Sailor Moon R Chapter 65 "Fractured Dreams"

"I was hopping to get you to back together so I invited him Tea maybe he's here already" Bakura said Mayra.

"Ill go look for him" said Tea running off to look farther down the beach.

When she got near the edge of the beach she notice and umbrella and thought this most be Bakura.

Before she could say Hi she noticed he wasn't alone he was with an unknown girl and they were kissing.

The bottom dropped out for Tea and she went to her knees and watched Bakura kiss this girl she didn't know.

She couldn't believe this was happening she thought he broke up with her just to protect her but there he was with what seemed like a new Girlfriend thought Tea.

Tea got up and ran Home crying.

-Location Unknown-

"I will make master happy" said Faust looking at his cauldron

Faust Pulls out a lock of hair and throws it into the simmering cauldron.

"Someone's defenses are weakening I can now act, someone's dream will become Deadly" said Faust waving his hand over the cauldron.

Sephiroth walked in the room his uniform bared the symbol Of En Sabah Nur like other Generals of the Crimson Knights but he was a mercenary to Faust even if his rank placed him at the side of there master because if his dead prowess with a sword and ability and skill at espionage.

"What do you want Sephiroth?" said Faust rising his eyebrow.

"I have been sent to make sure you have something planned and if you fail I shall punish in the matter ordered by our master," said Sephiroth.

"I don't need you to make sure I don't fail so leave I will do something soon as I'm Ready donr rush me" Said Faust.

When Faust was finished his sentence Sephiroth moved in a blur and had his sword at the throat of Faust.

If Faust moved one inch or said one word or letter his throat would have been slit since Sephiroth sword was that sharp.

"Don't ever question Our master orders or ill kill you where you stand twitch yout eyebrow twice if you understand me if it twitches more or less ill kill you I'm not in the mood for your crap and your smell of failure makes me sick" said Sephiroth

a drop of sweat rolled down Faust face as he blinked twice.

"Sephiroth eased his sword away from Faust Throat and said the only reason your still alive and your compatriot isn't is your skill is still needed by our master so don't mess up again" said Sephiroth and then Sheathed his sword.

"I Wont fail again" Said Faust.

-Ajunian Temple-

Ashlique, Midni and Serenity appeared in a dark chamber only illumination in the room was the candle and the glowing cauldrons.

Walking out of the shadows was Noa with his flowing ropes behind him.

Noa came up and hugged Midni and said "it's been a long time I haven't seen you in a long time."

Noa then turn and looked at Ashlique and looked back at Midni and said "what going on " "She has been having vision" said Midni looking grimly at Noa.

Noa walked up to Ashlique and a third eye appeared in the middle of his forehead.

Noa's face turned a pale shade of white and turned back and walked our of the room with Midni leaving Ashlique Alone.

"Was it as bad as I thought" asked Midni with her hand twitching like it was trying to say something.

Even with you mental instability you are still one of my best and you are right this is bad those dreams are of dark origin but there is a presence of light in them but it isn't clear who or what it is we have to keep her here incase she has another dream like that so ill arrange a room for Ashlique said Noa.

"Yes Noa ill see to it she is taken care of it" said Midni.

"We have to prevent the events of her dreams from coming true no matter what it take I'm going to summon the rest for a meeting" said Noa.

Noa walked back into the chamber and walked over to his cauldron and looked into it.

"Noa turns to Ashlique and says you have to stay here until we figure out whats is going on your free to go where you wish around and what ever you want just ask you are our honored guest"

"What about my homework and my friends" said Ashlique.

I will bring you your school and some of your friends it will be explain to them on a need to know basis said Midni walking into the room slowly.

-Tea's House-

Ryoko Walked up to the front of Tea's house and rang the doorbell.

A man wearing glasses answered the front door and said "Hi you must be one of Tea's friends"

Come on in said another voice behind the man who probably Tea's father and this voice must be her mother.

Ryoko enter the house and follow Tea's father into the kitchen where Tea's mother was waiting.

"I have heard so much about you" said Tea's mom.

"What ever she told you is a lie?" Said Ryoko looking Innocent.

Tea's mom laughed and Said "she told anything incriminating"

Ryoko face goes all serious and says "If she did I would have had to kill you"

And awkward silence as Tea's Parents stared at Ryoko.

Ryoko said "I'm just kidding"

Tea's mom laughed and said "you are as strange I have been told"

"Have you seen our daughter Tea she didn't come home yesterday" said Tea's dad.

"What? I wish knew I came here looking for her since she didn't come to school today" Said Ryoko thinking.

"I think she mite have run away I just feel that she has I hope what ever why she comes home safe when she gets it out of her system" said Tea's mom

Not Again thought Ryoko and said "ill go look for her"

"Arigato" said both of Tea's parents.

Ryoko walked out of the house and said "if I were Tea and I were upset where would I be"

"I would be stuffing my face full of ice cream," Said a voice inside Ryoko's Head

"Ill check out the nearest ice-cream shops" said Ryoko

Ryoko was head heading to the ice-cream shop when she saw a weird flash of light

Ryoko looked around and saw everything around was on like pause everything that was moving before now stood like mannequins.

This is so weird Ryoko Said to herself. Looking at the humming bird frozen in mid flight.

Ryoko saw him before his saw her and stood still like she was frozen like everyone else.

A guy in red armor known as Night stood across the rode from he had just step out of a flaming portal.

Nightmare looked around and like he was looking for something and he was hetting closer to her.

Ryoko Held her breath till Nightmare walked by her and turned in another direction and looked that way.

A little dribble of perspiration rolled down Ryoko's cheek and dripped to the ground making a large echo.

The moment Nightmare heard the echo he hurled his blade in Ryoko Direction and all Ryoko had to was duck which gave herself up knowing it was her he was looking for

Ryoko transformed into Sailor Venus but was knocked out by someone from behind.

"Let kill her" said Nightmare.

No I have a plan and it includes her as bait Said Jedeite picking up sailor Venus and putting her over her shoulder.

Both of them enter a flaming portal and it vanished.

-To be Continued- (Sailor Moon says) Tea: in case of a water landing you can use your colon as a floatation device, (Ryoko: yes by just pulling it out and inflating you can survive any water landing Luna: yeah a colon save my life when I slipped on that banana peel and fell off that cliff I just removed Shiros colon as I slid of the cliff and inflated it in mid air saving me from watery grave. (Shiro: see my colon is usefull ^_^ (Shiro: X_X (Kid: Oh my God You kill Shiro you basterd (Tea: sailor moon says see you next time HeHeHe oops

{Dark moon Series Profiles}

{Sailor Deimos}

Name: Alexandria

Age: 12

Blood Type: B

Birthday: June 11 Sign: Gemini Character: Best Friends: Ishizu, Aeris

Favorite Foods: Pancakes Least Favorite: Banana

Favorite Subject: N/A

Least Favorite Subjects: N/A

Favorite Colors: N/A

Favorite Gemstone: N/A

Hobbies: N/A Dream: N/A Transformations: Deimos Star Power

Attacks: Deimos Silver fire ignite shoots a string of pure white flames at the enemy Deimos Transform which turns her into a crow