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To make a long story short, the group eventually reached Seto, who only gave them the information that the sue was inside his house and was… there. And that was it.

"Uh, Kaiba… weren't you the one who had invited her over?" Yugi had asked. Seto glared.

"I didn't know she was a sue," he answered, not making any eye contact with him.

"Kaiba, as much as I hate you, I know you aren't that stupid," Jonouchi said.

"Well… she's in there… and uh… I want her out of there!" Seto yelled. Yugi could only guess what had happened, and that was a guess he was sure he did not want to make.

But there was no time to waste, he quickly turned to Weevil.

"Are you ready, Weevil? She's the most beautiful thing you'll ever see in your life!" Yugi said to Weevil. Weevil raised an eyebrow, a part of him not liking at all where this was going, but he nodded anyway.

"Yeah… sure," he answered.

But before anyone could do anything else (like always), Emezeraeld opened up the front door and stood there, looking anxiously at everyone. (Yes, the author is trying to rush the horrible story)

"Oh, good morning everyone!" she greeted in an evil yet sweet sing-song voice. Weevil, like all the other male canon, instantly fell in love with her sue-ish beauty.

"Emezeraeld, we found you a husband!" Shizuka said smiling. Emezeraeld looked at Weevil and her eyes went wide with terror. (Yeah, poor Weevil)

"…you're joking, right?" she asked dangerously. Tea and Shizuka shook their heads.

"Oh goodness no! See, Mr. Underwood here is a very good-hearted and lonely bachelor," Anzu continued on, "and he is completely mesmerized by your beauty, dear."

Emezeraeld shook her head violently.

"No no!" she cried, "I don't love him!" Shizuka gave her a thoughtful look.

"Oh, but he loves you! He's not a bad guy at all once you get to know him!" she laughed.

"Then you can date him!" Emezeraeld stomped her foot like a pampered princess. She then got so angry that a house down the street exploded.

"Anzu, you priss! You can't let her marry Weevil, she's supposed to marry me!" Yugi yelled suddenly, grabbing Emezeraeld by the arm.

"Nu-uh, Yugi. You can back right off. She's mine," Jonouchi growled at him.

"No, guys! She's… uh… her heart is a free spirit… thing?" Anzu weakly tried to convince them, but it was obviously not working at all. Before anyone knew it, all the male canon were arguing over who got the sue to be their horribly wedded wife.

"Jonouchi, please just settle down-" Shizuka started, trying to keep her brother from making himself look like a moron. But he just turned to her and glared instead.

"How about you just shut the hell up, you stupid girl," he snapped at her. Shizuka stood completely shocked while Anzu returned Jonouchi's glare to him.

"Jonouchi! Don't talk to her like that!" she yelled.

"Anzu, child. Why don't you just go off and play with your little dollies? Obviously those are the only friends you'll ever have anyway," Emezeraeld laughed, the male canon all joining in with the laughter.

Before Anzu could do or say anything in defence, Shizuka had jumped out at the unsuspecting sue, fists flailing madly in every direction.

"Shizuka! What are you doing?!" Anzu yelled and watched as Shizuka… well, basically kicked the crap out of that sue XD And all the while the males stood by calling Shizuka a "skank" and "stupid witch" etcetera. Though Anzu could barely hear them though because Shizuka's own voice was drowning theirs out with her yelling, 'My brother would NEVER say anything like that to me! You monster, you should be dead!"

Anzu could do nothing but laugh at this. She had to admit, she was actually enjoying seeing Shizuka's violent side.

It was no sooner that Anzu had started laughing that Shizuka was suddenly sent flying backwards by a mighty blow from the sue. Emezeraeld got up and then turned herself on Shizuka. Did we happen to forget that Emezeraeld can fight better than any street fighter (including Jonouchi), is a master of every stage of martial arts, karate, kendo, you name it.

Oh, and she had a mystical sword that she had magically pulled out of a jewel in her hand. 'Cause ya know, she's the angsty sister of the ancient pharaoh, right? Combine all this with the sue's super speed and accuracy and plus she's got mystical healing powers for herself (not one scratch can get through to her XD) and other hidden powers that only she can unlock if she only looks deep within her only pure soul? Yeah, no one knew that, 'cause she's a sue, but she's got them, and she's using them now. Prepare for the tragic end.

The only thing Anzu remembered was a lot of light, a lot of agonizing screaming, the fast forwarded image of Shizuka's appalled and defeated face… and a sprinkler of blood. It was too much for her, she ended up fainting. She could hear Yugi's soft and faint voice call for help… or scream, whichever you prefer…

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