Espionage in the Underground

Chapter 1: Problem and Solution

Disclaimer: Thus far I only own Ara and the cottage of course!

Ever since Sarah had conquered the Labyrinth, the Underground had never been the same. Hoggle found a backbone he never knew he had, which compelled him to purchase a charming four bedroom stone cottage on the edge of the BoES with Ludo, Sir Didymus and Ambrosius, complete with a straw roof, 4½ bathrooms and a full kitchen.

The fab four kept their day jobs, but by night they had become vigilantes. Partners in crime if you will, defending the Underground from the tyranny of the Goblin King. They had turned the house into an unofficial HQ and become close friends through out the years that came to pass. They had become nothing short of family.

In the beginning they kept in constant contact with Sarah, but as time went by they soon found they had their work cut out for them. They became the unspoken liberators of the Underground. The positions they had taken on proved to be very rewarding, but their new found prestige came with undaunted danger.

At first Jareth ignored them, assuming their boldness would wane. It soon came apparent the possibility for that to occur was next to nothing, much to the Goblin King's annoyance. It soon became obvious that something must be done with or more appropriately to these vigilantes!

Unfortunately for Hoggle he had become too cocky and one night on a routine recognizance mission he encounter His Royal Highn-ass and rather than running the other way when Jareth tried to intimidate him with the usual "Stop what you're doing or I'll drop you head first into the Bog of Eternal Stench!"

Hoggle looked the Goblin King straight in his mismatched eyes and said "Bring it on you spandex wearing weirdo!"

Hoggle was never seen again after that incident, but Ludo, Sir Didymus and Ambrosius got it on good authority that Hoggle was being held in the king's dungeon. Now the question was "How the hell do we get in there?"


Meanwhile above ground it was a beautiful morning at Sarah's penthouse, which was a block from her college. The birds were singing and Sarah's power blue haired roommate, Ara, was bouncing around the apartment (literally, she jumping on the furniture. Sarah was not amused, not only because it was the butt crack of dawn, but because it was the day after graduation and not only had Sarah's father been absent from the ceremony, but he was forcing her to come home for a week so all of her relatives could congratulate her. She was going purely for political reasons.

As long as she appeased her father's wishes to see her, on all the major holidays and whenever he felt guilty for neglecting his first born from a previous marriage, he paid for her share of the rent.

"It's a beautiful morning!" squealed Ara as she pounced on Sarah's bed, "How can you still be asleep?!"

Ara had always been strangely perky. And everything amazed her: TV, skyscrapers-event the toaster! She was truly different from anyone Sarah had ever met, not only because of her powder blue hair, but on account of her bright lavender eyes that seemed to shimmer in the dark.

The color was altogether unnatural, almost a neon lavender, which didn't make any sense because she didn't wear contacts. As far as Sarah knew she had 20/20 vision.

Anyway back to our story, Sarah rolled out bed, reluctantly, and took a shower. As she walked out of the bathroom in her signature low cut poet's shirt, she found, as usual, Ara parked in front of the TV with an over flowing bowl of lucky charms watching Regis and Kelly. Sarah just rolled her eyes and picked up her duffle bag and started to walk to the door.

"How long will you be gone?" asked Ara.

"Not long," said Sarah looking at her watch, "Ara, aren't you going to be late for your shift at Victoria's Secret. It's 9:45, your still in your PJ, the shop is clear across town and your shift starts at 10!"

"Don't worry I have plenty of time." said Ara, "By the by how are you enjoying those samples I gave you?"

"Ya, they're great. I'm taking a few home with me. I might as well have some comfort, while visiting my family," joked Sarah as she walked out the door.

The train ride was a horror and the final destinations of the journey didn't make anything more pleasant. Now a woman of 21 she still twitched with hostility at the thought of her stepmother, who was now going through menopause and the thought of the woman's cooking!

The second Sarah got home she walked into the main hall where she was met by a god awful stench!-No. not the bog, Karen's cooking!

Sarah ran up to her room and flopped down on her bed to get some rest before she had to face her family. Fortunately, Karen had gone to pick up Toby from a soccer game so the house would be silent until they returned.

She began to panic when she heard the car brakes screeching from two blocks over! It was then that the silence was broken-

"Fair Maiden? Is it really you?"

Sarah turned to see the little knight's image in her mirror.

"Yes, Sir Didymus it is," exclaimed Sarah as she ran over to the vanity.

"Thank heavens, we need your help!" cried Sir Didymus.

"Don't move!" yelled Sarah as she heard the car screech to a halt in the driveway. She grabbed her still unpacked duffle bag and charged the mirror as Karen slid the key into the door.

Sarah soared through the frame and into the underground just to be met by that God awful stench-No, not Karen's cooking, the BOG! (pay attention!).

As Sarah adjusted to the over powering odor of the BoES Didymus and Ludo told her of Hoggle's mishap with Jareth.

Sarah sat on the rug in the living room before the modest fireplace stroking Ambrosius. Her dog, Merlin had died two years prior while she was at college and she never forgave herself for not being there with him.

She listened to the tale with wide eyes. "I had no idea he had it in him!" she said.

"Quite frankly neither did we," admitted the noble knight.

"We have to save him!" declared Sarah.

"How?" asked Ludo.

Sarah paused for a moment than said with a wicked gleam in her eye, "I have a plan!"