling behind him in the shadowed forest. He sniffed the air trying to catch the sent to the owner of the sounds. He frowned and his golden eyes turned from worried to annoyed.

"What now Miroku?" He questioned without taking his eyes from the well.

The black haired monk silently walked out of the trees, his purple and black robes swaying behind him.

"You've done it this time Inuyasha." Miroku exclaimed.

"Done what? I haven't done anything! She was the one breathing down that stupid wolfs neck." Inuyasha argued as he turned to face the monk. "Oh yes Kouga, oh of course Kouga, your hurt Kouga... I want to be your mate Kouga, It makes me sick." He spat.

"Inuyasha, when did Kagome-sama say anything about becoming Kouga's mate?"

Inuyasha bowed his head and stared at the ground, his face three different shades of red. He hadn't meant to say that out loud. He shook his head slowly trying to forget how the wolf demon Kouga had tried to take Kagome away from him after Naraku had been defeated. Of course he couldn't tell Kagome the truth about why he didn't want her to be lover to that ass, so he simply told Kouga that she still had more Shikon shards to find. She hadn't said that she was interested in the Wolf demon with words, but her actions told him otherwise. He didn't understand why she protected that ugly wolf. Inuyasha closed his eyes tightly and re-opened them trying to forget that he cared for this young woman. 'It didn't matter if she married Kouga after the hunt for the shards.' He told himself. He sighed heavy-heartedly. After the Shikon No Tama was complete, there would be no reason for Kagome to come back to the feudal era. He would lose her.

"Inuyasha." Miroku broke his thoughts. "I know you have feelings for Kagome but you need to keep your jealousy in check." Inuyasha quickly looked up to face Miroku.

"Feelings!?" He burst out. "What makes you think I have feelings for that wench! I just think that flirting with drooling wolf breath can wait until after..."

Inuyasha stopped talking and turned his attention to the well. Had he imagined it? No. Kagome was back. He could smell her, feel her in his blood. His heart quickened like it always did every time the girl returned. He watched the well steadily until two gentle hands peeked out over the sides and lifted a young Miko up and out of the well.

He walked slowly over to her, careful not to show his cheerfulness that she had returned. His face grew hard and stern. "About damn time." Inuyasha mumbled as he glared at the woman appearing from the well. She stared angrily at him.

"I had two tests Inuyasha! I want to pass so I can get into College!" Inuyasha rolled his eyes fiercely as he watched her black hair wave carelessly through the wind and her brown eyes sparkle as the sunlight touched its depths.

"Are these tests any more important then finding the Shikon No Tama!" At these words the girls smell had told him she was nervous. Good. He had straightened her out.

"Shikon...No...Tama..." She said looking up at him. "Umm I have to go back."

"What!" Inuyasha roared.

"I forgot my bag."

"Who cares about the stupid bag. We don't need it. Your not going back Kagome."

"He..umm funny thing...hehe it has the Shikon shards in it." She replied with a nervous giggle. With those words Inuyasha's blood boiled and his eyes widened.

"Kagome you careless Idiot!" He screamed loudly as she jumped back down the well. He ran quickly over to the side. "You get back here Kagome! I'm not done with you yet!" It was too late she had disappeared into heart of the well where she would be transferred back into her own time. "Damn it ." He said softly to himself.

Inuyasha looked up as he felt something on his right shoulder. Shippo, the orphan fox demon was sitting there pouting.

"Inuyasha!" He wailed. "You baka!! You made her leave again! Why can't you just be nice to her? We all know you like her!" With that said Inuyasha gave Shippo a hard clunk on his head leaving a good sized bump. The fox demon crashed to the ground and ran to Miroku who told him gingerly to go back to the village.

Inuyasha turned and sat with his back facing the well. When she came back she wouldn't leave again. He would make sure of it.

*******Back in Kagome's Time**************

Kagome-chan struggled to lift herself from the well. She couldn't believe Inuyasha. All he cared about was that damn Jewel and nothing more while she just wanted to be with him. She loved him yet he destroyed her every time he went running after Kikyou, the resurrected Miko made from clay. She knew it couldn't be helped that he loved Kikyou. He had shared a delicate past with her that eventually led to her death and his entrapment on the God Tree. She knew it pained him to even look at her because she was Kikyou's re-incarnation. She looked exactly like her when she wore a kimono. Inuyasha even had mistaken her for Kikyou the first time they met because she smelled like her.

She rose the rest of the way out of the well and walked through the door. The well was protected by what seemed to be a shed. In Inuyasha's time it was known as "The Bone Eaters Well" because they would through yokai down their when they had been destroyed and eventually their remains would just disappear.

She walked slowly to the God tree, her short green skirt dancing in the wind as the rest of her school uniform wrinkled around her thin form. 'It's been two years.' She thought to herself looking up at the God Tree. 'Two years since I unleashed Inuyasha from the spell that Kikyou had placed on him.' She could picture Inuyasha's peaceful face sleeping silently. His silver hair flowing gracefully over his fire rat kimono. 'Maybe I shouldn't have released him.' She thought to herself. 'He was less cranky.' She sighed once again staring up at the God tree's beautiful green leaves before beginning the slow walk up the paved steps of the shrine and into her house.

"Ma'ma I'm home! Just for a minute though, I forgot my bag!" She yelled as she entered the house on the hill.

"Ok dear." The short brown haired woman answered as she walked into the Kitchen.

"No, Kagome will not be at school today...Yes very sick...Lupus...Yes in her ear...I will tell her. Alright Bye-bye." Kagome rounded the corner to see her grandfather hang up the phone and look at her.

"No! Kagome! I just thought of the perfect disease! You can't go to school today." Kagome rolled her eyes at her grandfather looking rather displeased.

"Don't worry. I'm not." She replied. "I just came back for my back pack." Having said that Kagome walked past her grandfather and up the stairs to her lavender walled bedroom. She sat on her pink bed sheets and sighed looking down at her yellow nap sack on the hard wood floor.

"Rrr that Inuyasha!" She huffed as she looked in her bag for the bottle that held the unmerged Shikon shards. "He could at least pretend to like me until we found all the shards. Maybe I should just stay here the night and let him worry." Kagome sighed. "No I suppose I can't. After all, there are only three more shards left to find." She argued with herself clutching on with her fist to the almost full sphere pink jewel hanging around her neck. She stared at the floor for a moment thinking of a way that she could stay longer without staying the night. "A bath." She thought out loud. After all, once she went back to the feudal era, a bath would only exist in a hot spring. It was a valid reason. One that Inuyasha couldn't even abject to. "Ah ha!" She said with satisfactory as she spotted the tiny clear bottle with the glistening pink shards inside. "As I thought."

****Feudal Era********

Back in the feudal era, Inuyasha sat with his back to the well listening to Miroku's suggestions.

"Tell her you're sorry for getting so worked up Inuyasha."

"Feh." Inuyasha huffed as he looked up at the star stricken sky. It had already been three hours since Kagome had disappeared again. At first he had kind of enjoyed the little game they were playing, but now he questioned whether she was really angry at him. An empty, guilty feeling in the bottom of his stomach grabbed hold of him and seemed to tug at his insides. Why did he want her to return so badly? The Shikon No Tama was almost complete, Naraku was defeated...a few days away from her wouldn't put the quest on hold that much.

"I know what you are thinking Inuyasha." Miroku spoke, taking Inuyasha out of his daze. "It is the same thoughts that I have when I see a stunning looking woman." Miroku sighed in bliss at the thought of beautiful women surrounding him asking him to be the father of their children.


Inuyasha punched Miroku on the top of his head to knock some sense into his perverted skull.

"I'm nothing like you. Stupid monk."

"Inuyasha..." the monk faltered as he regained his composure. "All I'm saying is to look deep within yourself and find your true feelings for Kagome- sama. Don't keep them locked away because you still fear that those feelings betray Kikyou."

"Shows what you know." Inuyasha mumbled.

"Well I'm going back to the villiage. Kaede had some things to show me." Miroku stood up and turned in the direction of the hot spring.

"Miroku. The village is over their you moron." Inuyasha exclaimed pointing to the east. Stupid monk. Inuyasha knew that he was just going to spy on Sango the demon exterminator.

"Oh. Hehe." Miroku laughed tensely. "I'm just taking a longer route collect my thoughts. Good night Inuyasha." It was amazing how that man could be so full of advice one moment and run off to a childish, perverted doom the next Inuyasha thought while staring up at the night sky once again. He let his mind wander over the events of the past two years. From meeting Kagome and hating her because she smelled like Kikyou, to becoming friends with Shippo and the perverted monk, to watching Kikyou be resurrected, to meeting Sango, to killing Naraku, to now. Now...what was now? 'Now is sitting at a well waiting for the girl that you have wanted to kiss for two years but haven't had the courage to you ass.' His inner voice replied. He sighed and tried to do as the monk had suggested. What was Kagome to him? She was...well...She was...


Inuyasha rubbed the back of his head lightly and peered beside him at his attacker. Kagome's yellow bag sat next to him as if laughing in his face at his pain. He heard grunting sounds coming from inside the well and instinctively reached up behind him and grabbed Kagome's hand. She wasn't leaving again. He knew as long as he held onto her she couldn't sit him. He stood up and pulled a struggling Kagome out of the well.

"Baka!" She screamed at him angrily.

"Feh." Was Inuyasha's only reply as he hauled the girl over his shoulder and draped her upper half down his chest. She was weightless to him. If it weren't for her constant kicking he wouldn't have even noticed she was on his shoulder. He looked around at the forest in front of him and proceeded to take her to the village.