Sailor Moon R Chapter 69 "Call of the Haunted"

Sailor Moon turned to look back to see if anyone was still chasing her

Its been weird everything had changed after she feel a sleep everyone of her friends was out to kill her they all turned zombie like thought Sailor Moon sitting down for the first time since this all started.

"That figure did this the one that called himself Morpheus" Sailor Moon said to herself

Sailor Moon Tended to the wounds she received in her Sowing class by the scissors that stabbed her twice botch wound look like they need some stitches.

Pain pulsated through her as she pressed a fresh towel on the wound

Sailor moon gritted her teeth presses a towel on thw other wound.

She know she must reached the hospital soon since she was losing a lot of blood.

Sailor Moon turned to face the sound of breaking glass but it was just a cat.

With a sigh of relief Sailor Moon Tended to her wound untell the Cat leaped on her biting clawing and hissing as it tired to rip her face.

Sailor Moon Throw the cat away but it leaped on her on her again this time managing to cut her face and meowed with what sounded like pleasure as blood trickled down Sailor moons face

Sailor Moon Tosses the cat away then kicks it into a bunch of trash cans and this time the cat didn't come back at her.

Sailor Moon Clutches the side of her face and looked at the blood on her hand.

A figure Appeared in the ally even cloaked in Darkness Sailor Moon knew who this was.

"What do you want" shouted Sailor Moon

Morpheus stepped into the light his gray face had an ear to ear evil grin that made Sailor Moon shiver.

"I want the end of the direct bloodline of the Moon Kingdoms royal family and you cant escape me little Princess" Said Morpheus pulling out his sword.

Sailor Moon Got up and ran.

"You can't hide from me where ever you go ill find you" said Morpheus Sailor Moon Ran until she thought she lost him but there Morpheus was again baring down like an unrelenting hunter and its prey.

After awhile she ended up alone again panting in another ally hoping she had lost him this blood soaked her Sailor Scout uniform and the smell of iron told her he wouldn't survive another encounter.

-Crystal Tokyo-

a man dressed gray entered what looked like a Royal chamber and stood in front of a Royal Thrown .

"What is it" said the person on the throne

"My queen there's been several more disappearances and there is no proof that these people even existed are you sure you didn't dream them up" said the man in gray

I would never dream of such loyal and fond memory's so keep looking for the cause this problem before we too disappear King Endymion said the person on the throne

"Yes my beloved Queen Tea" said King Endymion

suddenly Queen Tea fainted and feel out of her throne and faded slightly

King Endymion catches Queen Tea and lays her on the ground and yells for help.

-Kaiba Corp HQ-

Kaiba sat at his desk proud of how he got back at Joey looking at the headline of his companies new paper.

"That wheeler got what he deserves" said Marik who was sitting across from Kaiba shuffling his dueling deck every couple of minutes.

"Even if I don't care about childish thing Yes I won the war I am the champion of pranks" said Kaiba

this guy is really full of himself thought Marik still shuffling his deck of cards grinning like an idiot and nodding to Kaiba bragging.

Joey burst through the door carrying a news paper in his hand sethign with anger storms up to kaiba's desk and slams the Newspaper down and says "how dare you print this you low life"

"I print what ever I want its my company Mr Wheeler" Said Kaiba. "Yes its his company for now" said Marik

"What is that suppose to mean Marik?" said Kaiba looking suspiciously at Marik.

"Nothing" said Marik

Marik began to whistle innocently

"Ill deal with you later lets Dual" said Kaiba turning his attention back on Joey and grinned and laughed.

"Let dual Kaiba you punk" said

"I summon one monster in defence while placing tqo cards facing down to end my turn your turn wheeler" said Kaiba grinning mockingly at Joey.

"Ill soon wipe that grin of your face Kaiba" said Joey.

"I'll like to see you try wheeler," said Kaiba looking at the cards in his hand getting ready for his turn.

"I summon My Ass to the field said" Joey pulling down his pants

Kaiba passes out at the sight of Joey ugly pimpled ass and falls face first to the ground

"Ah it burns" screamed Marik Covering his face

Joey count to ten then and then says "I guess I win in your face Kaiba"

Joey Laughed as he left the Kaiba Corp HQ.

-as he exited the building he was meet by Mokuba and they high five.

"You really went through with it joey how did my brother react" said Mokuba

"He fainted" said Joey.

The unholy threesome have struck again said Ryoko jumping from a window giggling.

"I thought we talked about this we are not calling ourselves that" said Joey.

"Why not" said Mokuba looking confused?

"Ill explain that to you when you are older" said Joey.

"Oh grown up stuff I'll just ask Ryoko later" said Mokuba.

"No your not" said Joey.

"Why cant I" said Mokuba.

"Because I said so" shouted Joey

"This from a guy who wears a dress" said Mokuba.

"I'm a girl when I am in that dress didn't I catch you wearing one of Ayna's bra" said Joey

"Got me there" sighed Mokuba.looking down all embarrassed like cheek reddened.

"Stop this we have to find out how Kaiba is going to get back at us for what joey just did we don't want to be caught of guard like before" said Ryoko looking at Joey

"Don't look at me like that it wasn't my fault I was sleeping I didn't know he was going to do that" said Joey

"Don't get your knickers in a twist you did get him back for it" said Ryoko in a mock British accent mimicking Kari's voice

"Do I make you horny" said Mokuba

Both Ryoko and Joey were now staring at Mokuba with ther mouth wide open.

"What I saw it in a movie once" said Mokuba.

"Do I make you randy" said Ryoko and then fell over laughing her head off.

Joey turned and said "you two are nuts"

This coming from the guy who just mooned the head of Kaiba Corp and his demented sidekick Marik.

"I almost forgot I feel like celebrating pizza on me" said Joey

- Wahoo shouted Mokuba and Ryoko.

-Location unknown-

"His time is up can I kill him now" said Sephiroth.

No you may not I have decided to wait till if he fail first he killing him while hes this close to killing her would be mistake said En Sabah Nur.

"I don't trust him at all he maite have his own agenda" said Sephiroth.

"I hope your not trying to manipulate me like you did to Weevil that would be a big mistake I can read you like an open book if you even think of betraying me like you have to others in the past I will crush you like a bug" said En Sabah Nur

"You know I wouldn't dare it master" said Sephiroth.

"Good keep it that way and you live to see glory beyond you wildest dreams" said En Sabah Nur. .

"If she wake ill have Nightmare ready to take the princess out" said Sephiroth

-To be Continued-

(Sailor moon says) (Tea: in case of a water landing you can use your colon as a floatation device, (Ryoko: yes by just pulling it out and inflating you can survive any water landing Luna: yeah a colon save my life when I slipped on that banana peel and fell off that cliff I just removed Shiros colon as I slid of the cliff and inflated it in mid air saving me from watery grave. (Marik: see my colon is usefull (Marik: XX (Kid: Oh my God You kill Marik you basterd (Tea: sailor moon says see you next time HeHeHe oops